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Friday, September 29, 2006

"The Boston Red Sox End Of Season Toast & Drinking Game"

This is a Tributory Drinking Fest, but you will get a bit pixillated:

A Huge Toast To Johnny Pesky @ 87, with The RF Pole, Officially Named For Him;

Toast Radio Commentator Joe Castiglione, for his new book "I Saw It On The Radio With The Boston Red Sox";

Toast Gerald Peter Remy(The RemDawg), for his book "Talking Baseball" & for introducing us all to that cute little doll called "Wally The Green Monster";

Toast Terry Francona, manager;

Toast Dave Wallace, Pitching Guru;

Whenever that Untalented "Curse Of The Bambino" Profiteer, Dan Shaughnessy of "The Boston Globe", writes something, as if it was sent to him by Larry Lucchino, take 3 drinks;

Toast Bill Buckner;

Toast "The Splendid Splinter", Ted Williams;

Toast That Kid From The East End of Long Island, from the Potato Farm in The Hamptons, named Carl Yastremski;

A Toast to Radio Crew of Ned Martin(Mercy) & Ken Coleman;

A Toast to the 1950's Duo(Radio-TV), Curt Gowdy Sr(Red Sox, NBC Game of The Week, NBC Super Bowl III, "The American Sportsman" on ABC), who passed on, in March, '06 & for why Saturdays were enjoyable, & whose legacy is Curt Gowdy Jr, Excecutive Producer of SNY(Sportsnet New York, the TV Home of The NY Mets);

For Robert Allen Murphy, "Heeeeeeee Struck Him Out" & whenever New Englanders ventured into the NY Area, felt like they were listening to an old friend, who then spent 42 Summers in the NY Mets Radio Booth, except when "The Murph" did Red Sox Games "On Special Assignment" in the 1960s' & 1970s';

Toasts to be conducted with Narragansett Beer & Rheingold Extra Dry(You must have guessed that in the case of Rheingold Extra Dry Lager Beer, that I'm originally from Brooklyn, with that one);

Definitely Toast Jon Lester, who was having the time of his life pitching, until the news of a rare lynphoma;

Take a stiff drink whenever you think of Al Nipper, as Interim Pitching Coach;

Toast Bill "Spaceman" Lee, for who he is;

Toast Jerry Trupiano, with all his "Pun-Filled" Sense of Humor;

Toast Trot Nixon, who patrols that Fenway Right Field, like no one else;

How could I forget Don Orsillo & a lively NESN Booth, so, Toast the one we call "Announcer Boy";

Toast Our "Idiots of '04";

Toast the Commentator on FOX, who's the Son of a Broadcasting Legend in St Louis, John Francis Buck, who listened to Fred Hoey as a child in Holyoke, MA, hence an early member of Red Sox Nation, This son of John Francis Buck, Joseph Francis Buck, whom I would almost never toast made this famous call @ 11:45PM, on October 27th, '04:

"Back To Foulke: Red Sox Fans have LONGED To hear it; The Boston Red Sox are WORLD Champions";

Despite "Manny Being Manny", toast Manny Ramirez, as his bat speaks for him;

& TOAST David "Big Papi" Ortiz, The REAL AL MVP, & I don't care what Tim Mc Carver may say about __________________________;

Toasts are to be done with SIPS of Favorite Beverages & food is to be eaten;

This way, you might have a little sugar buzz in the morning, but it'll go away by the afternoon;




Blogger Christine E. said...

Nice way to wrap up a season, Michael...:-)

Two more to least they are at home....

I'LL Drink to not having to hear anyone by Rem-Dawg and DO for the final two games of the season...

Go Sox!

1:56 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Thank You, Christine:

The Mets Version will be similar in nature of Toast & Drinking Game;

I will miss DO & The RemDawg over the Winter, as well as Joe & Jerry;

& Fenway Park looks to be a 2x a year ritual, starting in '07;

My advice is to hit the SAP button, to drown out Tim Mc Carver;

Then again, keep it on in English, so you can let the world know about FOX Sports Hideous Coverage;

Go Red Sox! Be Different;
Think Different!


5:57 PM  

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