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Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Tales From Near The Red Sox Dugout @ Fenway Park & Kenmore Square"

OK, there was "Ernesto", a certain storm, which was annoying:

I got an e-mail from The Red Sox, @ 7PM Friday Evening, informing me of the switch from 7:05PM, to 1:05PM. "The Q"(Quinn The Informative & Entertaining) also e-mailed me. I thank both sources for the Time-Change Information & CBS4Boston, for Weather Information;

Plans were changed by about 6 hours & still I was excited;

Arose @ 6:22AM, ET, showered & went to the J Train @ Woodhaven Blvd;

Bought myself some soda & snacks & went onto the staion, waiting a few minutes;

Used my automated fare card, the "Metrocard" & it was rapid boarding;

What awaited me in Boston, is another story with "The Charlie Ticket";

Got to Canal Street @ 8:10AM & Walked to Fung Wah Bus @ 139 Canal Street, where my reservations were changed, so I hpped on the 8:30AM Bus, which left the stop @ 8:37 AM;

It was a 4 Borough Run, onto the New England Thruway in the East Bronx, then Westchester, then CT;

I-95 was nice, followed by I-91 & then made it into Massachusetts, hooking up with the MassPike. The return run was via MassPike, then I-84 & I-684 to I-87, taking the bus past a "Giant Toilet" in the Southwest Bronx, located @ East 157th Street & River Avenue(Thanks, Jere). The trip was delayed by 20 Minutes, when a group of Nigerian Tourists, wanted to use a rest area for a toilet call, in Northern Westchester County. One of them, who was bigger than "Big Papi", sat next to me(Ouch). Did arrive @ 139 Canal Street @ 10:15PM, from where I went to Red Sox Pub, "Professor Thom's on 2nd Ave., between E.14th & E.13th Streets.

I knew that Boston wasn't far, when we reached Worcester, the westernmost city of MBTA Commuter Rail, so I figured that it was another 25 Minutes to South Station;

On the Bus was a pleasant, soft-spoken, Southern Lass. Turned out to be Courtney from Cafe' Buon Giusto, 2nd Home of "Boston 212." @ Boston's South Station, there was a kiss by me of her hand;

Passing Fenway Park was an experience. It looked like it glistened in whatever sunlight was available. It looked more-beautiful than ever before;

I ran from South Station Bus Terminal, along the RR Platform to the Rail Link Version to the Red Line Subway;

The MBTA is finally coming into the 21st Century with Automated Fare Collection, in other words, no more tokens, so I bought my 1st "Charlie Ticket" for $2.50. The fare is $1.25 for a 1 Way Ride;

I love MBTA Signs, reading "Inbound & Outbound." It's a little confusing @ 1st, but I got used to it, & took the Red Line Sauna Special 2 stops to Park Street, where I changed to the Green Line C Train, which stops @ Kenmore Square;

Kenmore Square Station is under renovation. @ times it reminded me of Franklin Avenue Shuttle Stop in Brooklyn, except for the Street Cars. Except that the proper term is "Light Rail." I found the cars to be clean & loaded with Red Sox Fans. This is, for sure, not DFBronx. Departing Kenmore Station, seemed a bit like an obstacle course. It was even funnier when Scalpers were selling Game Tickets for BELOW Face Value;

Went around the corner from the station & took the foot bridge across MassPike, & was on Yawkey Way. Despite the gloom overhead, as Ernesto was waiting to drop his load of rain, the area was festive. I entered Fenway & bought a Pizza, & made it to my seat by the bottom of the 1st, with Toronto leading 1-0;

Not a good start, but, hey it's Fenway Park, where anything can happen. Sat through 3 Uninspired Innings where A.J. Burnett, Onetime Property of the Florida Marlins, looked like he could pitch a perfecto, though I recall his days as a stiff;

Burnett was once Property of the NY Mets(Phillips? George Costanza would make a better GM than You);

The Biggest Hand went to #60, David Murphy, making his 1st start in RF & singled in his 1st MLB At-Bat. Almost 36K Attendees gave him a thunderous ovation, in the 4th Inning. I can't remember this happening anywhere else. Only @ Fenway, I believe;

Kevin Jarvis, traded to the Sawx for a player to be named later, started in place of Cancer-Stricken Jon Lester. He didn't pitch badly, in what appeared to be a "Bleak Futures @ Fenway" Game, allowing 3 Runs(2 Earned) on 6 hits. Lenny DiNardo came in & pitched nicely, until the homer by Aaron Hill, into the Green Monster Seats; Craig Breslow then came in & gave up another run;

The Lone Run for the Red Sox, came in on a Single by Kevin Youkilis(Who would be traded if Mel Gibson were to become a Limited Partner), another Single by Mike Lowell & the rally was held to one run, when Eric Hinske, formerly of the Blue Jays, rapped into a 6-4-3 DP,which led to the run;

I have an interesting record in Fenway Park in that in Y2K, I sat in the bleachers 2x & The Sawx are 2-0. In 1997, @ the 1st Game, I was in Outfield Grandstand, Section 9 & Mo Vaughn was on the 60 Day DL, having been injured in an Interleague Game @ Shea Stadium(What else is new, Mo). It was the Knights of Columbus Trip with Ridgewood Council-Queens & Arlington Council, where I met a Yankees Fan named Jack. The game was @ 5:05PM, RemDawg Daylight Time, & viewed a 6-0 blanking of the Sox by the Tigers;

That game & visit, hooked me on Fenway Park. Now, it was a bleak '06, September, & I was in Section 16, Row 3 Seat 1, with a great view of the terrifically-renovated Fenway Park, surrounded by GREAT Fans, with Red Sox Fans from Northern New Jersey(Home to The White Trash which fills a Giant Toilet in DFBronx), PA, & VA & Secondary Red Sox Fans, who root for the NY Mets of Pedro Martinez & Tommy Glavine(Of North Billerica, MA)& Lastings Milledge(Lol);

On Yawkey Way, I ran into a Mets Fan, who told me that he can't party near his own ballpark. I know of what he's talking about, here in Queens, as Shea Stadium is surrounded by Junkyards, so I suggested that he take the 7 Train to 61st Street in Woodside, where there are a slew of Irish Pubs, in order to have a Grand Time(Hey, I know Queens, don't I!);

After the game, I was on the Big Concourse, & conversing with 4 Sweet Lasses from Arlington, MA. We discussed the game, Fenway Park, & Jack of Arlington Council, the Yankees Fan, as well as a discussion of the '86 Mets & '04 Red Sox & the linguistic differences in "Jack & Coke"(Kisses of The Hands, my favorite ritual, was carried out with them);

In 1986, the Extremely Rowdy World Champion Mets idea of Jack & Coke, was a half bottle of Jack Daniels, followed by a line or 2 of Cocaine. For the 2004 Red Sox, it was Jack Daniels mixed in Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola. Plus, no one on the '04 Club has been in the Slammer;

A dude in a Mets Jersey, told me the tale of punching out John Gotti's Ex Son In Law. I hope that he doesn't go to Howard Beach, on Cross Bay Blvd, to brag about this. In Fenway Park, it's OK though;

NONE of the remaining "Idiots" of '04, were in this game, which was sad;

Manny has a bad knee, while Papi was in the Dugout wearing a Heart Monitor & Trot & V-Tek were on the bench, along with Gabe Kapler;

Save for the pole near my seat, it was a great view of Fenway Park;

These were the MLB Parks my older & deceased relatives watched games in, like Ebbet's Field in Brooklyn;

& Kenmore Station was a bit like Prospect Park, only with Light Rail Vehicles, though with dropping $1.25 in an attended Box, it was more like Franklin Avenue, when I was a wee one in Brooklyn;

With the Charlie Ticket, Boston is moving into the 21st Century, especially @ South Station, where I got the Red Line to Park Street;

I did go to Game On Cafe in Fenway Park, for a Post-Game Beer & it was fun;

But, with the Light Rail Ride & the Game @ Fenway Park, I got a taste of Brooklyn, which I never knew, nor experienced;

Thanks, Boston & Thanks Red Sox!

& Get Well, Soon, Jon Lester, for You are MISSED;



Blogger kaylee said...

sounds fun.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It was fun, Kaylee.

12:49 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

And if your trip to or from Boston went on I-84 to 684, you went right past my exit, number 39, just west of Hartford. You should have honked!! Or maybe you did!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It was by Fung Wah Bus, & I did wave.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Suldog said...

The "secret chinese bus" as MY WIFE and I used to call it, before it became much more popular. Great price. My bro-in-law lives on Staten Island, so we've taken it to the city a few times.

Glad you enjoyed your time overall.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...


I have to make Fenway Park, a 2 to 3 Times a Year ritual, just to get away from the Idiotic Poser Yankee Fans, in my section of Queens;

The game was a loser, but I had real fun @ a Game for the 1st Time in Years;


4:08 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& "the Secret Chinese Bus" turned over in Auburn, MA, yesterday:

Thank Goodness for my Russian & Polish Drivers, on Saturday;


3:13 PM  

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