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Friday, October 31, 2008

WHY Are The '08 Rays Being Compared To The '69 Mets? WHY?

For WHATEVER Reason, I feel that this is a strange comparison:

In 1967, The NY Mets were in 10th Place. In 1968, they were 73-89 and in 9th Place in the National League;

In July, 1969, they were just behind the Cubs. On August 15th, 1969, the Mets were in 3rd Place in the National League East;

On September 10th, 1969, the Mets Passed The Cubs, by defeating the Montreal Expos in the 1st Game of a Doubleheader(Twi-Night at Shea Stadium), and never trailed again, as the Chicago Cubs were s--ting the proverbial bed. On September 24th, a Wednesday Night, with Lindsey Nelson on WOR 9, and Bob Murphy on WJRZ 970AM(The FAN Didn't Exist), The Mets won the 1st Eastern Division Championship of the National League. The Game started at 7:05PM ET and ended at 9:07PM ET, when St Louis Cardinals 3rd Baseman and Perpetual Green Tea Drinker, St Joseph Of Torre, cracked into a double play. Gary Gentry was the Winning Pitcher, and even cracked a smile for the TV Cameras. There was Joy in The Borough of Queens and Stu Sternberg of Canarsie, Brooklyn, was only 10 Years Old;

I saw 7 Mets Games that year. They only won 2 of the games I saw. The Mets drew about 2.5 Million Fans through the Shea Turnstiles;

They made easy work of The Atlanta Braves, The NL West Champions, then took the Heavily-Favored Baltimore Orioles, 4 Games to One, losing their 1st WS Game, 4-1 in Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. The Orioles drew over 1.2 Million Fans in a place, which is now an empty lot;

So, O Brilliant M L B Comparison Freaks, WTF is this equivication between Tampa Bay and The Mets?

Tampa Bay drew 1.3 Million Fans(strange For a 1st Place team for most of the '08 Season, or ANY Season), NOT 2.5 Million Fans. And according to MLB's way of counting attendance, the American League Standard of counting Tickets Sold, instead of Physical Passing Through Turnstiles(The NL Method), was utilized here. The 2.5 Million Fans in 1969, was counted by actual attendance(Paid that is). 4 to 6 Sellouts tell me that Tampa Bay was not an enthusiastic Baseball Town. If we go according to NL Standards, I would say that Tampa Bay only drew about 800K, if at all;

Mets Fans in 1969 brough their Lungs and Signs to ball games. ONLY in Postseason, did Tampa Bay bring their Cowbells to the Games and that was ONLY in Postseason. Cowbell Man at Shea Stadium, was the ONLY Guy I knew, who brought a cowbell to Mets Games. I guess that this is the place where Stu Sternberg got his idea to ply Tampa Bay Fans with Cowbells, as well as assorted noisemakers, possibly bought at a garage sale of clearance items from Jeffy's Bar Mitzvah;

Had The Boston Red Sox been at peak health, without Manny Being an A--h-le, The Famous Not So Original Rays, who play in a glorified circus tent, might have been out of this situation, quickly. Instead, on FOX and tbs(Very Funny), we saw all of the Bandwagoning Frauds, passing as fans in The Giant Cloth Tent. They showed up trying to pass as fans, and did a lousy job. They looked out of place, not unlike Marlins Fans, who need to be told when to stand, sit, cheer and fart in sequence. It was disgusting. They had a winner and didn't know it for most of the '08 Season;

You wouldn't catch this in Boston at Fenway Park, where Fans are Fans, not a bunch of Socialites, who show up once every few years, when the mood suits them;


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Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

I think it's an EXCELLENT comparison. The '69 Mets and '08 Rays both came from absolutely nowhere to stun the baseball world, and both did it with two tried and true methods to get to the postseason: pitching and defense. The Rays, in the middle of the offensive pack, just ran into a hot Phillies club, and were shut down by their pitching.

BTW, the Mets in 2008 did NOT have better pitching this year than the Rays. The Rays were the only team in baseball with five 10-game winners in their rotation, and were 4th in MLB in bullpen ERA.

5:21 PM  
Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

I'm putting up a post on my blog on Saturday morning comparing the '69 Mets and '08 Rays and why they are so similar. And it will have a link to your site...

11:15 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Well, the Youth Of The Mets at that time, save for Ed Charles(Who lives in Jackson Heights, BTW) and Don Cardwell, and Donn Clendenon, were a Factor with HOF Tom Seaver, as Ace, though, at times, I considered Jerry Koosman to be the Better Pitcher in Post-Season:

Gilbert Raymond Hodges(Born Gilbert Raymond Hodge), was a Major Factor in all this;

I shouldda said better than Phillies Starting Pitching, not Tampa Bay. Trouble is, there was no 'pen;

Thanks for the link;

I plan to be at Citi Field for the Opening of The Park, now with The Red Sox coming to town, as well as day-tripping to Fenway Park;

& Omar "He's In Charge-Yeah, Right, Putz" Minaya, might foul things up, aided by Jeffy.

2:11 AM  

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