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Friday, December 29, 2006

"Major Anniversaries In 2007-Both Joyful & Sorrowful"

I think that by now, you've heard me mention that I'm ORIGINALLY from Brooklyn, NY. I believe that you know that I live in the Borough of Queens. There are some Baseball Anniversaries coming up in '07. 1st, I bring you The Joyful Anniversaries:

In 1947, Jackie Robinson broke Baseball's Color Line, as he broke in with the Brooklyn Dodgers @ Ebbets Field In Brooklyn. His #42 was retired by MLB in 1997(April 15th is the 60th Anniversary);

In 1967, it was "The Impossible Dream Red Sox", who won the AL Pennant on the Final Day of the 1967 Season, the Team of Yastremski, George Scott & Company;

In 1967, was the start of the Baseball Hall Of Fame Career of one George Thomas Seaver, with the NY Mets;

And now for the Sorrowful Anniversaries;
The Beaning of Tony Conigliaro, which I believe, led to all of his health problems & to his death at a young age, a few years ago, especially sorrowful in Red Sox Nation(1967);

For Us in Red Sox Nation, the Famous 3 Homer Game of Reggie Jackson(Yankees-Dodgers-1977);

For Mets Fans, June 15th, 1977(Black Thursday), a Night Of Infamy, when Tom Seaver was Traded. Shea Stadium then got to be called "Grant's Tomb" not in honor of Ulyssees S Grant, but for Mets General Partner, M. Donald Grant, driving thousands of Mets Fans to watching other games(There was,as I can Imagine, a slight surge in trips to Fenway Park in those days);

Here's a real kicker. 2007 will be the 50th Anniversary of The Last Season of The Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants, as Willie & The Duke were to be in SF & LA, respectively, in 1958, leaving only "The Mick" behind. In 1958, with NYC to themselves, Yankees Attendance stayed the same, as fans of the Dodgers & Giants, refused to step foot in "The Giant Toilet" in The Bronx;

2007 is the 45th Anniversary of the 1st Season of The NY Mets, a team which could drive fans to drink like it was New Years Eve & St. Patrick's Day(You know what Happened in 1969 & 1986);

BTW, the FAVORITE American League Team of the Fans of The Brooklyn Dodgers, NY Giants & NY Mets is The Boston Red Sox. As Casey Stengel would say, "You can look it up."

Even Though He was a Yankees Announcer, Mel Allen's famous line applies here:

"How 'Bout That";

Happy New Year, Everybody!



Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Or as "The Murph" would say:

"Ladies & Gentleman, Fasten Your Seat Belts, we're in The 9th Inning;

I loved putting this in Red, as, after all, it's basically a Red Sox Blog;


2:53 PM  
Blogger kaylee said...

Of course,The favorite AL team of Mets fans are the SOX I am pretty sure they wouldnt root for the yankees!

3:08 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

The AUTHENTIC Mets Fans believe that "Big Papi" was cheated out of AL MVP in '05:

They despise A-Rod & Jeter & GiamBALCO;

They have shown concern & interest in Jon Lester;

They THOROUGHLY DESPISE the NY Yankees, as if they were in Boston, but have to live with these fans as neighbors & colleagues;

Mets Fans are safe in Fenway, as Red Sox Nation is safe at Shea Stadium.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Mike Edelman said...

Funny how much the Red Sox like the Mets even after they've broken our hearts so much.

11:14 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I bid you welcome from The Borough & County of Queens:

The Red Sox have either placed either #1 or #2, as have the NY Mets, in my baseball-rooting years;

Both teams have caused me unbridled joy(Red Sox of '04) & Tremendous Tears(Mets '06) & Red Sox('03). The '86 Mets were the CONSUMATE BAD BOYS(Vodka & "Coke" with the '86 Mets meant that they were what could be described as "South America's Team", as a # used Cocaine);

Both Despise the NY Yankees & their "Pretend" Fan Base, who love to shove their obnoxiousness in everyone's face. Many of those "Fans" also pretend-rooted for the '86 Mets;

Tim Mc Carver, a marvelous PLAY-BY-PLAY Man, is horrendous as FOX Sports Lead Baseball Analyst, with inaccuracies up the kazoo. So much has changed in his case;

I've seen BOTH Duquettes' almost ruin the respective teams. Lucchino is at times, a modern day version of Jeff Wilpon & M. Donald Grant. I can see the parallels,clearly here;

Mike, thanks for coming. Happy New Year.

2:41 PM  
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