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Saturday, September 09, 2006

'The Red Sox & The Mets BOTH Had The Night OFF"

OK, it was Keyspen Energy Mets Skicap Night, so I went to Shea Stadium, for Mets & Dodgers:

Jose' Reyes was out of Gas;

David Wright erred, allowing the Dodgers 2 Unearned Runs, however he did have 2 hits, a single & double;

Shutout by some rookie with a 5ERA, not good(Mets Lose 5-0 & 2 of my home teams, score 1 run between them);

52,077 showed up. Whenver Yankee fans chanted "Lets Go Yankees", the word "Suck" followed;

I think that it's time that Mike Timlin retires, or ends up with some NL Club for another year, with Red Sox losing to KC, 10-9;

Yankees lost to Baltimore, 9-4, amidst reports that Mike Mussina, has a sore arm;

& more Boston Area Red Sox fans were at Shea, tonight. Not a good night for Mets & Sox Fans!


Blogger Peter N said...

This one hurt. And the hurt was brought home, too close to our hearts, in the post game remarks by Tito. Near tears, as was I. Keep it going ML!! Others have given up. And to tell you the truth, the title of my today post almost says that. But I'll still be writing when final pitch 2006 hits us in the eyes. 3 weeks will seem so short! Have a great weekend.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Weekend is restful, Peter:

Unfortunately for Francona, it's NOT restful;

Red Sox Nation is descending on Shea Stadium, in ways which I haven't dreamed;

Too bad, there isn't a "Cask 'N Flagon" across from Shea Stadium.

12:04 PM  

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