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Saturday, July 26, 2008

We Neither "Pee In Your Pool" Nor Hang Out In Your Bars

I have to figure that The M L B Schedule Makers, are a bunch of Nerds, based in Ft Lee, N J, who're Intensely in The Employ of FOX, E S P N and T B S, looking to give Post Season Employment to Chip Caray, Lead Buffoon on T B S. Who else but these guys, could Schedule 6 Straight Home Games to the World's Richest Franchise, outside of Manchester United, and an East Coast Swing, while sending the Defending World Champions on a west Coast Swing, before returning home:

Yankees Management has (Considerably)Lightened the Vocabulary of those going to Yankee Stadium II(IV?), by eliminating the word "Suck" from the Lingua Franca of the Over-hyped Site. "1918" was eliminated in October, 2004, due to a Red Sox Victory in the A L C S and World Series. Will the Chant of "Ho" be deleted, next?

WHY come into a Red Sox-Themed Pub to be stupid? Go pee in your own pool or phone booth. Four A--h-les were near my chair, repeating to themselves, looking for a fight, infused by Red Bull, by being annoyingly-repetitious over last night's 1-0 Yankees Win. All these Clowns sounded like they were from Butt---- IA, or Northern N J. I did not budge;




Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

Michael: THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY WITH MLB, THE SCHEDULE MAKERS and THE NETWORKS. If you don't believe me, take a look at the Yankees schedule and the Red Sox schedule in September. Brutal one for the Yankees, just one homestand the whole month, while the Sox are home for most of it, including the final 7 games. And who do the Sox end the year with: New York. At Fenway Park.

Who cares if the Yankees open with six at home and the Sox six out West after the ASG? The Sox are now done with the West Coast, while the Yankees still have to make TWO more trips out there. Even Mike Francesa was whining about that yesterday. NY has a tough schedule the rest of the way.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It's my way of having fun, Senor Q:

Face it-that "Whacky Conspiracy Theory" is only for fun;

Besides, I think in terms of Fun, ONLY. Last Night's Red Bull Induced Joba, laced with Sugar, is a Cause for Alarm;

And Manny's Finished. I'm tired of his s--t. I hope he's NOT sharing Madonna with A-Rod

2:47 PM  

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