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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Story Of "Lansdowne On The Hudson" Can Be Accessed By Clicking On The Title-My Comments On That Place May Be Read Below

The Place, known as "The Riviera Bar and Sports Cafe", has been around since 1969, at 7th Avenue South and West 4th Street in Greenwich Village, on the Island of Manhattan. It had the Title Of Haven For Red Sox Fans, living in NYC, but the place is held in derision:

You don't FIRE The Guy, who put you on The Map. THAT Guy went and opened a much, much-better Red Sox Haven, at 219 2nd Avenue between East 13th and East 14th Streets, in The East Village;

There are NO Yankee Fan Partners, like some dude named Sertell;

Fresh Chili Con Carne' is served, NOT Canned Chili. The Canned Chili at the Riviera caused me some food poisoning(Or was it a Yeast Attack);

The Riviera is NOT the ONLY SHOW in town. Professor Thom's In The East Village and The Hairy Monk at East 25th Street and 3rd Avenue, in Murray Hill, are 2 Prime Red Sox Locations. One of the Old Riviera Regulars, W. Vernon Trotter, has set up "The Hairy Monk" Branch of Red Sox Nation;

Meanwhile, the Bartender and Founder of The Riviera's Red Sox Following, Jim Mc Guire, is one of The Owners of Professor Thom's as Well as Mike Higgins and Chris Wertz(Wertz Being Governor Of Red Sox Nation-New York, according to The Home Office at 4 Yawkey Way in Boston's Kenmore Square-Back Bay Area). We all treat The Riviera with the UTTER CONTEMPT that it deserves;

WHAT Red Sox Themed Pub would have a Picture Of That Utterly-Contemptable Traitorous PO #2, Roger Clemens, on a Bar? ONLY The Riviera has it. ONLY 3 Tap Beers? Professor Thom's has 16 Tap Beers, while The Hairy Monk has 8, with the "Perfect Pint" of Poured Guiness Stout. The Riviera cannot make that claim;

I 1st met Jim Mc Guire at The Riviera on the 1st Day of 2005, in The Bar Area of The Riviera. Later, in April, '05, after the Red Sox raised the '04 World Series Championship Banner, a number of us discovered that Jim was canned by Sertell And His Cohorts;

By 2006, The Chant of "F--- The Riviera" was born. The List contains names of people associated with The Riviera, Various NY Yankees and other N'erdowells from FOX Sports. Recently, The Names of Omar Minaya, Tony Bernazard, Fred and Jeffy Wilpon, have been added to the Riviera List, and our usual Standby of "F--k Kazmerczyk, F--k Him", which is used as a 7th Inning Stretch Chant;

Buck and Mc Carver(Mc Cavah)? Oh, are those 2 ever on The Riviera List! They came on screen one night, and caught Derision from Thom's Regulars. Eric Gagne' is on The List for being a 2007 World Series "Ring Thief", as his Relief Pitching was a cause for contempt;

Oh? As For The Riviera, Red Sox Fans coming to Professor Thom's, tend to deride The Riviera, as the Worst Red Sox Bar Experience, they've ever had. The Same is said by those going to The Hairy Monk about The Riviera;

Oh, well!


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Blogger Vernon said...

The Hairy Monk gets most of the Sox fans who visit from Boston, like Theo Epstein, seen drawing a pint and serving yours truly on the Hairy Monk website. Look for a big group hereon opening day 2010.

Vern Trotter

4:57 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

How True & in fact, VERY TRUE, as The Hairy Monk has more of The Boston Visitors while Professor Thom's has the Expatriate Crowd, as I've been in both places:

And I have seen that famous Photograph of you, being served a Pint by Theo Epstein.

3:53 AM  

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