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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Duquette The Lesser Caused Trouble In Tampa Bay Last Night

Duquette The Lesser? This means that it wasn't Dan Duquette of Red Sox Fame, as Dan did bring in a good # of "Idiots" including "Judas Damon-ey", Kevin Millar & some others, but disrupted a 2001 Pennant Race, by hiring his onetime Montreal Beer Drinking Buddy, Joe Kerrigan, as Manager. Both were purged by The New Ownership Group of Henry, Werner & Lucchino & The NY Times Company;

Fast Forward from '01 to '04 & Jim Duquette, 1st Cousin of Dan, hence Duquette The Lesser(Or is that Duquette The Dumber)is GM of the NY Mets;

Fred(Skill Sets)Wilpon is Mets Owner & made the Observation that Mets Top Prospect, LHP Scott Kazmir, is an untouchable. But Fred is more of a "Hands-Off" Type of Owner & prefers to let his Baseball People run the show @ Shea Stadium;

Kazmir was a bit of a problem child in the minors, but effective, but was NOT liked by So-Called Pitching Guru, Rick Peterson. He knows EVERYTHING(Just Like Tim Mc Carver, which isn't saying much);

Some other Operative in the Scouting End, knew an effective solution, & was the guy who scouted & signed one Victor Zambrano to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays Contract. So a trade was made & changed the course of history;

Zambrano is on the 120 Day DL. I saw him throw his last pitch. It was one extreme ouch;

& Kazmir pitched a 2 Hit Complete Game Shutout last night with The Sawx losing 3-0;

Thank The Good Lord for Omar Minaya;

Duquette The Dumber & The Superscout are history & Rick The Know It All, should follow in Due Time.


Blogger Peter N said...

And Michael, Kazmir pitched the type of game last night that we just tip our caps, and walk off the field, knowing we will win this afternoon, at grilltime 4:30. Fossil vs. Schill...have a great holiday.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Have an awesome 1, Peter!

10:29 AM  

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