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Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year's Resolution Effective Immediately

I Shall Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. If you notice any changes, they have been made. I've just been given an "E- Lecture" in this by Professor Quinn, The Omnipotent One From Brooklyn:

All Sources shall be named & credited, accordingly:

Dignum Et Justum Est(It is Right & Just);

Happy New Year!

Michael From Queens(Next On WFAN & WEEI).

(Credit For Photo By Owen Of Kew Gardens-A Yankees Fan, whose Mac I was Upgrading to Mac OS 10.3.9{Panther}. He once sang "Celtic Alleluia", as a 7th Inning Stretch Song @ Shea Stadium, a few years ago. It was Interesting To say The Least).

The "Home Office" Of Red Sox Nation

See it from April until October. Experience it! Enjoy it!

(Photo From Wikipedia)

"We'll See You, We Hope"

In August, '07 Pedro. You are MISSED!

Feliz Navidad Y Un Bueno Nuevo Ano!

(Pic From Wikipedia)

"Do Us A Big Favor, Roger"

Hang Up Your Spikes, BEFORE anymore allegations, or getting hurt in an embarassing fashion:

I saw you collapse on the mound of the '01 ALDS Game, as if one of your legs gave out. It was not funny, even for a guy like me who doesn't care for the Yankees. I saw it twice in '01, vs Cleveland @ YS;

Time to go out on TOP;

Happy New Year & Thanks!

(Photo From Call Of The Green Monster)

& Let's Party Like This

In October, '07! (Thanks To Call Of The Green Monster For This JPG)

"Well, Tim, Despite All Your Campaign Drivel"

Poor Ol' Derek Still has no AL MVP & "A-Fraud" still didn't deserve it in '05:

Happy New Year!

(Credits To The Mighty Quinn Media Machine)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pitchers & Catchers Report on February 15th-NOT Far Off

Just a reminder that Exhibition Season begins in March. & Josh?

No more balls flying across Lansdowne Street, Please? The Cask 'n Flagon might get the idea to charge you for all those broken windows. Thanks!

Happy New Year, Everyone;

Mike In Queens!

(Photo Credit To Inside The Monster)

Saddam GONE!

He ruled an "Evil Empire"(Not In The Bronx, Though):

He was a murderer & reportedly defiant AND unrepentant at the end;

Saddam Hussein lived by "The Sword" & died by the end of a rope at 10PM ET, Last Night, at a former Regime Center for Torture. How Appropriate!

(Photo Credits-Mighty Quinn Media Machine)

"OK, Everybody, The Blog Has Music"

Thanks to the assistance of Chris Wertz of "Professor Thom's" in Manhattan, you can now listen to a musical Interlude on this blog. Tunes will change from time to time, so enjoy:


Happy New Year!

Friday, December 29, 2006

"Major Anniversaries In 2007-Both Joyful & Sorrowful"

I think that by now, you've heard me mention that I'm ORIGINALLY from Brooklyn, NY. I believe that you know that I live in the Borough of Queens. There are some Baseball Anniversaries coming up in '07. 1st, I bring you The Joyful Anniversaries:

In 1947, Jackie Robinson broke Baseball's Color Line, as he broke in with the Brooklyn Dodgers @ Ebbets Field In Brooklyn. His #42 was retired by MLB in 1997(April 15th is the 60th Anniversary);

In 1967, it was "The Impossible Dream Red Sox", who won the AL Pennant on the Final Day of the 1967 Season, the Team of Yastremski, George Scott & Company;

In 1967, was the start of the Baseball Hall Of Fame Career of one George Thomas Seaver, with the NY Mets;

And now for the Sorrowful Anniversaries;
The Beaning of Tony Conigliaro, which I believe, led to all of his health problems & to his death at a young age, a few years ago, especially sorrowful in Red Sox Nation(1967);

For Us in Red Sox Nation, the Famous 3 Homer Game of Reggie Jackson(Yankees-Dodgers-1977);

For Mets Fans, June 15th, 1977(Black Thursday), a Night Of Infamy, when Tom Seaver was Traded. Shea Stadium then got to be called "Grant's Tomb" not in honor of Ulyssees S Grant, but for Mets General Partner, M. Donald Grant, driving thousands of Mets Fans to watching other games(There was,as I can Imagine, a slight surge in trips to Fenway Park in those days);

Here's a real kicker. 2007 will be the 50th Anniversary of The Last Season of The Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants, as Willie & The Duke were to be in SF & LA, respectively, in 1958, leaving only "The Mick" behind. In 1958, with NYC to themselves, Yankees Attendance stayed the same, as fans of the Dodgers & Giants, refused to step foot in "The Giant Toilet" in The Bronx;

2007 is the 45th Anniversary of the 1st Season of The NY Mets, a team which could drive fans to drink like it was New Years Eve & St. Patrick's Day(You know what Happened in 1969 & 1986);

BTW, the FAVORITE American League Team of the Fans of The Brooklyn Dodgers, NY Giants & NY Mets is The Boston Red Sox. As Casey Stengel would say, "You can look it up."

Even Though He was a Yankees Announcer, Mel Allen's famous line applies here:

"How 'Bout That";

Happy New Year, Everybody!


Thursday, December 28, 2006

TOP 10 Signs You're At a Badly Done Novus Ordo Mass

#10: In Clown Mass Theme, Priest is dressed up as A-Rod, knicknamed "Father Slappy";
#9: Opening hymn in Boston is Sinatra Rendition of "New York, New York";
#8: Offertory Hymn in NYC is "Sweet Caroline";
#7:"Allelluia" sung to "MLB On FOX" Theme;
#6:Homily is given by Tim Mc Carver;
#5:Word For "The Evil One" is "Boras";
#4: Instead of Bells at the Consecration, it's all those "Whooshes" one hears on a "FOX Saturday Baseball" telecast;
#3:At the reading of announcements, Joe Buck asks "Are You All Having a Great Time?"
#2:Announcement is to promote the new series "December 45th' premiering Sunday, January 14th, '07 @ 9Eastern, 8Central on FOX";
#1:Altar Servers, in Clown Mass, wearing braids in honor of "Manny Being Manny";

Thanks to Peter N., in CT, for the Inspiration of "December 45th", which is January 14th;

I hope some "Liturgical Whiz Kid" isn't reading this, for fear this might be a "Theme Litugy" in his/her Parish;

This would NEVER Happen in The Traditional Mass.

Monday, December 25, 2006

On My Birthday In 20 Days, It Will Have A Latin Theme

For on that Birthday of Mine, I will venture to East 43rd Street, between Lexington & 3rd Avenues, to St.Agnes Church, home to many of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen's Good Friday Homilies. I will be attending the 11:00AM Solemn High Mass:

It will NOT be the Current Mass(Novus Ordo) in English;

It Will be the Traditional Latin Mass, with Priest facing East towards the Altar;

It'll be Solemn, yet Joyful. Can anyone say "Gregorian Chant";

Remember The Old Communion Rail;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo!

Merry Christmas!

"What Time Is Midnight Mass?"

This is an old Altar Boy Joke. Of Course, it's Midnight(12:00AM), but, some parishes(Catholic) do this Mass at other times:

I live in St. Thomas Apostle Parish-Woodhaven in Queens. I just went to Midnight-Format Mass;


There were Soloists & The Choir;

There was The Mass;

There was a Thunderous Standing Ovation for The Choir;

Mass was started at 8:05PM ET & it lasted until 9:17PM ET;

There was no Latin, but it was Well-Done;

There were Choir Members split between Holy Child Jesus-Richmond Hill/Kew Gardens & Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs/Forest Hills, after this Mass;

Midnight Mass at 8:06PM, may not be Traiditional, but it allows one to celebrate Christmas with ones' family;

Merry Christmas;


Sunday, December 24, 2006

My New Blog Is Premiering-Look At The Link-Top Right

It's the 1st Link on Top. The Long Awaited "Brandenburg X X File", my 1st Attempt at Fiction-Satire, other than a "FOX Saturday Baseball" Spoof, is up now.


Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Perhaps, The Most-Demanding Job In The Game

Assistant To The Yankees Road Secretary? Only if you believe George Costanza, as he celebrates "Festivus" today, is that job demanding. Getting George Steinbrenner a Calzone, can be tricky business:

Brian Cashman is a Smart Baseball Man, but he works for George Steinbrenner, which means that one must have the Patience of Job & The Wisdom of Solomon;

Fortunately, George is RUINING his team by running it. That's GREAT NEWS for Red Sox Nation & Mets Fans;

Cash? It's time to run for it. Merry Christmas!

(Credits For Photo-NY Post)

"A Salute To A Guy Who Came From Shea's Upper Level"

Ok, I know that you in Red Sox Nation, think of Willie Randolph, as a Member Of The Evil Empire. That's a Given & is Understandable:

Guess which team he grew up to?

He did NOT grow up to the Team in The Bronx. He went with his Uncle Joe, to SHEA Stadium, as a kid. You see, that for $1.30, in Upper Level, he rooted HARD for The NY Mets, this guy from Brownsville, Brooklyn;

& he managed a Team to the 7th Game of the '06 NLCS. 6 Members of That Team, needed various surgeries, in the Off-Season. Yes, he managed the NL East Champion Mets, who lost key pitching to the Surgeon's Scalpel;

Here's to You, Willie!


(Credits-NY Post)

Jerry Koosman-Happy Birthday#64

We, of The Old Guard Mets Fans, Salute This Star of the '69 World Series Champion NY Mets, as he turns 64 today:

"Seaver & Koos' & Bring On The Booze!"

(Credits-Mighty Quinn Media Machine)

THIS Is A Christmas Tree

To All The IDIOT PC Crowd, who will drive us Crazy with their strange Lingua Franca, THIS is a CHRISTMAS TREE. You don't see it on July 4th. You don't see it during the Baseball Season. This is at Rockefeller Center. This is NOT a Festivus Pole. It is lit with Decorations for a Joyous & Glorious Season Of Prayer & Thanksgiving & of Feasting. HOLIDAY TREE? Get Bent!

Oh, & to The PC Crowd, here it is:

Merry Christmas!

Mike The UN-PC Mac User.

(Credit-Mighty Quinn Media Machine)

"This Team"



"The Festivus Founder-Some Little-Known Stories"

I've always thought the world of Jerry Stiller, Father of Ben Stiller. As Frank Costanza, father of George, I can recall one "Seinfeld" episode, where George was in hospital & meeting George Steinbrenner(played by Brooklyn Native & Seinfeld Creative Genius, Larry David), screaming to the top of his lungs "Why would you trade Jay Buehner for Ken Phelps?"

What I remember most of all is when he was straight man for his lovely Comedienne Wife, Anne Meara. He played a Reporter named Walter Crankcase(Cronkite was parodied in this manner), who asked about Sex-Ed in schools, & she would go off on an Archie Bunker Style Rant, which was hilarious. It was an Irish-Jewish Mixing of Humor, which had me cackling with glee;

He's from Brooklyn; She's from Brooklyn; Both live on the Upper East Side(UES for Yuppie Purposes). In the original "Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3", about a Subway Hijacking, he played Transit Police Lieutenant Rico Petrone & uttered a line, which is censored on regular TV & it was "Even the Great Ones have to take a leak";

His Raging Frank Costanza, leaves me in stitches. Thanks Jerry.
(Photo Credits-The Mighty Quinn Media Machine)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Yankees Fans NOTED For Being Quite-Selfish"

I was with friends there, last evening,@ The Kew Club, finding out about the 2+feet of snow in the Denver area from a guy called "Dude" by cell phone. Dude originally came from East Glendale, Queens & is a Corrections Officer out west:

The place, Kew Club, made it impossible to watch Mets Games, because the owner kept everything glued to the YES Network(Al-Yankeezeera) until customers threatened a walkout. A group of people wanted to watch SNY-Home of The Mets, who despite the # of Injuries, had the Best Record In Baseball at that point, but all 6 monitors were set on YES;

I remember one evening that I was in a Knights Of Columbus Council in Woodside, Queens & the place has the MLB Extra Innings Package. Two of us wanted to watch the Mets on SNY. Certain Members told us that we couldn't see the game, over any of the 5 monitors because there were bets on the Yankees Game. To be smart-a-----, they put the Athletics Game on FSN-Bay Area, but REFUSED access to the Mets Game. 4 monitors had the Yankees on. The Yankees Game had ended & then the Mets Game, in the 7th Inning, was allowed on;

I may live in Queens, home of the Mets, but Yankees Fans tried monopolizing everything in every bar in the Mets Home Borough. They were even Patronizing & Condescending little S----, who think that no one else even exists & that everybody else can just leave. Why don't they go up to "The Toilet" & join their brother & sister "Toileteers"? Quite-Simply, they hate the neighborhood where "The Toilet" is located, so they prefer to hang in bars where they can act macho;

& one wonders why Yankees Fans are the most-despised in Baseball? They're HOGS.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

January Is Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Season

Every Year, in Knights of Columbus Councils in the United States & Canada, the Annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship is held. It's a fun event, though getting facilities in NYC can be a pain, like Yankees Fans going to Shea Stadium & annoying Mets Fans & Red Sox Nation. I chaired that contest in 2 K of C Councils, in Brooklyn & Queens.There was 1 Year(1999), where the contest was sent into Chaos by two men, who decided to not tell me anything, under their guise of "Reform", by changing a working format, in order to discredit both the Parish Recreation Association & me at the same time, looking not to work with their home Parish, as well as the 5 other Parishes who look forward to the contest. The Contest in 2000 was moved way out of The East Glendale-Forest Hills-Middle Village Area, to Ozone Park, in order to discourage that Region's participation in the contest.One of these "Reformers", a Past Grand Knight & was the Financial Secretary at the time(1999)was recently revealed to be a 31st Degree Scottish Rite Freemason, which explains why he's always trying to throw Catholic Programming into chaos.

Other than that guy & his acolyte, it's been fun.Can you imagine this contest on FOX? Tim Mc Carver, upon hearing about some contestant named Ortiz, would manage to get in 17 mentions on how he compares to Derek Jeter. Joe Buck would be in Sarcastic Mode. RemDawg would be laughing like a Hyena @ both of them.

(Credits-K Of C Supreme Council)

Do NOT Wish Anyone A Happy Holiday

To me, this is a Series of Celebrations Of Christianity & Judaism:

"Happy Holidays" is soooooo generic. It means NOTHING;

To Jews, I wish you all a Happy Hanukkah(The Festival of Lights, where a 1 Day Supply of Lighting Oil, lasted 8 Nights);

To Christians, I wish you a Blessed Christmas, which lasts this Liturgical Year until Monday, January 8th, Culminating in The Baptism Of The Lord(John The Baptist, Baptizes The Christ In The Jordan). Hey. 2007 AD starts on January 1st & is part of The Christmastide(This is by Catholic Tradition & Liturgical Practice, BTW);

Everyone, ENJOY The Time;


Monday, December 18, 2006

"The Brain Behind The Red Sox"

As a Royal Rooter once said:

" 'Nuff 'Ced!"

(Credits-CallOf The Green Monster)

"Yankees Fans Need To See A Shrink"

Even Freud Couldn't Help Them!

(Credits-CallOf The Green Monster)

"Curt, Our Fearless Leader"

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Hey George:

You're STUCK with A-Rod;

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!(Thanks To Call Of The Green Monster)

"My Favorite IDIOT"

Buy This man a Jack & Coke:

Make it a DOUBLE!

(Credits-Call Of The Green Monster)

"Good Night, Trupe"

It was fun:

Thanks For The Memories!(Credit-By Jere Of Let's Go Sox)

"I'll Keep This Blog For Its' Primary Purpose"

This Team is what it's all about:

"D" Time;

"D" Team;

"The Red Sox!"

"Uh, Mr Dolan? Yoo Hoo, Isaiah? The Knicks Just Plain Ol' BLOW!"

Hey! Aren't you the same MORONS who payed off politicians to keep the NY Jets from being The NY Jets, again?

You have a 99 Year deal with The City of New York, with an exemption from paying real estate taxes;

Are You investing HEAVILY in Silver(1st Name Is Sheldon)to keep the NJ Nets from going to Brooklyn;

You Run a moronic Cable TV Franchise, used to being a MONOPOLY in a lot of places, called Cablevision;

You call The Knicks an NBA Team;

Quite Simply, THEY SUCK, They're going to be below an expansion team which hasn't started playing YET;

Knick Fans? Say Goodbye to this team, as Dolan does NOT care. Force this MORON to sell The Garden & the Teams now NEGLECTED by this A--h--- Monopolist, He can't compete;

Isaiah? Didn't you RUIN the Continental Basketball Association? You're doing the same thing @ 7th Avenue & East 33rd Street;

The Knicks SUCK. The Brawl, last night, PROVED IT. Go play your F------ Games on The Road. You're NOT CLASSY enough for NYC;

"Frappe' La Rue, Baby!"

& Keep On Going-GET LOST!

You're a F------ DISGRACE To the NBA!

You Need "Hooked On Phonics" to Spell The word "Class";

If you could only read the package it came in, which is VERY-DOUBTFUL, YOU UTTER MORONS!

Thanks For NOTHING!

(Credits-AP Photo)

"The Miracle Of '04 Would NOT Have Taken Place IF We Ever Had THIS GUY"

Need I say that based on his Games 4 through 7 Performance in '04, that Red Sox Nation would've looked at '04 as just another lost Winter Of Discontent?

Imagine his throws ending up on Yawkey Way, instead of 1st Base?

That slap made him look like a 4th Grade Girl, who just might be more-mature than he is;

The ONLY Pitchers he hits, usually are pitching with Groin Pulls, especially if they're rookies;

Big Papi saved his arse in the '06 All Star Game In Pittsburgh. ONLY, Miguel Cabrera can imitate him by being a diva;

He actually does play a much-better Shortstop than the Highly-Overrated(By Tim Mc Carver)"Captain Intangibles", one Derek Jeter;

Posing Half-Nude in Central Park, in a NY Post Photo-Op, made this guy, the favourite Poster Boy in Greenwich Village, which isn't a good idea for a married man;

Rarely hits the Game Tie or Game Winner;

Only hits big with the team being 9 Up or 9 Down;

Combined with slapping the ball out of BRONSON(Not Brandon, Tim)Arroyo's Glove & wearing Blue Lip Gloss, have you ever wondered why, in Red Sox Nation, you're called "Slappy Mc Bluelips";

Or why Mets fans, who either see you playing, or someone has the audacity to wear a Yankees #13 Jersey to Shea Stadium, the chant of "Gay-Rod, Gay-Rod, Jeter's Boyfriend, Jeter's Boyfriend", always is utilized, even though you & Jeter are at war in the Clubhouse;

Thank Goodness that Manny Ramirez never got traded for you, Alex Rodriguez, for we would still be hearing "1918" chanted at Yankee Stadium, as we speak;

&, Oh, Theo? It was the Best Trade NEVER MADE;


PS: Oh, & to Fred Wilpon, Mets Owner;

You really did your homework on this Scott Bor*** Practical Joke & kept "The Curse Of A-Fraud" away from Corona;

Kudos to you, who, like me, hails from Brooklyn.

(Credits-Stock Photo)

"Would '04 Happened Without Papi?"

I have grave doubts about that. He's the straw who stirs the Red Sox Drink & made believers of us all:

That's muscle, NOT HGH;

A-Fraud was ONLY a Most Valuable COMMERCIAL Spokesman & Pepsi Route Driver;

This Guy is the Real '05 MVP & still is, TODAY;

"Don't Worry-Big Papi!"(Credits-Mighty Quinn Media Machine)

'I Know That You Miss This Guy-Am I Right?"

Joe Castiglione on those Spring & Summer Nights-You gotta MISS Him!

(Credits To Jere-Let's Go Sox)

"The Toilet Is A Good Place To Get Rid Of Beer"

Need I Say More? Let the picture speak for itself. Thanks!
(Photo by Jere of Letsgosox)

"While Hanging Around With The Parish Choir, Something Caught My Eye"

It was a poster showing Evil & Good. The 8th Grader who made this collage is either a Member of Red Sox Nation or a Mets Fan. It showed an Interlocking Arachnid of an NY with a line through it. No it was NOT the NY Mets NY. It was for a team which plays in a Place called by Red Sox & Mets Fans, "The Toilet":

OK, it may not be the greatest rendition by me, a rank-amateur artist, but it's the thought which counts.

"Where The 1st Of Many MLB Encounters Occurred"

On September 2nd, 1966, I witnessed my 1st Major League Baseball Game in Person. It was not in the Charming, Quirky Fenway Park, but rather, here in this 1st of the Modern, All Use Stadiums(The Beatles Played here in 1965):

In those days the red seats were a pea green, the Green Seats were blue, the blue seats were tan & the orange seats were yellow. Press Box Seats were beige;

I watched the Mets get cooked 6-0 by the Phillies, who then played at old Connie Mack Stadium. In case you may not know this place, Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, a night of Infamy in RSN, took place here;

For 2 Years('74-'75), DFYankees played here, as the Old Toilet was turned into a New Toilet. The NY Jets called this place home from '64-'83.

The Place, Shea Stadium, is getting to the Wind-Down Stage, with only 2 More Seasons to go. I even saw Pope John Paul II here, as he ventured into this Steel & Concrete Relic of "Cookie-Cutter Clutter". 1969 & 1986 were Years of Glory, especially 1969, when both Mets & Jets, were on Top Of Their Worlds. Lately, those not fortunate enough to get Fenway Park Tickets, have wandered down I-95, or by Amtrak or Bus, to watch Mets Games, as was the case these past 2 Seasons.

'07 & '08 are the last 2 Seasons of The Mets Here. Then, in the Parking Lot, the New Citi Field, with the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, will be opened.

I saw the Mets here. I saw the Jets here. I even saw Pele & the Cosmos here. Hey, I even got to see the NY Giants here, in their last real season in NYC. It all came alive at Shea Stadium.

Thanks For The Memories!(Photo Credit-Jere From "Let's Go Sox)

I'm The Guy On The Left With Red Sox Cap-The Amica Is A Yankee Fan From Forest Hills

Taken by a friend & fellow blogger, "Hades Haus" in Queens":

His Favorite Chant? "Yankees SUCK", of course!

"Dear SOX Sistahs-This WILL Happen AGAIN"

In fact, maybe it'll happen again this Year in '07. Before the Light, is the Dawn & '06 was The Dawn.(Credits-Soxsistahs)

The Man-"The Manny"

Are We GLAD to See Him back in LEFT Field, Knocking Those Homers Over The Monster? Bet The House We Are!(Credits-Sox Sistahs)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

"One More of 'The 25 of '04' Retires-Gabe Kapler"

I remember him with Detroit & Texas, the "Hebrew Hammer", Gabe Kapler:

In the last 2 seasons, he was a hurtin';

He will stay on as a coach in the Red Sox Farm System;

He's one of "The 25 of '04";

Happy Channukah, Gabe & Good Luck.
(Credits-Sox Sistahs)

"This Is The Operating System With Which I Do My fancier work On This Blog"

Again, Meg, thanks for the inspiration. The picture shows a beautiful new Macbook from Apple, running on Intel Processors:

I'm operating from an Apple iMac G3, 400Mhz, with 384 MB RAM, a 19.08 GB Hard Drive, running Mac OS X(10.3.9=Panther). No Mac OS X Viruses & it works charmingly-well.

I use Neolithic Office, a port of OpenOffice to Mac OS X. It allows me to create documents just like MS Office, as well as my artwork, allowing me to convert the drawings to J P E G, from PDF. It's a Championship system, even though it's a few years old. It has the Class of David Ortiz, as well as the power.

It's Mac!(Meg Of You Really Look Great Is The Source)

"How I Would Not Try To Do This Blog With"

With some inspiration from Meg at "You Really Look Good-You Really Look Sexy", I am a Windows XP user at Work, ONLY:

If Windows Media Player 11 crashes, I have to call MIS(Management Information Systems)to retool & restart my Windows XP Operating System;

I could type using Windows XP, but that's really all I could do, as creating J P E G's are no joy in Windows XP(Or Windows 98SE for That matter. & with 184K+ Viruses flying around out there, why would I want to use a system, which sucks as much as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays?

"Hey, Juan Damon-He's Got Your #"

Boy, does he have your #! Just wait!

"As The Baseball Hot Stove Winds Into Spring Training"

Does anybody miss THIS guy?



"Farewell To A Voice of '04"

He is larger than Life. He with the corny sense of humor, who told a joke to Rookie Pitcher, David Pauley, which ended with "Pauley want a cracker(D'Oh)": He of those "Way Back" calls on pop-ups;

In the Corporate Decisions of Entercomm Radio, Jerry Trupiano was replaced with Glenn Gaffner(MiLB on NESN) & ESPN Monday Night Baseball Play By Play Man, Dave O'Brien, he who survived the Mets WB 11 Booth with one who could cause for snoring in the 4th Inning, The Pedantic 3X Cy Young Award Winner, Tom Seaver;

Remaining from the '04 Radio Booth is Joe Castiglione, himself a survivor of the '86 Booth of Ken Coleman, especially from Game 6 of the '86 World Series, of Saturday, October 25th, 1986;

For Dave O'Brien, he of the South Shore Communities(The Red Line of MBTA), it's a coming home time for him. I've enjoyed his WB11 Telecasts & I think that he'll add something to the Radio Booth on 'RKO, 'EEI & the NY Area's favorite Red Sox Station, 'TIC(If they don't get DFYankees Games, instead);

Trupe, you are a gem & we of Red Sox Nation, will miss you a LOT. Thanks!(Jere Of Let's Go Sox-Credited With The "Trupe" Pic)

With Apologies To Jere The Great-My Tribute To Bor***

Ye who gave us that Black Handbag-Wearing Little Snively little Wussie, who wears Blue Lip Gloss, "Senor Clutch", himself, A-Fraud & who was to keep us from "The Pearl", D-Mat, & who convinced one "Juan Damon" to sign with "Bowels Of Hades" Team in The Bronx, I have 2 Words Of Greeting:

Note that neither of those two words has anything to do with Christmas or Channukah;

"Puke-Barf"!(Pic & "Puke_Barf Are from Jere)

"D"Reason For RSN Joy

Despite Scot Bor***, we have reached our target. This guy is the Most Valuable Player in the 1st World Baseball Classic. May he be as valuable to The Red Sox, as he was to the Seibu City Lions:

Mr. Bor***, how's A-Fraud Doing?

& Tim? Jeter is NO MVP!(Stock Picture)

Our Time "D Team"

With "D-Mat"(Starter), "D-Don"('Pen), "D.O. & D-Dawg"(NESN), "D-O'B With D-Joe"(Radio), what more could one ask for, except a World Champion:(Art Courtesy Of Neolithic Office Suite Free Draw)

"Blogger Is ANNOYING"

For the last few days, I started doing drawings to enhance my blog. It makes the blog fun to do, as well as express my thoughts in a more-complete way. I go to do it this morning & suddenly, they couldn't do it.

Pains in the Arse!

Thanks for NOTHING.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

"If You Loved 'Raymond', You more than Loved This Man"

You may recognize him as Long Island Sportswriter Ray Barone's Father, on the CBS Hit Comedy, "Everybody Loves Raymond":

Peter Boyle died Tuesday in NYC at age 71;

He has quite a list of credits, including a movie called "Joe", a Working Stiff, who was a bigot & not in the funny sense of Archie Bunker;

But, there was a Summer Replacement Series on CBS in the Late 1960s, called "Comedy Tonight", which introduced us to Madeline Kahn(Born in MA, raised in Queens) & Robert Klein. Peter was a member of that Ensemble Cast;

We all remember Peter in "Young Frankenstein" as the Monster, in that Mel Brooks Comedy;

He was Born In Philadelphia, & was for 3 Years, a member of The Order Of Christian Brothers & left the Order in the 1960s;

Requiscant In Pace, Peter & Thanks!(News Source)

"Yo, George & Hey, Scott-Look Who We've Got!"

No, the Red Sox didn't get George COSTANZA:

This mission was accomplished;

& "The D-Mat" is ours;

As dey say in Brooklyn, "He beddah be great for that kinda money, $52M Smackaroos."

Artwork from Free Draw by Neolithic Office.

Monday, December 11, 2006

"This Just In About Scott Bor***"

Ok, I wrote this from artwork section on Neo Office. The N looks a bit unusual, but it's my sentiments, exactly:

Scot Bor*** is not an Agent. He's an EXTORTIONIST, who negotiated the A-Fraud Deal with Texas;

& he's about to keep D-Mat in Japan;

F--- You Bor***!

"Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Red Sox Programming Among Other Things"

Babe Ruth(Pitcher/Outfielder) was a Knight of Columbus. So am I, for that Matter. In fact, so is Ron Guidry. Yankees aside, they were(in the case of Ruth) & are(Guidry), my Brother Knights:

Now, having said that piece, December 15th, '06 is near. That's the deadline where Dasuke Matsuzaka, the Japanese Pitcher who won the World Baseball Classic, must be signed by the Red Sox, or else D-Mat is returned to his team in Japan, for bidding on him next year;

Scott Boras, are you listening? Larry Lucchino, are you b***s******* "The Nation"?
I don't feel like watching another Josh Beckett-Generated Homer Ball flying out across Mass 'Pike towards B U, or Cambridge. The Nation in New England & The NY Metropolitan Area, IS tiring of all that Yankee Crap;

Andy Pettitte has returned to The Aging Yankees, just in time for Old-Timers' Day in The Bronx;

Me thinks that Roger might just stay at home in Houston for 1 more Year;

& Tim Mc Carver will be ever more-annoying now that his MVP Choice, Derek Jeter, didn't win that award. Tim, we'll all be chanting "SHUT UP", whenever you open your trap about DSJ;

Everybody have a nice week ahead;


Friday, December 08, 2006

"The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception- December 8th"

Today, We Catholics Celebrate Mary, The Mother Of God The Son, Who was Conceived without Original Sin & no sin ever stained Her:

She was Chosen by God for The Mission of Salvation, in giving birth to Jesus;

He came into This World To Redeem it;

Because of Mary's Sinless State, She was Truly-Free to Choose to be the Mom Of The Christ;

Let Us Pray(Oremus):

Hail Mary, Full Of Grace, The Lord Is With Thee, Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women & Blessed Is The Fruit Of Your Womb, Jesus;

Holy Mary, Mother Of God, Pray For Us Sinners, Now & At The Our Of Our Death, Amen;

There are those in Truncated Christianity(Fundamentalist Evangelicals, please take note) who say that this Prayer Is NOT Biblical, when it is in fact BIBLICAL;

Read The Gospel According to St. Luke The Evangelist & The Basis for This Belief & Prayer, will be found;

Unfortunately, while this is a Major Feast of The Church, finding a place to go to Mass, is difficult, with the shortage of Priests being a serious matter, beginning after Vatican II, when Ecclesiastic Liberals began undermining The Church, seeking out Priestly Formation Candidates, who went along with their warped goals. Vocations to Priestly & Religious Life, dropped precipitously. Right now, The Church is in no "Springtime Of Renewal", but, rather The Barque Of Peter is in a Dark Winter Season, as a result of the Ecclesial Liberal "Reformers", who have given us a "Protestantized" Liturgy;

Holy Mary, Mother Of God, Pray For Us In This Dark Time, AMEN!

En El Nombre Del Padre, Y Del Hijo, Y Del Espirito Santo, Amen!

"Sunday, December 7th, 1941, a Day Which Shall Live In Infamy"

This was actually said on this day in 1941, Monday, December 8th, 1941, as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt called on the Congress to Declare War on The Imperial Empire Of Japan, for the Unprovoked & Deliberate Attack of the Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, at 12:55PM, EST(7:55AM Pacific Island Time), sinking the USS Arizona, on Sunday, December 7th, 1941:

The Next Attack was by Sinful Religious Fanatics, who chose EVIL over GOOD, by the Murder of Innocent Civilians, in hijacking 4 Jet Aircraft, destroying the Twin Towers of The World Trade Center, The Pentagon & attempting to crash into The White House, before crashing into a field near Shanksville, PA, on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 & we're at war now over it;

Kyrie Elaison;
Christe Elaison;
Kyrie Elaison;

Requiscant In Pace;

"My Programs, My Way"

When The Red Sox Aren't On-We Root For These Guys In NY

My Thoughts On My Dislike Of The Evil Empire

If you Upper Crust Yuppie-Type of Arrivistas, want my Op-Ed, they can read it in the King's English(Like County of Kings):

Dissing Dunbar's Team(Thanks Jere)

They Play in a place called "The Toilet":

They're called 'The Team With Class & Dignity' by The NY Post, which is a Murdochian Rag, suitable for Wrapping Fish;

Thanks, Again Jere!(Neolithic Office Free Draw Used Here)

1st Attempt To Draw Red Sox Cap-Though Not much of An Artist

Though it's only a sketch, as, in sincere imitation of Jere, sketches & illustrations are becoming part of this blog:

(Neolithic Office Free Draw was used here)

"Another Waste of $212M By The Yankees"

That'll be Yankees Pitching This Year!