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Saturday, January 23, 2010

As Coming up on MMMC(3100), WHY Does It Seem That World Champions Tend NOT To Make ANY Serious Deals & Eric Gagne' Is Mulling A Comeback

First is Eric Gagne'(You DO Remember Eric, Don't You):

He is trying a comeback with the Phillies. Frankly, IMHO, he couldn't cut it with the Taunton Lady Tigers Softball Team, which has won a Good Number of Massachusetts State Softball Championships. There have been evenings in Fenway Park, where the mere mention of Eric Gagne', would cause one to have beer slopped on one's pants. When the Brewers came into Fenway Park for a 2008 Series, the humorous chant of "We Want Gagne'-No You Don't" was employed by The Fenway Faithful, to many laughs. A Bumper Sticker was circulated reading "Gagne' Is A Yankee Spy." He was referred to by One John Brian Quinn as a "World Series Ring Thief." On April 20th of Last Year, the Denizens of "Game On Cafe'" at Fenway Park, started a "Gagne' Watch", laden with Schaedenfreude, as Eric is as welcome in Fenway Park as Ol' "Hooray Rod" is-NOT. Omar Minaya, Mets GM must find Eric to be too YOUNG to even consider signing. "Gagne', You SUCK" was commonly heard at Professor Thom's, a Red Sox Dedicated Pub in Manhattan's East Village. Ditto For The Irish Pub at 337 3rd Avenue, called The Hairy Monk. When it was reported that Gagne' blew a Save for The Brewers on April 20th, 2008, on ESPN, the Red Sox Oriented, Rowdy Crowd in Game On, let loose with a boisterous cheer, as none liked Gagne'.
I had a conversation with Fans named Michelle & Her Daughter on August 31st, 2007, on the Evening before the Clay Buchholz No Hitter vs The Orioles. It was a game where "Roid Boy" Tejada homered off Julian Tarvarez and the Sawx lost 9-8. Michelle hated the trade bringing Gagne' to Boston, as did most in Fenway Park. In the Year before, in '06, she couldn't get tickets for Fenway Park Games, so she did the "South Station To Shea Stadium Run." Alas, but that option is gone, as Shea Stadium is now part of the Citi Field Parking Lot, but should the Mets continue their Ruinous Ways with investing in Ponzi Schemes & letting JEFFY Wilpon and Dave Howard run the Baseball Operation, plenty of tickets will be for sale for much of the Boston & Providence Area to purchase, as Mets Fans will stay glued to SNY for the foreseeable future.

As for the 27 Time World Champion Yankees, it has been quiet, save for the Return of One Javier Vasquez. You remember him in Game 7 of the '04 ALCS? Let's just say that he didn't survive the 2nd Inning of that match, as he was POUNDED with The Long Ball. The ONLY other thing is possibly re-signing of Johnny Damon, Short Hair, Sideburns, Nice Charm, a 5th Grader's Arm. And of course, the Plan to cut Luxury Seating Prices to make Yankee Stadium III look full;

Just some thoughts on this Saturday Morning;

The Pez Report

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Blogger Peter N said...

The pinstripers will be better, but so will we. As to GAGne, I want to cleanse those memories...forever!

Thanks Mike.

6:19 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

The Memory of the '07 World Series is Great. Eric Gagne'? He was a Bad Dream.

12:34 AM  

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