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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Red Sox Are In Cincinatti Facing The Reds This Weekend

The Saturday Game will be on FOX at 3:55PM, ET:

It would be something if on Saturday, they faced Bronson Arroyo;

Or is his name, Brandon;

This is what to look for, if Mc Cavah is part of the FOX Crew;

Brandon Arroyo, Dustbin Elldroya, Jacoby Meyers, that Kevin Youkilis should DH in this game, Ruddy Lugo, Manny Ortiz, Ramirez has caused Mt Everest to erupt;

That and a mention or 5 of Derek Jeter;

Mc Cavah will be at his dumbest;

Later, Dudes and Dudettes!

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Blogger Suldog said...

Since getting XM, have had a chance to listen to some of the local announcers calling games. I really enjoy listening to the Cincinnati broadcasts. I might tune them in, instead of Castiglione & Co., just to get a different perspective.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Good Idea:

Years ago, If the Mets played the Phillies, I tuned into WCAU 1210 For The Phillies Broadcasts

2:05 PM  

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