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Saturday, October 11, 2008

James Was NOT "Shield"ed By The Cloth Dome And Things Were Somewhat "Dice"Y "K" And Paps Got A Save To Boot

Tropicana Field, also called "The Trop" and The Cloth Dome, or Circus Tent, had the air let out last night. It's a place where fans have to be told when to cheer, boo and FART:

Last Night sounded like it was New Year's Eve with bar-like noisemakers being rattled around. Red Sox Fans thought this was so-gauche. Like they say on tbs-Very Funny;

2-0 Red Sox was the Final as Dice-K went 7+ Fairly-Strong Innings. He walked 4 and k'd 8. Shields lasted 7 Innings. Dice K had a No Hitter after 6 Innings;

The Red Sox Pen was mightier than Tampa Bay's Swords. Justin Masterson got Eva(N) Longoria to rap into a 6-4-3 DP. Hideii Okajima relieved Dice K in the 7th after 2 singles by Carl Crawford and "Chris"(Cliff)Floyd:

On Offense(Not Much, but it was enough), in the 5th Inning, at 0-0,
Jason Bay Walked and scored on a Sac Fly by Jed Lowrie, after a double by Mark Kotsay, a blooper to right field;

In the 8th Inning, Dustin Pedroia singled. He was driven in on a Double By Mr Youkilis, off Tampa Bay Reliever, J. Howell, who replaced Mr Shields;

A Victory to be savored by The Red Sox, who were 1-8 In The Circus Tent, called The Trop;

Later, Mr Beckett takes on Mr Kazmir on tbs;


And Al and Johnny? I think you two NEED to "GFY", like Fitzy Recommends!



Blogger SINYMETS said...

After siting through the root canal special A/K/A NLCS on FOX I was looking forward to watching Dice slice the Rays those base on balls drive me nuts but Dice K settled down nicely.

Can't wait till the series moves to Fenway the REAL BASEBALL CATHEDRAL

1:49 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Fenway Park-The True Baseball Cathedral:

Yankee Stadium II-The 2nd Toilet;

-uck and Mc Cavah-TORTURE;

Tampa Bay Noisemakers-left over from Jeffy's Bar Mitzvah;

Shea Stadium-MISSED- I cried between Mezzanine and Loge in August.

8:45 AM  

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