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Monday, July 31, 2006

"Paradise By The Centrefield Wall"

& that's what David "El Papi Grande" Ortiz delivered in a 2 Out, 3 Run, Walk-off Homer tonight, with The Red Sox, increasing their lead over the NY Yankees of The Bronx & North Jersey, to 1 Game, by defeating the Cleveland Indians, 9-8;

Nice! & I hope Kaylee of Phoenix & originally from Boston, will cherish her memories of tonight;

33 Days To Fenway for me!

"The Schill Turns Into Tom Glavine"

Please! As it is Summer here in the Northeastern US, it does get hot, though a bit much more this summer. Even in air-conditioning, one can feel warm & uncomfortable. The Extreme heat drains everybody, including Pedro Martinez:

Last Night, Mr Curt Schilling had nothing on his fastball & balls flew like missles over the Green Monster. It was sheer nausea to watch & made me wonder just WTF was Al Nipper watching? Was he listening to "All Time Flubs From The #1 Crew On FOX Saturday Baseball"(There must be hundreds of dumb comments from Joe & Tim);
5 Innings 6 ER, 3 on bombs out onto Lansdowne Street, making stops in the "Cask 'n Flagon", & 10 Hits; Jermaine Van Buren was smacked silly(What else is new)by allowing runners, & gave up a Walk, 3 hits & 4 ER;

Surprisingly The Arsonist Team of Rudy & Julia, did no harm, in the 10-4 Drubbing by the LA Angels of Anaheim;

NY Mets:
Pitcher Tom Glavine, in 4 Innings, surrendered 10 Hits & 6 Runs & threw 101 Pitches by the end of the 4th Inning;

Fortunately the Mets crushed The Atlanta Braves 10-6, as Carlos Beltran hit his 3rd Grand Slam Homer this month. Mets bullpen was effective in keeping the Braves down;
&, @ least Rick Peterson wasn't listening to whatever Al Nipper was listening to.

"Stick a Fork In Them-They're DONE"

Mr Carlos Beltran enjoyed a Great Feast as Atlanta Braves "Pitching", acted as though all the Games were of the Batting Practice Variety, as Beltran homered twice, for the 2nd day in a row, with the Mets winning 10-6, to complete the 1st Sweep of the Braves, in Atlanta since 1985:

The Braves are 15 Games in back of the NY Mets in the NL East;

It may be time to have Tom Glavine skip 1 start as he couldn't make it into the 5th Inning, as he needs a rest & EVERYBODY Knows it;

Today, @ 4PM-ET is the MLB Trading Deadline;
A word or a few to Omar Minaya, Mets GM;


Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Clock, Papi Grande & The Slugger Named Orlando

In following in The Traditions of Peter N(Peter's Red Sox Forever) & John Quinn(The Mighty Quinn Media Machine), I, too now have a clock, in the form of a digital bar with today's date:

David "El Papi Grande" Ortiz, singled to the opposite field leading to an 8-7 extra inning victory over the LA Angels of Anaheim. Red Sox up lead over The NY Yankees of The Bronx & North Jersey, by 1 1/2 Games, as The NY Yankees of The Bronx & North Jersey got creamed by Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Tampa-St Petersburg, 19-6;

The NY Mets of Corona Queens & Long Island & the 5 Boroughs, smashed the Atlanta Braves by a score of 11-3, with Winning Pitcher, Orlando Hernandez(El Duque)smacking a 2 run Single, the 1st time he's done that since pitching in Cuba;

Nice way to recover from 2nd Bout of Food Poisoning, eh!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

FOX Saturday Baseball Today

Just read the schedule:

LA has a FOX Doubleheader on 2 Channels;

Angels Red Sox will be seen in 28% of the TV Markets, including Albany, NY & Buffalo, NY, with Josh Levin, Ken Rosenthal & "The RemDawg",aka Gerald Peter Remy(Will Wally make his premiere on FOX-I hope so);

In 32% of the USA, is Mets-Braves(Kenny Albert-Lou Piniella) from Atlanta(Syracuse, Rochester & Elmira, NY, will carry that Game);

24% will see Cardinals-Cubs, with the Comedy Team of Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver(Bwahahahahaha);

15% will have the Dodgers @ 4PM;

For RSN-NY, I hope it rains in Atlanta & we get to see Angels-Red Sox;

BTW, Pedro Martinez returned last night & the Mets won.

Friday, July 28, 2006

"Distant Replay"

Ate a slice of Sicilian Pizza for Lunch:

Enter a cold hearing room;

Caught a Chill;

Caught my 2nd Case of Food Poisoning;

Stayed Home All Evening;

Really a pain in My Irish Arse!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Paradise In The Eye Of The Needle Along The Major Deegan Expressway"

It is NOT Cheeseburgers, causing for the expansive growth of one HGHiamBALCO & his HR Total:

He has found Bliss & Paradise In The Eye Of The Needle;

Check for needle marks in his stomach & buttox, MLB, or you'll be an accomplice to a crime.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"'That Starbucks' Coffee Must Be Strong"

After the "Alfonse & Gaston" Imitations of Crisp & Ramirez on Sunsay, they may have taken a cup of Espresso(3 Shots) from Seattle's Leading Coffee House & the Red Sox Bats demolished Barry Zito & Co, 13-5 last night:

Strange, but the NY Yankees were only 1/2 Game out of 1st in the AL East last weekend;

This week, it's 2.5 Games by which the Red Sox are ahead in the AL East;

Perhaps, Seattle was the "Franciscan Retreat", where "The Sawx" cleared their heads for battle.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Franciscan Retreat is due for the following MLB Players

St Francis of Assisi was the Founder of The Franciscan Order of Priests, & Brothers. Whenever he was on the verge of burnout, he went to the top of a small mountain, overlooking the Town of Assisi, where he prayed & looked over the town, to contemplate whatever God wanted him to do there. When he was ready, he left refreshed & began the Work again:

Tommy Glavine, David Wells, Pedro Martinez, Steve Trachsel, Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling & Alex Rodriguez;
You have questions, difficulties & are trying too hard on your own;
Stop on your mountain, pray & meditate & contemplate;

When you're done, you'll be refreshed & ready for the next challenge;

Give it a shot, as God is There;


Monday, July 24, 2006

"Alfonse & Gaston On The Road In Seattle"

It was the 8th Inning & all was not well:

Alfonse said "Gaston, you take it", While Gaston begged Alfonse to take it;

Someone got a Gift Inside The Park Homer, due to the Generosity of The Official Scorer;

It was because Covelli Crisp & Manny Ramirez played "Alfonse & Gaston" that this took place & The Mariners led 8-7;

Captain V-Tek homered in Top9 & it was 8-8;

Then Timlin hangs one up for Richie Sexon & Seattle defeats The Red Sox, 9-8;

Meanwhile, The Toronto Blue Jays destroyed DFYankees, 13-5, as A-Rod was 0-4, K'd once but made no errors, so the Red Sox stay 2 1/2 Games up in the AL East Standings;

Will Mets Reliever Aaron Heilman PLEASE RUN to 1st Base Next Time? You can't get a runner out at 1st by playing tiptoe through the tulips, if you know what I mean;
Mets lost to Astros 8-4, as Rookie Pitcher Mike Pelfrey wasn't sharp at all, plunking 2 batters.

Some MLB Thoughts About A-Rod's Slump

On Saturday Afternoon, during Astros-Mets, on "FOX Saturday Baseball", The "Sophocles Of The Diamond", Mr James Timothy Mc Carver, in a discussion with Mr Joseph Buck about the Media & Yankee Fan-Hazing of Alex Rodriguez, who's mired in a batting & fielding slump; made this rather-astute, abeit humorous observation about this whole situation:
"I'm inclined to believe that Alex Rodriguez is responsible for Global Warming";

Fast Forward to this morning;
I was walking to the Subway, to make my commute to Lower Manhattan, when a gust of wind suddenly blew;
It almost took my Red Sox Cap with it;
Then I thought "It must be A-Rod striking out again";

Perhaps, Alex Rodriguez should read about how St Francis of Assisi, handled pressure;
It may just make his Soul, Body & Mind, whole again.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

"Red Sox Nation-NYC, We Have a Problem"

"Houston, we have a problem" or so it went in the "Apollo 13" movie:

This is not space related;
Rather(Not Dan), The Red Sox are playing The Seattle Mariners & the Game is on FOX @ 4:05PM, ET, with Thom Brenamann & Steve Lyons, serving as Hosts;

We, in The 5 Boroughs, as well as 49% of This Land of Ours, will be watching The Defending NL Champion Houston Astros & The NY Mets @ 1:20PM;

It isn't so much the teams involved(The Mets are my NL Team & something from my childhood is being held on to, like a Teddy Bear or Wally Doll), but just who's doing this match for FOX;

There will be much "Verbal Flatulence" during the game;
There will be some "Verbal Fellatio", especially if the names of Derek Sanderson Jeter, Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez & Mariano Rivera, are mentioned, even though they have absolutely NOTHING to do with this game;

Some Blonde-Streaked Sarcastic Asshat will do Play-By-Play;
Someone with a Bad Dye Job will be Lead Baseball Analyst, with the emphasis being on Banal & Anal;

Grown men will openly weep in the streets, while wee children will wail like banshees, upon listening to some nonsensical utterance by the Lead Baseball Analyst;

Web Sites will appear, calling for the sheer annihilation of both, the Blonde-Streaked Sarcastic Asshat & The Lead Baseball Analyst, who will both be wrong over 50% of the time, today, as is usually the norm;

Tomorrow, I'll be at Shea Stadium, for Astros-Mets, followed by a sojurn to Manhattan, to watch Red Sox-Mariners, so not all is lost in this weekend &, as we all hope, the NY Yankees will continue to suck & fall behind Toronto.


Friday, July 21, 2006

"What TF If"

The big program on NESN explored what might've happened if Grady Little had pulled Pedro Martinez, on last night, called "What If", exploring the situation in Game 7 of the '03 LCS:

Who cares!

2004 took care of everything with a Red Sox World Championship & The Embarassing Collapse of DFYankees;

What didn't it cover, like I care;

Some "What If's", if I had my way, would include some of the following:

If A-Rod had gone to the Red Sox for Manny Ramirez, would he sunbathe on the Boston Common, or in The Public Garden;

Would hoards of young gay males watch this spectacle;

Would 2004 have been another Winter of New England Angst;

Would Red Sox Nation have wished him on TDYankees;
Ya better believe they would have!

Another "What If":

FOX decided to carry Game 7 of The '03 ALCS without Announcers, making for an "Announcerless" Game;
Would you miss the following bursts of brilliance from Various Commentators, such as

"Jeter has calm eyes"(Tim Mc Carver & he wonders why there are websites dedicated to his annihilation);

"Pedro Martinez, as a Pitcher, is as wily as a wolverine"(There goes Tim, again);

"Get some oxygen, Tim; you're out of breath"(A Smarta-- Joe Buck, or "Admiral Sarcasm");

Both Buck & Mc Carver were performing "Verbal Fellatio" in regards to A-Rod homering off Aaron Heilman, in "Subway Series Game 2" on FOX Saturday Baseball, hitting a ball that would only be a homer in Fenway's RF & & in RF & LF in Yankee Stadium & NOWHERE else; What's forgotten was that The Mets won that game, 8-3;

I guess that due to the novelty of an announcerless game, people would watch & rejoice @ NOT having to listen to either Buck or Mc Carver, who are wrong over half the time, anyway;

Go over to my ever-expansive link list & read "Call Of The Green Monster" for Pedro Martinez' supposed reaction to last night's "What If" & you'll laugh until, well, never mind.


"A NY Triple Which Was Sooooo-Satisfying"

1st, it was The Boston Red Sox who led off with a 6-4 Victory @ Fenway Park(Sold Out as usual), with V-Tek driving in 2 Runs & MannyR driving one in, Loretta driving in 1 & Wily Mo driving in 2:

It wasn't one of Schill's Better Performances, but he has his 12th Win of the Year;

It took 10 Innings @ The Great American Ballpark in Cincinatti, but the NY Mets won 4-2, as Cliff Floyd & Carlos Delgado homered off Bronson(NOT Brandon)Arroyo & Endy Chavez who lined a double off Gary Majewski, driving in Xavier Nady, who doubled, & Endy was doubled home by Carlos Beltran;

It was the Nightcap, which makes for such a "Happy Recap";
"Slappy McSuntan", he of blue lip gloss fame, threw home towards Posada, but it was a wild throw & it opened the floodgates for the Toronto Blue Jays, as they scored 4 runs, tying DFYankees @ 4-4;
Vernon Wells homered off Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the 11th, & one can put it in the books;

TDYankees are now 2 1/2 Games behind the Red Sox;
The Red Sox & Mets, both have better records than DFYankees;

& all is well!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Sorry,(Yankees Suck)Ers"

It's now 1.5 Games down, with No Umpire & Rain to rescue you:

Ichiro Suzuki with The Winning Run, driven in by Raul Ibanez;

Seattle 3 & DFYankees 2.

"An Underwhelming Annihilation"

Yesterday, it was A-Gon driving in V-Tek, with the Red Sox defeating the KC Royals 1-0:

Today it was Manny homering making it a 2nd Consecutive 1-0 Red Sox Victory;

These are THE ROYALS, for crying out loud;

Congrats to "Captain V-Tek" for passing Carlton Fisk, in the all time Catching Department;

A Series Sweep is a Series Sweep, but it was Great Pitching, which saved the day.

"An Open Letter To The So-Called 1986 Mets Fans"

My suspicions about you have lead me to a # of, I believe, Valid observations about your definition of fanship:

You think that by rooting for the Yankees vs Red Sox, you're honoring the '86 Mets;

The Biggest Mets Rooters @ Shea Stadium, outside of the Regular Mets Fans, are people wearing BOSTON RED SOX CAPS & are often from The Boston Area, especially on The Weekends, since Fenway Park is Sold Out, all the time;

Many of you disappeared from Shea Stadium in 1989 & weren't seen in a Major League Stadium until 1996, when DFYankees got hot; More of you became Yankees Bandwagoners in 1998, because it was the thing to do; You don't know about suffering & being a true student of The Game of Baseball; All your Spoiled Little Asshats like to do is engage in the NY Pastime of Whining;

Many of my generation of Mets Fans(1960s' Variety), put up with an owner, who used a Sportswriter, to run a Legend Out Of Town(George Thomas Seaver), so I commiserate with Red Sox Fans, in regards to an owner, who used a Sportswriter, to try to run a Legend out of Boston, one Mr Epstein;

A turning point came when it was discovered that Dwight Gooden was smoking an unusual peace pipe, called "The Crack Pipe", which led to his Ineffectiveness in 1986;

It led to me listening to WTIC-1080 in Hartford, CT, for Red Sox Games, with Ken Coleman, an elegant Baseball Voice & his colleague, Joe Castiglione;

I did NOT abandon the Mets, as I still root for them, but the Red Sox do provide a more Intellectually-Satisfying Experience;

You See This-I did NOT go to "YANKEES UNIVERSE" & join you Insipid "1986" Front Runners In The Bronx;

"Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!"

My Baseball Rooting Runs Sea Deep & NOT Skin Deep;

If things go wrong in DFBronx, don't worry-you'll be back & gone again, if something goes wrong;


Monday, July 17, 2006

"To Some Dude In A Mets Cap On The Q11 Bus"

While you eyed me wearing a Boston Red Sox Cap, I'm going to tell you a story of Upper Level Seats for $1.30, $.55 Cups of Rheingold & other things:

I go back before the MetroCard, when it was $.20 for a Subway Ride to Shea Stadium;

I go back to the TV-Radio of Lindsey Nelson & his loud jackets, as well as Bob Murphy & Ralph Kiner;

The Mets were on CH 9;

I saw Seaver, Koosman & a Very-Wild Nolan Ryan;

I remember the night Tom Seaver got traded, because one of the owners, was running this team into the ground, even threatening to move the team to Washington, DC, if NYC was awarded the Olympic Games;

My Generation of Mets Fans, rooted for The Red Sox as opposed to TDYankees;

The Chant of "Boston Sucks" comes from Yankee Fans;

If you're a true Mets Fan, would you use the chant of your enemies, against your allies?

"Yankees SUCK" comes from Boston; Thank The Red Sox Fans for that, instead of telling us from Red Sox Nation, that we suck;

One thing's for sure is that all you know is 1986;

& that is sad.

3 Days To Make It

A team, so noted for futility, is The Royals:

It's time to take Grand Advantage of that Futility;

It's time to sweep them;

It's time for Papelbon to get in some much-needed Work;

It's time for Seanez & Tavarez to take a day off;

It's Time For a BoSox Victory;

The Time Is NOW!

The 11 Run 6th Inning @ Wrigley Field

Cliff Floyd hit a Dinger, earlier:

His 2nd was a Grand Slam, making it 6-5 Mets over Cubs;

Carlos Beltran did the 2nd Grand Slam in the 6th inning, making it 11-5 Mets;

David Wright made it 13-5 Mets, with a 2 Run Blast;

Final was 13-7 Mets over Cubs;

& The Cubs Juan Pierre is No Covelli Loyce Crisp.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Oakland 8 & Red Sox 1:

If a team can't hit a guy with a 5+ERA, it cannot compete;

Manny? Please pay attention to your coaches;


PS; Theo?

Don't listen to Lucchino;

You're smarter than he is.

Red Sox 7 & Oakland 0

With Neo Apologies to Yankees Play By Play Man & Fellow Native New Yorker, John Bradford Sterling:

"Red Sox Win; Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Red Sox Win!"

Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Mr Dave Wallace-Red Sox Pitching Guru"

You are MISSED:

You seem to be forgotten;

I have NOT forgotten;

You brought a great stability to the Red Sox Rotation & you did that with the '98-2000 Mets Rotation, only leaving because Bobby V is such a Jealous Little S---, Control Freak;

I don't trust Al Nipper, he of a 7.11 ERA in the '86 World Series, as Interim Pitching Coach;

Get Well, SOON;

Get Back- You're NEEDED, BADLY.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Great Pickup by Big Papi

He actually saved "The Pepsi Routeman", aka "Pepsi Mc Bluelips"(Alex Rodriguez), by digging out a bad throw, to get a runner @ 1st Base, in the 77th All Star Game:

When David plays the field, he does so, competently;

That cannot be said to be the case of "Pepsi Mc Bluelips";

A-Fraud is just a valuable commercial spokesman, who does great things against Pitchers with Groin Pulls.

"Julia? Julia? Why For Art Thou, Julia?"

With my sincerest Apologies to Mr Bill Shakespeare, I'm hoping that Theo didn't smoke weed upon signing Julian Tavarez to a contract with the Red Sox:

I almost S--- when he came into tonight's game in the 11th Inning, & with good reason, as he can't keep his pitches down & Oakland scored 2 runs off him & Manny can't run to save his life, since it was discovered that he has a bum knee(Torn Cartilage). Red Sox lost it 5-4, as tonight's game was on ESPN;

Julia? Like Mc Moron on FOX, You Suck!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"You're Stuck With Us"

FOX Sports announced that for 7 more Seasons, FOX will have Major League Baseball:

Grown men were seen weeping in the streets;

Wee children will wail as soon as Tim Mc Carver says some dumb statement;

SAP Buttons will be pushed, to avoid hearing either Buck or Mc Carver;

FOX almost missed Mets 3rd Baseman David Wright's Homer, as the result of some stupid interview;

Joe Buck will be his usual, sarcastic self;

Tim will just continue to sound like an idiot, comparing Apples, Oranges & Derek Jeter;


"Trevor Looper? Or Is That Braeden Hoffman?"

After 2 quick & easy outs, Hoffman throws a pitch to be hit as a grounder:

Unfortunately, the NL 3rd Baseman was from the Marlins & he was just SAVAGED in the last article, under his new nickname "M-Jerk";

"M-Jerk" watched a ground ball go by him(Sort of like Pepsi Mc Bluelips, AKA Alex "I Love ME So Much" Rodriguez);

Trevor(Braeden?)panicked & lost his control of his pitches & the rest is history;

Such is LIFE!

Miguel Cabrera="M-Jerk"

To Olsen the Fla. Marlins Pitcher:

You didn't punch him HARD enough, for his "I don't care" play on Sunday;

You should've "Cold-Cocked" this jerk;

He's a whiny little diva, who after he was hit by a pitch, should've "Shut Up";

Instead, this a$$hat, got ejected from Saturday's Game 1, Fla. vs Mets;

Tonight, with 2 men out & the NL leading 2-1, he chose not to attempt to play a ball, which ended up a single for the AL;

Gee, "M-Jerk", I never knew it was about Venezuelan Pride, like helping "Ozzie The King of The Assholes", win one, in Pittsburgh;

(Bleep) You! You're as bad as "A-Fraud";


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In Regards to the YES Network Link

Which was just added, click on latest link, below, on the "Rudy & Julia ERA" Link List & you'll find that the YES Website hasn't been updated in a few weeks:

As Jere would say;


Also, in my Profile is an audio clip of the new "Juan Damon" Song from WROR-FM in Boston;



A Night @ Shea:

Mets Baltimore Orioles;

Click on title of some dude in a Red Sox Cap;


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Zinyane Zindane or is that "Monsieur Headbutt Mc Burgundylips"

I never knew that "Pepsi Mc Bluelips"(Alex Rodriguez) would have such an influence on the World Cup Soccer(I mean, Football)Final Match:

Allow me to digress from Major League Baseball, which I, primarily, write about, like The Boston Red Sox & The NY Mets, in that order, with smart-ass remarks about the NY Yankees;

I go back to the heady time of The NY Cosmos, a dominant force in the North American Soccer League. I remember when Edson Arantes Do Nasciemento of Brazil, was the Dominant Soccer Player in The World, in the '60s & '70s(In case you don't know who this is, he's not Jason HGHiamBALCO, but simply known as "Pele');

As a movie called "Once In A Lifetime-The Story of The NY Cosmos" is being released, it was time to watch the World Cup Final, from Stadium Olympische in Berlin, on ABC;

France & Italy(Italia) were the opponents;
In the 7th Minute of the match, someone got tripped in the Goalie Zone & was awarded a penalty kick, which is almost always a goal(Like 97.9% of the time- some say this was a Diva Dive Job) & France Scored; In the 19th Minute, Italia scored, & then it was defence & great plays around the goals;

I like the forward clock, in Soccer, as opposed to the Backwards Clocks of Basketball, Hockey & American Style Football. The fact that there's no TV Timeout, so "A-Fraud" can look like a pretty boy in a Pepsi Commercial, is even better;

@ the 45 Minute Mark, the clock stops & & "Stoppage Time" is added on, or what we call "Injury Time". Ditto @ the 90 Minute Mark & time is kept by the Field Official(Referree);

Soccer is played on a Much-Larger Field & these players run, on the average, 8 to 10 miles per match. I don't think the average NFL player could run like that, nor any MLB player(I don't care what A-Rod says about his morning regimen). It takes great skill to handle a ball with your feet & head, on such a long field;

Yet, Americans look for instant gratification, but watching a Soccer Match, allows one to think about the real thrill of that hard-to-get goal, which is what life's about, anyway;

The Game was tied @ the End of "Stoppage Time"after the 90th Minute & it was 2 15 Minute Overtime Periods, back to back+ "Stoppage Time";

It was in Minute 110 that France's Great Striker, Zinyane Zidane, was engaged in "NBA Style Trash-Talking" with Italia's Materazzi & then, Zidane head-butted that player in his chest & walked away;

Then, the referree conferred with the Linesman. The Linesman saw this & Zindane, who announced his retirement before this game, was given a "Red Card" & was ejected for his violent foul;

The Stadium Spectators booed Zidane(Yankee Fans @ The Toilet In The Bronx, would've Cheered Him as their kind of player), but NOTHING was thrown on the field(This is Berlin, not The Bronx, here);

When the 120th Minute Ended, another 2 Minutes of "Stoppage Time" was added, followed by the 5 Penalty Kicks. Unfortunately for France, Zidane was their best penalty-kicker & he was gone;

It was Italia 5-3 in Penalty Kicks, giving Italia the World Cup;

"Monsieur Headbutt Mc Burgundylips" is The Goat of France for Idiocy;

Just Like "Pepsi Mc Bluelips" for his Disco-Diva Antics of slapping the Ball out of Bronson Arroyo's Glove in the '04 ALCS-6th Game(Not The '04 NL Playoffs, Tim), both will be remembered for 1 word;



PS: Zidane, who's Algerian by birth, was called a "Sand -igger" by Materazzi;

PPS: This looks like an NBA Stunt with the "Trash Talk";
In the old days in Brooklyn, not far from Paulie's Cab Stand on Pine Street, someone would be taken to Liberty Avenue & Sunrise Highway & made to look like raw meat, when done;
Zidane should've taken my advice instead of looking like A-Rod & making a fool out of himself, worldwide;

Maybe, Materazzi will end up in "The Joint" for his part in the latest Soccer Scandals in Italy;

Better Yet, would be his trip to Liberty & Sunrise, for his Bloody Sunset;

Thanks! Materazzi may be the biggest a-hole, when it's over.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Roll Over! Play Dead! Fetch!"

Perhaps because the subsidy from King George's Yankees is > one from Prince Henry of Boston, The Tampa Tarpons, excuse me, Tampa Bay Devil Rays,rolled over & played dead for DFYankees for the past 2 days, 1-0 & 5-1:


This while David Ortiz smacked his 31st Dinger in "The Cell" in Chicago, with the Olde Towne Team, taking it to Ozzie's Bunch, 9-6;

Will Joe -Uck & Tim Mc Dikweed just SHUT UP about "Manny Preserving Manny";

Last week, this duo had their heads up "Pepsi Mc Bluelips" Butt-hole, over a homer, which would've been a foul ball in Shea Stadium & a lot of other parks in MLB;

& we have to listen to these asshats on Tuesday Night;


FOX Sports Alert-Red Sox Vs White Sox

Game is presented by the US Postal Service, because Buck & McCarver will be mailing in the Game, being more-wrong than right, over 50% of the time:

Buck: "Well, Tim, for whatever stupid reason are Red Sox Fans calling AJ Piercynzki, LVP or Least Valuable Player";

McCarver: "Red Sox Nation only started to follow the team in 2004 & their fans have none of the patience of the Yankee Fans, as Alex Rodriguez is tremendously-underrated";

Ken Rosenthal comes to rescue with "& Yankee Fans have been loyal from 1996 until this time, but NOT before 1996, as The Red Sox have drawn over 2M fans per year since 1985, while Yankee Crowds have only existed since 1996 & the return to the World Series, & Alex Rodriguez has been booed a lot since April, '04";

Buck: "But A-Rod's an advertizer's dream, especially in those Pepsi Commercials";

McCarver: "Because of A-Rod, Bud Sales are up, dramatically";

That's because "Pepsi McBluelips" SUCKS, Tim.

Friday, July 07, 2006

"The Kid Is Alright!"

John Lester is 4-0:

Papi slammed a couple;

Red Sox defeat Ozzie's Psycho-Sox 7-2;

All is Fine;

As Nick Rogan would say, "Life is Good!"

New Name for A-Rod

"Pepsi McBluelips!"

It wasn't his timely hitting that got him 2005 AL MVP;

It was his star appeal in Pepsi Commercials;

He's as key as Tim McCarver is, in the FOX Booth;

That says it all-NOT MUCH.

MLB Gameday Audio Not Hooking Up

I get logged in & the 'EEI feed isn't hooking in, like it has for all this time, so, unless I go to WTIC Hartford on my regular radio, I'm out of luck:

Not Fun!


1st Inning Blast & Red Sox lead Guillen The Whacko's White Sox, 2-1 in the 2nd Inning:

I wonder what the "Pepsi-Driver", "A-Fake", is doing?

"Lima Time" Is Ovah

Stick a fork in him:

He's DONE!

12-5 Ortiz with 6 is Key & A-Rod is NOT

+ a Grand Salami by David Ortiz:

That's the difference between a Ballplayer & a Glorified Pepsi-Pusher.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

From A Great Streak To Absolutely Just Losing It

We all do it & The Boston Red Sox are NOT alone:

Losing 3 in a row to Tampa Bay Devil Rays, either tells me that you're entering a slow period for a couple of days, or one is in more-serious trouble than one thought, initially:

A Steal of Home by Carl Crawford(Tonight);

The Schill giving up the Long Ball(Not Good Form);

Jason Johnson('Nuff Ced)

But remember, every team does it(Hey! Steinbrenner's DFYankees, did it for 2 nights straight, losing 19-1 on George Steinbrenner's Birthday);

Time to Cool It, like right now!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Theo's Resignation & Seaver Trade I

As to the 1st Resignation of Red Sox GM, Theodore Epstein:

If one remembers Larry Lucchino, he had a friend in the media named Dan Shaughnessy, working the Sports Section of The Boston Globe(Part of the NY Times Company & 17% Owner of The Boston Red Sox);

Lucchino fed uncomplimentary things to Dan Shaughnessy about Theo Epstein;
It caused for tension & Theo's Resignation;

OK, as I do come, ORIGINALLY from Brooklyn, NY, there was a Somewhat-Similar Situation here, involving an Owner of a MLB Team & a Newspaper Sportswriter;

In 1975, Mrs Joan Whitney Payson, the 1st Female to own a Major League Baseball Club, that Team called the NY Mets(Metropolitan Baseball Club Inc), passed away;

The Team's Chairman of The Board, one M. Donald Grant & Owner of 15% of the Team, assumed more day to day control of the team, as Joan's Widower, Charles Shipman Payson & his Daughters;

Grant thought he knew EVERYTHING(Sort of like Larry Lucchino & Tim Mc Carver{Tim & Buck, basically mailed in Saturday's Mets-Skanks Game On FOX, getting everything wrong as is usually the case-don't get me started on that subject});

Grant, with all the Accuracy of Tim Mc Carver & Joe Buck(Bwahahahaha), underestimated his knowledge of running a Baseball Team;
Running Elite Players off the Team, may lead to a major decrease in attendance @ your games, as NY is not Montreal;

But, Grant went & turned Shea Stadium into Olympic Stadium, Attendance-Wise, as popular slugger, Rusty Staub, who had 105 RBIs in 1975, was dealt to Detroit for a Very-Faded Mickey Lolich;

I am seeing the Logic here, as Rusty would look for a better contract, so by getting a Washed Up Lolich, Grant wouldn't have to spend any money;

& Shea Stadium started to look more like a Ghost Town, being nicknamed "Grant's Tomb";

The Last Straw was in 1977, when the Pitcher, dubbed "The Franchise" by Joan Whitney Payson, The Legendary George Thomas "Tom" Seaver(HOF 1993-Mets Cap & All), was dealt away for 2 Minor-Leaguers & The NL Rookie of The Year, Pat Zachry(Who would become Kevin Brown's Precursor by punching out a water cooler @ Shea Stadium, for giving up a Record Tying Hit to a certain Pete Rose);

This involved Grant, & NY Daily News(Tribune Co.) Sports Writer & Mets Beat Reporter Dick Young(Passed Away in 1987 as a Writer for News Corp's NY Post);

"Tom Terrific", another name for "The Franchise", thought that he was worth more than Nolan Ryan, the Great Fast Baller of that time, as well as one who did NOT prosper by pitching in the NY Market(Ryan);
Ryan prospered in Smaller Markets, whereas Seaver did 2 WS in the NYC Market, so Seaver could back it up & thought to be worth more than Ryan;

Grant utilised Mr Young as something of a Press Flack, & Young wrote Uncomplimentary Stories about Seaver, eventually causing strain on Seaver & The Trade on Thursday, June 15th, 1977(The Midnight Massacre), is still a Stain on the Mets History;

The Conflict Of Interest Involving The Grant Mets & Dick Young, here, was that Young's Son In Law, Thornton Geary, was employed by The Mets Radio-TV Department(Broadcast Operations); Some of the Papers, were having a field day with that one;

& Mets Crowds disappeared;
When Seaver pitched for the Reds @ Shea in 1977, Shea Stadium rocked for Seaver, as the fans showed their disapproval for Grant & Company;

Theo & Seaver Got rocked by Media Hacks, because of Owners, who thought they knew better;

NEVER MESS with The Fans-EVER.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Win Before The Storm

Mets 7-6 over Pitssburgh:

Wagner has 300th Save.


Every Team goes through this:

& Aaron Heilman STILL SUCKS!

Duquette The Lesser Caused Trouble In Tampa Bay Last Night

Duquette The Lesser? This means that it wasn't Dan Duquette of Red Sox Fame, as Dan did bring in a good # of "Idiots" including "Judas Damon-ey", Kevin Millar & some others, but disrupted a 2001 Pennant Race, by hiring his onetime Montreal Beer Drinking Buddy, Joe Kerrigan, as Manager. Both were purged by The New Ownership Group of Henry, Werner & Lucchino & The NY Times Company;

Fast Forward from '01 to '04 & Jim Duquette, 1st Cousin of Dan, hence Duquette The Lesser(Or is that Duquette The Dumber)is GM of the NY Mets;

Fred(Skill Sets)Wilpon is Mets Owner & made the Observation that Mets Top Prospect, LHP Scott Kazmir, is an untouchable. But Fred is more of a "Hands-Off" Type of Owner & prefers to let his Baseball People run the show @ Shea Stadium;

Kazmir was a bit of a problem child in the minors, but effective, but was NOT liked by So-Called Pitching Guru, Rick Peterson. He knows EVERYTHING(Just Like Tim Mc Carver, which isn't saying much);

Some other Operative in the Scouting End, knew an effective solution, & was the guy who scouted & signed one Victor Zambrano to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays Contract. So a trade was made & changed the course of history;

Zambrano is on the 120 Day DL. I saw him throw his last pitch. It was one extreme ouch;

& Kazmir pitched a 2 Hit Complete Game Shutout last night with The Sawx losing 3-0;

Thank The Good Lord for Omar Minaya;

Duquette The Dumber & The Superscout are history & Rick The Know It All, should follow in Due Time.

Today is 7/4/06

Happy Birthday America:

230 Years Young:


Paid for in Blood, Sweat & Tears;

Always Remember;

Never Forget;

God Bless America;

Thought that you'd like to know that;


Monday, July 03, 2006

"Screw You Slaps Balls"

You only come alive @ home on National TV Games, vs Rookies:

We'll see you sucking again for rest of week, in Cleveland, on YES, you "Stats-Padder."

Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Flick On My Bic" & "The Silence Of The Ham" Mets Skanks on FOX

I noticed, in replays today, "The Silence Of The Ham", one Tim Mc Carver, while the NY Mets were eating Randy Johnson alive, to make it 8-2 Mets over Skanks in the 6th Inning, that "The Baboon With The Dye Job", came up with this witticism, in regards to another "Key Homer" by "A-Slap" Rodriguez:
"Flick On My Bic" was Tim Mc Dimbulb's Assessment, with Joe Buck fawning over a shot, which would be a foul ball @ Shea Stadium;
"A-Rod's probably glad that it's July 1st, after the awful June he had"(Buck's Assessment);

Mariano throw any more knucklers, Tim?

"Great Murphy's Ghost-get these 2 blohards outta here!"

Mets Win it 8-3!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Last Night SUCKED

In between chants of "F--- Kazmerczyk", "F--- The Riviera" & "Jason, please take that syringe out of your ass(Which he didn't, that PO#2)", I viewed the Red Sox @ Marlins & it became apparent that Manny was distracted by being home in Miami, by the way he played left field in Dolphins Stadium(Like Lastings Milledge in Fenway Park), with Jason Johnson not being able to extend the Red Sox Streak to 13 Straight Games with Red Sox losing 5-2;

Also, Mets-Skanks(Thanks Reb), were on 2 Channels(The Great Guys @ SNY, who gave great, Objective Coverage from Fenway) & YES(Soviet TV From The Cold War with "Leonid Steinbrenner" & their asshole propaganda team);

The Mets Network is directed by Bill Webb("World Series on FOX" is one of his many credits), who will be directing today's Telecast from "The Toilet" in The Bronx, on FOX, replete with that "Sarcastic Blohole", Joe Buck & "That Inspiration For Forrest Gump", Tim Mc Carver(Sophocles Of The Diamond-Yeah, Right);

YES, The Home of The Skanks, is directed by John Fillipelli(Once of FOX) & his telecasts look like cheap "SportsChannel-NY" Productions, with Guys like Mike Kay, who cause me to puke, every 5 Minutes;

A-Fraud was 0-Fer & booed accordingly; there were chants of "Gay-Rod" & "Jeter's Boyfriend" @ "Professor Thom's", last night;

That "Enhanced PO#2", "HGHiamBALCO", homered into the Old Yankees Bulpen in RF off "El Duque", who pitched a good game & actually pitched after a 1:30 Rain Delay;

Mets looked like a field of Bench Guys & by & large, were that;

Mets lost 2-0;

Last Night, hence, SUCKED!