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Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Yankees Fans NOTED For Being Quite-Selfish"

I was with friends there, last evening,@ The Kew Club, finding out about the 2+feet of snow in the Denver area from a guy called "Dude" by cell phone. Dude originally came from East Glendale, Queens & is a Corrections Officer out west:

The place, Kew Club, made it impossible to watch Mets Games, because the owner kept everything glued to the YES Network(Al-Yankeezeera) until customers threatened a walkout. A group of people wanted to watch SNY-Home of The Mets, who despite the # of Injuries, had the Best Record In Baseball at that point, but all 6 monitors were set on YES;

I remember one evening that I was in a Knights Of Columbus Council in Woodside, Queens & the place has the MLB Extra Innings Package. Two of us wanted to watch the Mets on SNY. Certain Members told us that we couldn't see the game, over any of the 5 monitors because there were bets on the Yankees Game. To be smart-a-----, they put the Athletics Game on FSN-Bay Area, but REFUSED access to the Mets Game. 4 monitors had the Yankees on. The Yankees Game had ended & then the Mets Game, in the 7th Inning, was allowed on;

I may live in Queens, home of the Mets, but Yankees Fans tried monopolizing everything in every bar in the Mets Home Borough. They were even Patronizing & Condescending little S----, who think that no one else even exists & that everybody else can just leave. Why don't they go up to "The Toilet" & join their brother & sister "Toileteers"? Quite-Simply, they hate the neighborhood where "The Toilet" is located, so they prefer to hang in bars where they can act macho;

& one wonders why Yankees Fans are the most-despised in Baseball? They're HOGS.


Blogger Peter N said...

Hogs, as in Oink Oink, or "Up against the wall, mo**er**cker. I think the former...and that place is one I'd stay away from. I hope you are well. What started out to be a short Friday post at PRSF kept rambling........have a great weekend, but I'll be here each day. No vacation for doing something I love, as long as the words are there, in my left ear. I'm right handed but left eared. Eerie?

8:52 AM  
Blogger Suldog said...

Did I already wish you a Merry Christmas, Michael? Well, I don't suppose that, if I did, it hurts to do so again. So, whether for the first time or the second, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

1:05 PM  
Blogger Jerry Thomas said...

Bad news Michael, there's a google ad for Derek Jeter's Driven on your site.


9:07 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Peter? It is hogs as in "Oink, Oink":

Suldog? As this is The "Yuletide" & Christmas commemorates The Birth Of Christ, Begotten Not Made, One In Being With The Father, Once Again in keeping with "Wish No One A Happy Holiday", I, once again, Wish You a Blessed Christmas, which BTW, includes January 1st(New Years Day-Solemnity Of Mary Mother Of God-Which is Where Jesus Is Brought To The Temple For Circumcision & Presentation To The Temple's High Priest);

Jerry Thomas? That Google includes a "Driven" Ad for the favorite Cologne of one Derek Sanderson Jeter, is one of many ads, by Google. I wouldn't buy such "Drivel" like "Driven."

A Blessed Christmas to all;


11:44 AM  
Blogger Christine E. said...

Merry Christmas Michael--Hope you enjoy your holiday!

2:03 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& a Great Christmas to You, Too, Christine:


5:06 PM  

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