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Saturday, December 16, 2006

"This Is The Operating System With Which I Do My fancier work On This Blog"

Again, Meg, thanks for the inspiration. The picture shows a beautiful new Macbook from Apple, running on Intel Processors:

I'm operating from an Apple iMac G3, 400Mhz, with 384 MB RAM, a 19.08 GB Hard Drive, running Mac OS X(10.3.9=Panther). No Mac OS X Viruses & it works charmingly-well.

I use Neolithic Office, a port of OpenOffice to Mac OS X. It allows me to create documents just like MS Office, as well as my artwork, allowing me to convert the drawings to J P E G, from PDF. It's a Championship system, even though it's a few years old. It has the Class of David Ortiz, as well as the power.

It's Mac!(Meg Of You Really Look Great Is The Source)


Blogger Peter N said...

ML, what do you use as your browser? Safari (eh!) or Firefox, or...........I coud use some help...Safari is ok, but other people rave about other browsers good for an Apple, MY Apple. Any help would be so great.......I'm a computer idiot who can write. Or so I think. An email is OK....

9:58 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Firefox is the best one.

3:58 PM  

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