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Monday, July 31, 2006

"The Schill Turns Into Tom Glavine"

Please! As it is Summer here in the Northeastern US, it does get hot, though a bit much more this summer. Even in air-conditioning, one can feel warm & uncomfortable. The Extreme heat drains everybody, including Pedro Martinez:

Last Night, Mr Curt Schilling had nothing on his fastball & balls flew like missles over the Green Monster. It was sheer nausea to watch & made me wonder just WTF was Al Nipper watching? Was he listening to "All Time Flubs From The #1 Crew On FOX Saturday Baseball"(There must be hundreds of dumb comments from Joe & Tim);
5 Innings 6 ER, 3 on bombs out onto Lansdowne Street, making stops in the "Cask 'n Flagon", & 10 Hits; Jermaine Van Buren was smacked silly(What else is new)by allowing runners, & gave up a Walk, 3 hits & 4 ER;

Surprisingly The Arsonist Team of Rudy & Julia, did no harm, in the 10-4 Drubbing by the LA Angels of Anaheim;

NY Mets:
Pitcher Tom Glavine, in 4 Innings, surrendered 10 Hits & 6 Runs & threw 101 Pitches by the end of the 4th Inning;

Fortunately the Mets crushed The Atlanta Braves 10-6, as Carlos Beltran hit his 3rd Grand Slam Homer this month. Mets bullpen was effective in keeping the Braves down;
&, @ least Rick Peterson wasn't listening to whatever Al Nipper was listening to.


Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Absolutely HORRIFIC!

Terrible Job, Nip!

7:53 PM  

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