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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Special NY Mets Edition Of "The Riviera List" Plus All The Usual Suspects

F--- Jeffy Wilpon! You didn't want a Manager who can win, so you used everything in your pea sized brain to insure a collapse. Willie deserved the money. You won't be getting mine in '09. Bernazard was your little pet s--ta-- spy. Wee Children cried over the Collapse:

F--- Omar Minaya! OK, Captain Fire Sale, what next? Was Jeffy behind all that JUNK to run real fans out of Shea Stadium? Explain Aaron Sele, Chan Ho Park AND Scott Schowenweiss, over Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford. Explain Tony Bernazard, that Horse's A--, who was Jeffy's Spy. Rushing Pelfry wasn't a bright idea, unless this was a plan to junk a season and save the good teams for $iti Field;

As Always, F--- Fred Wilpon, who spent more time conspiring against Doubleday, than trying to win. Put Jeffy in charge of the team. He's lucky he can run the Cyclones;

And, as usual, F--k Kazmerczyk-F--k him;

Later, Gators!



Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

You shouldn't hold back so much, Michael...tell us how you REALLY feel!!!!

3:36 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...


These people are Low Rent Scum, Bottom Feeding, Horrible, Hideous and just can't SUCK ENOUGH(From Imus)types, who, basically, don't want any real fans in the ball park:

These Mets Fans are the descendants of the Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Giants Fans of yesteryear, who felt their hearts cut out by the two teams departure to the West Coast, especially the Brooklyn Dodgers Fans, and they feel BETRAYED again;

I come, a Red Sox Fan, from NY NL Tradition, especially in thoroughly-despising the NY Fcuking Yankees. I learned that behaviour from going at 1st, to Shea Stadium, now a moldy, crappy old dump, which was actually built over a City of NY Department Of Sanitation Landfill, in the Corona Section of Queens, as part of the 1964-1965 Worlds'Fair at Flushing Meadow Park;

The Utter Stupidity began after the untimely death of Gil Hodges, who died in 1972. It continued when Joan Whitney Payson, the 1st Female Owner of a MLB Franchise, died at the end of the 1975 Season;

Rusty Staub was quite popular with Mets Fans and had over 100 RBI in 1975. He was seeking a raise. Suddenly, Rusty was traded to the Tigers for a Broken Down Mickey Lolich, a Good Pitcher in his time, as Lolich was in the last year of a Contract. 1976 was not good for Lolich at all. The '76 Mets were mediocre at best, but still had Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman on the mound. I saw Seaver K his 200th Batter in 1976 for the 9th Straight Season. The team was breaking down, but Mets Fans understood;

ALL Understanding was GONE on Thursday, June 15th, 1977, on what was dubbed "The Midnight Massacre", when Seaver was traded away, to save Mets Money. The Mets, by this time, were a Noncompetitive Entity, like a 3rd World Country. I'm a witness to all this, as is The Omnipotent Q. The fans turned Shea Stadium into an empty park by boycotting this team;

Getting a ticking time bomb like Pat Zachry, who busted his hand on a water cooler for giving up Pete Rose' NL record Tying Consecutive Game Hitting Streak, was really-stupid;

The disinterest was so great that in 1979, the Mets drew only 653K fans to see them. That's just how much they utterly-SUCKED;

The Chairman of the Board, M. Donald Grant, was the one who forced Seaver Trade I. By 1978, the remaining Board Members, now headed by Charlie Payson, ran Grant Out on a rail. The Paysons sold the team, to one Frank Nelson Doubleday Jr, in 1980;

The COO owned 5%. His name is Fred Wilpon. Doubleday, who also owned Doubleday & Co Publishers, owned 95%. Wilpon hired Frank Cashen as GM of The Mets & James G.(Lou)Gorman, as Farm Director, so Wilpon has some Baseball Smarts. But, it would be with Doubleday's Money and not Fred's Money;

The Farm System produced Ron Darling, Kevin Mitchell, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Tim Teuful and Rick Aguilera. Trades were made for Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter and Bob Ojeda went to the Mets for Calvin Schiraldi;

That good combo won the 1986 World Series, but the team was a bunch of rowdy clowns. A book called "The Bad Guys Won" illustrated their behavior, which included Cocaine to get jacked up with;

But, there was trouble in the publishing world as AG Bertlesmann of Germany, made a hostile bid for Doubleday and Company. Doubleday sold the Company. Wilpon moved in. Now both were equal partners, and the war began;

Wilpon was and still is, a disruptive little shit. The team looked like shit because of all this. Howard Squadron, a Famous NY Lawyer, had to keep these two from killing one another. Bobby Valentine was hired as Manager. In the end, Jeffy Wilpon called for his head. Steve Phillips had his hands tied by The Wilpons, constantly;

The Wilpons spend their days hatching plots against their team and wanted to and have rebuilt Ebbets Field, next to Shea Stadium, basically to entertain a load of Sherry-Sippers, who'd confuse Derek Jeter and Jose' Reyes;

Now that Shea Stadium is a shithole of a ballpark, as the rest rooms are falling apart from neglect, these two assholes jacked up prices, without a quality product on the field. Bud is $8? I can get better at Fenway Park(Guinness Stout for $7.50)+a better Baseball Product;

Why there were no upgrades after the '06 NLCS? Quite-Simply, Willie Randolph, according to Shemp Howard Look-alike Jeffy, had his contract extended and Jeffy, perhaps fearing that it might cut into his plan for a Yacht on Long Island Sound, equipped with Satellite Dish and Wi-Fi, wanted Willie DESTROYED;

Omar(Clueless)Minaya, who could be replaced by George COSTANZA, if Jeffy so desired, was ordered to get as much junk on the Club, as possible. Signing Scott Schowenweiss, Chan Ho Park and Aaron Sele', as relievers, was part of a master plan to get even with Willie Randolph. Getting rid of reliable relievers, as Chad Bradford and Darren Oliver, was part of the plan by this spoiled brat, to send Willie packing;

Omar Minaya's Assistant GM, that hideous little shit named Tony Bernazard, doubled as a spy for Jeffy Wilpon, as well as Clubhouse Disrupter, to run back to Jeffy, that prick;

This contributed to the Collapse of '07. Jeffy, that Conspiring Fucko, cried in the Media, about how the team was assembled to win it all in '07. On what South Pacific Tax Free Atoll was it assembled?

Maybe I should sell a T-Shirt with Jeffy's Name on it and a Middle Finger on the shirt;

No Support from me;

Fuck Jeffy Wilpon, Fuck Sterling Mets L P, Fuck Omar, You Lying Sack Of Shit, as that was Jeffy's Call, not yours, Fuck Freddie Wilpon for making that Nepotistic Appointment to RUIN the Mets, Fuck Sol Katz, Fuck Amon, Fuck Bob Wilpon, Fuck Tony Bernazard, that treacherous little shit, Fuck Kazmerzcyk for Good Measure;

Fenway's my base of Operations. You guys aren't real owners. You ASSHOLES are a pack of Max Byalystocks, in a bad rendition of "The Producers" only you're not funny;


That, Lisa, is how I feel at the moment.

This ain't no "Happy Recap" as Ol' Murph would say

4:10 AM  

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