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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Zinyane Zindane or is that "Monsieur Headbutt Mc Burgundylips"

I never knew that "Pepsi Mc Bluelips"(Alex Rodriguez) would have such an influence on the World Cup Soccer(I mean, Football)Final Match:

Allow me to digress from Major League Baseball, which I, primarily, write about, like The Boston Red Sox & The NY Mets, in that order, with smart-ass remarks about the NY Yankees;

I go back to the heady time of The NY Cosmos, a dominant force in the North American Soccer League. I remember when Edson Arantes Do Nasciemento of Brazil, was the Dominant Soccer Player in The World, in the '60s & '70s(In case you don't know who this is, he's not Jason HGHiamBALCO, but simply known as "Pele');

As a movie called "Once In A Lifetime-The Story of The NY Cosmos" is being released, it was time to watch the World Cup Final, from Stadium Olympische in Berlin, on ABC;

France & Italy(Italia) were the opponents;
In the 7th Minute of the match, someone got tripped in the Goalie Zone & was awarded a penalty kick, which is almost always a goal(Like 97.9% of the time- some say this was a Diva Dive Job) & France Scored; In the 19th Minute, Italia scored, & then it was defence & great plays around the goals;

I like the forward clock, in Soccer, as opposed to the Backwards Clocks of Basketball, Hockey & American Style Football. The fact that there's no TV Timeout, so "A-Fraud" can look like a pretty boy in a Pepsi Commercial, is even better;

@ the 45 Minute Mark, the clock stops & & "Stoppage Time" is added on, or what we call "Injury Time". Ditto @ the 90 Minute Mark & time is kept by the Field Official(Referree);

Soccer is played on a Much-Larger Field & these players run, on the average, 8 to 10 miles per match. I don't think the average NFL player could run like that, nor any MLB player(I don't care what A-Rod says about his morning regimen). It takes great skill to handle a ball with your feet & head, on such a long field;

Yet, Americans look for instant gratification, but watching a Soccer Match, allows one to think about the real thrill of that hard-to-get goal, which is what life's about, anyway;

The Game was tied @ the End of "Stoppage Time"after the 90th Minute & it was 2 15 Minute Overtime Periods, back to back+ "Stoppage Time";

It was in Minute 110 that France's Great Striker, Zinyane Zidane, was engaged in "NBA Style Trash-Talking" with Italia's Materazzi & then, Zidane head-butted that player in his chest & walked away;

Then, the referree conferred with the Linesman. The Linesman saw this & Zindane, who announced his retirement before this game, was given a "Red Card" & was ejected for his violent foul;

The Stadium Spectators booed Zidane(Yankee Fans @ The Toilet In The Bronx, would've Cheered Him as their kind of player), but NOTHING was thrown on the field(This is Berlin, not The Bronx, here);

When the 120th Minute Ended, another 2 Minutes of "Stoppage Time" was added, followed by the 5 Penalty Kicks. Unfortunately for France, Zidane was their best penalty-kicker & he was gone;

It was Italia 5-3 in Penalty Kicks, giving Italia the World Cup;

"Monsieur Headbutt Mc Burgundylips" is The Goat of France for Idiocy;

Just Like "Pepsi Mc Bluelips" for his Disco-Diva Antics of slapping the Ball out of Bronson Arroyo's Glove in the '04 ALCS-6th Game(Not The '04 NL Playoffs, Tim), both will be remembered for 1 word;



PS: Zidane, who's Algerian by birth, was called a "Sand -igger" by Materazzi;

PPS: This looks like an NBA Stunt with the "Trash Talk";
In the old days in Brooklyn, not far from Paulie's Cab Stand on Pine Street, someone would be taken to Liberty Avenue & Sunrise Highway & made to look like raw meat, when done;
Zidane should've taken my advice instead of looking like A-Rod & making a fool out of himself, worldwide;

Maybe, Materazzi will end up in "The Joint" for his part in the latest Soccer Scandals in Italy;

Better Yet, would be his trip to Liberty & Sunrise, for his Bloody Sunset;

Thanks! Materazzi may be the biggest a-hole, when it's over.


Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Correction, it was 5-3 in Penalty Kicks).

10:21 PM  
Blogger Peter N said...

It was exciting, especially because I found myself in Hartford's beautiful South end, the Italian section, and I did it on purpose. I needed a special kind of vinegar, and I thought, to myself.."what a great time to go to Franklin Ave." And everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was silent, until the end, and then pandemonium. I cannot remember how many beers were offered to me. Alas, I could only have 2 (OK, 3) because I had a 12 mile drive home. But fun? Hell yeah! Nice post, ML.

11:23 AM  

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