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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, as The Age Of The Ballpark Organist Fades To Black, Jane Jarvis Passes at 94, Yesterday

The First Time I went to a Major League Baseball Game was in September, 1966. Rheingold Beer was $.55 per cup, Box Seats in Loge at Shea Stadium were $3.50, no female fans wore Pink Caps & live Organ Music warbled over The Public Address System. Jane Jarvis held the Day:

Yesterday, at Age 94, Jane, a former Jazz Pianist, passed on. She was The Musical Director of The Mets from 1964 to 1979, playing on the Thomas Organ. If One can remember a wee bit of an Irish Tune, whenever Frank Edwin Mc Graw came in from The Mets 'Pen, Jane played it. She also played The Organ at County Stadium in Milwaukee, from 1954 until 1963, when the Braves were there;

In 2002, in the 40th Anniversary of The Mets
1st Season, Jane tickled The Piano Ivories, playing "Meet The Mets". Being there was a big kick for me & the 45,000+ Aficionados. It was the Last Time we heard Jane in Concerto @ Shea Stadium;

Shea Stadium is Gone. So is Jane Jarvis. Requiscant In Pacem;

At Fenway Park in 2000, before the days of the New Ownership Group of Henry & Company, The Organist used to play "Hey Look Me Over" at the end of a Red Sox Game. Those were the days, My Friends;

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