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Monday, October 27, 2008

The NYC Area Ultimate Yankee Haters List

It is about time I pay High Tribute to those who spend their days, despising the NY Yankees, they who root for the Boston Red Sox, a virtual 3rd NYC Baseball Team in the Tradition of The Brooklyn Dodgers, The NY Mets, descendants of both the Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Giants, and(Steve of Staten Island and formerly from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn), The Philadelphia Phillies, as NJ is part of the NY Metro Area, You definitely deserve a mention, for your faithful call for the Utter Destruction of The NY Yankees. The Winners are, as follows:

John Brian Quinn-Native to The Borough of Brooklyn in the County of Kings, in the State of New York. He remembers going on a Shea Stadium Trip w/the Knights Of Columbus(Which Council, this Past Grand Knight-Writer has no idea) in 1968 and remembers Borden's Coupons for Mets Games. M.Donald Grant(Remember Him?), pissed off J B Q with intensity(Tom Seaver Trade #1), as the Mets, since the death of Joan Whitney Payson, went on a downgrading spree(Going CHEAP). He fully entered "The Nation" in 1978;

Nick Stevens of North Billerica, MA, now residing in the Park Slope Section of Brooklyn, not far from where the Original Dodger Stadium was to be built. You wonder just WHO is Nick Stevens is. Well, he;s quoted on this blog as Mr "GFY". You in New England, know him as Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, The Consumate Boston Sports Fan, the kind of guy who appreciates beer, sports and life. "GFY" is translated as "Go F--- Yourself", especially when One Eric Gagne' had a tendancy to blow close games for the Sawx in '07. I have often quoted Nick's "Fitzy" Character on these blogs, especially whenever I had a beef with The Red Sox Front Office, or with Jeffy Wilpon, whatever. He's a Lifetime Member of "The Nation";

Steve Keane from Staten Island, formerly from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, who wears his Love of The Mets, on his sleeve. He declared that Doofus Joe Buck and Tim Mc Fullof s--t, are both idiots, as well as his contempt for Jeffy Wilpon, in more ways than one;

Taryn Cooper, a Mets Blogger from NJ, who lets the Mets have it, from time to time and has contempt for that little s--t Jeffy;

Peter Naboichik from the Waterbury, CT area for his hopeful Red Sox Blogs, which are entertaining;

Jere Smith, who grew up in Danbury, CT, who Co-Wrote the Novel, "Dirty Water" a Red Sox Murder Mystery, with his mom, Mary-Anne Tirone-Smith, and who "Cheered" the Demolition of the Gargantuan Shea Stadium Scoreboard, which is why he wears specs today, as we speak;

Ed Seewald Jr(Past Grand Knight, Humorist, and Past 4th Degree Faithful Navigator), whose Yankee Hatred knows no bounds. He took a picture of a Long Island Railroad Toilet Bowl, which depicts my representation of Yankee Stadium(Toilet)II;

Mr Jerry Seinfeld of Massapequa, LI, who had George Steinbrenner Ridiculed, on "Seinfeld" for a few Years on NBC. He has a Citi Field Season Box;

Mike Leggett, owner of this blog, from his beginnings as a Shea and now Fenway Denizen, originally from East NY Brooklyn, who remembers $1/30 Upper Level Seats, despising M. Donald Grant, and Jeffy Wilpon, as well as chronicaling Red Sox Goins-Ons at Fenway Park(Michael is a 4th Degree Sir Knight and Past Grand Knight, now living in Queens for almost 27 Years. Eric Gagne' is a Waste of his time;

The Honorable Governor of The State Of New York(Red Sox Nation That Is), originally from Alston-Brighton, Boston, MA, Mr Christopher Wertz, One of The partners in the SUCCESSFUL Venture, Professor Thom's Bar in The East Village of Manhattan, who despises "Riviera Chili" and gave Mike Leggett the name of "Big Giant Pez";

And last and NOT Least, Jim Mc Guire, a Partner in Professor Thom's, who inspired the "F--k The Riviera" Chant, originally from Newark, NJ and the One who 1st gave asylum to NYC's Bunch of Red Sox Fans;

There's your NYC Yankee Haters, for all time;

Derek Jeter and Tim Mc Carver, not to mention Joe Buck, all of you 3 NEED to "Go F--k Yourselves";

All commentary in the Videos are mine. If You don't like it, take "Fitzy's" Advice and " GFY";


PS to Bud The Used Car Salesman-With all this rain and WS Games starting st 0206 GMT, you defintely NEED to "GFY";

Later! I'm Outta here!

Mike Higgins. of Jersey City-a Phillies Fan-Partner in Professor Thom's-1 Game Away from It All-Congrats!




Blogger SINYMETS said...

I am both honored and humbled to part of a distingished list of people. I tip my blue and orange Mets cap and raise a glass of Rheingold to you all

9:13 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

My beer is Rheingold The Dry Beer, whenever it returns from hiatus:

Videos were mine and commentary, shows contempt for Jeffy;

I plan a couple of "$iti" Visits, as well as Cyclones games and Fenway as always;

Glad you came here!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Coop said...

I am too - this is a great list. What, you can't bring up "GFY" but not my "BPPOW" over at GBU? LOL Down with the Wilpons! Down with the 'Brenners! Down with the Skanks!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Jere said...

It should also be noted that my dad took me to several Mets games each year as a kid from '81-'85, telling me "if the Mets win, Steinbrenner gets mad." They were our "NL team". Until October, 1986.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Steinbrenner(George, Hal and Hank)do get p'od at all Mets Victories, Jere, which is a grand thing:

Coop? Glad you could stop by, and would like you to stop by more-often, as I do include Mets Coverage here, as well as my usual snark about Freddie & Jeffy. What is BPPOW, BTW?

Steve? As always, feel free to stop by, anytime;

Mike Leggett

1:19 AM  
Blogger Coop said...

Hey Mike - the BPPOW is the Big P*ssy's Pick of the Week - it's a weekly piece i do over at Deb's Good Bad & Ugly. Check it out sometime - she has a great site anyway!

11:10 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Big P*ssy from The Sopranos-how can I forget:

Thanks, Coop

10:38 AM  

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