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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Clock, Papi Grande & The Slugger Named Orlando

In following in The Traditions of Peter N(Peter's Red Sox Forever) & John Quinn(The Mighty Quinn Media Machine), I, too now have a clock, in the form of a digital bar with today's date:

David "El Papi Grande" Ortiz, singled to the opposite field leading to an 8-7 extra inning victory over the LA Angels of Anaheim. Red Sox up lead over The NY Yankees of The Bronx & North Jersey, by 1 1/2 Games, as The NY Yankees of The Bronx & North Jersey got creamed by Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Tampa-St Petersburg, 19-6;

The NY Mets of Corona Queens & Long Island & the 5 Boroughs, smashed the Atlanta Braves by a score of 11-3, with Winning Pitcher, Orlando Hernandez(El Duque)smacking a 2 run Single, the 1st time he's done that since pitching in Cuba;

Nice way to recover from 2nd Bout of Food Poisoning, eh!


Blogger MattySox said...

I think THE CLOCK is going to be my new "Independence Day." The more people who went to see it, the more money it made, the more steadfast I was in my mission to not see it...nothing against THE CLOCK, and I am amused by the near mythic stature it has so quickly achieved in Red Sox Blogdom, but I guess I'm just weird like that...

2:00 PM  
Blogger kaylee said...

Hey I am back from the game tonight.I went to BP and i talked To Julian TAVAREZ AND JONATHAN PAPELBON during Bp the only problem was JULIAN talks alot he would not shut up and let me go.
I would have liked a win but hopefully wells will give me one tomorrow!4 more games!I would like A CLEVELAND SWEEP but we will see.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

If Tavarez only had the pitching, he'd be a hero, instead of a dolt:

Julia? Shut up & pitch;


4:28 PM  

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