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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surprise Which Was Delicious

I am amazed at what people leave behind, especially a quite tasty item such as Pizza Margherite.
Three pieces were left behind and they are from the Legendary Patsy's, which started in 1933 in Harlem.
Delizioso! Mind you, this us at the 5th Avenue and East 59 Street Apple Store, where these 3 pieces were abandoned over by the iPod Nanos. Good fortune for me.
I once had some of Patsy's Pizza in Harlem about 40 years ago. Guess what? The pizza is still great after all these years.
The Pez Report- Pizza Special

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48 Hours?

It has been an interesting two days in the artistic world for me as I had a couple of unique experiences. Last evening, actors were invited to the Streb Dance Company Warehouse in Costume. For my effort, I had a couple of Brooklyn Lagers a couple of blocks from the brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Today, after Mass at St. Sebastian in Woodside, I rushed over to 632 West 125 Street to Prentis Hall of Columbia University, the place where "The Manhattan Project" with the atomic bomb, was formulated.
This is twice I've been to acting occasions in famous facilities. My tryout for "Fallen" came at the New York Film Academy, located at the old Tammany Hall in Union Square, onetime home of the NY County Democratic Party.
Never a dull moment!
The Pez Report


Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Pro Multis"(For MANY)

In the New English TRANSLATION(NOT Interpretation), Pro Multis is "For Many", once again. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops(UCCB) make this available on their Website.

The Language is familiar to me from when certain of the Mass was offered in English. Other Parts will look familiar & represent accurate TRANSLATION.

The Pez Report-Catholic Mass Edition

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Dominus Vobiscum-Et Cum Spiritu Tuo...Dignum Et Justum Est

FINALLY, Catholics of The Latin Rite will hear & say the Actual Translation of The Words in the Title:
The Lord Be With You
And With Your Spirit...It Is Right & Just;
It Is about time The Catholic Mass sounds CATHOLIC, not Contemporary Broad Church Anglican or Lutheran-CATHOLIC;
Coming Soon!


Friday, February 26, 2010

S-N-O-W, Snow, Snow, Snow & Baseball Games Resume On Wednesday

Everyone's in camp in Florida & AZ, with the Red Sox at Fort Myers, also Home to The Twins. The Twins will open in a new park, Target Field In Minneapolis. The Red Sox Will have Lackey, Josh Beckett on the starting staff. Jason Varitek returns in the Role, new to him, called Catcher #2, backing up Victor Martinez. Who Knows what The Trio will add on to Fenway Park! & The Carmine Hose will open their sked with Boston College:

At Least they will NOT have Eric Gagne', a reliever who set the All Time SUCKING Record by blowing 2 Games to The Orioles in one weekend, serving up "Meatballs", causing for a Hostile Crowd at Professor Thom's in The East Village. That was after he was traded & was supposed to be the Setup guy to end all setup men.

Speaking of Thom's, One of The Owners has returned. Jim Mc Guire has returned with Full Handlebar Moustache. Feck The Feckin' Riviera, Dudes & Dudettes!

Meanwhile, JEFFY & his Mutts are in Port St Lucie, & One Wonders about how few games will be won by them. How Long before a Citi Field Boycott, where Mets Fans run Jeffy & Company out on a rail, Civil War Style;

The Yankees of 27 World Championships, in a Bandbox rivaling Ebbets Field & all the High Views of Shea Stadium? Feck The Feckin' Yankees;

Can Joe Buck & Tim Mc Cavah be far behind? I think They're on "The Riviera List", that's all I know;

The Pez Report-Start Of Baseball

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WBZ Red Sox Alert: JD Drew reveals he had shoulder surgery in the off-season. Visit for updates.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3) Spring Snapshot: Red Sox hope changes set up success (Yahoo! Sports)
*New jokes daily! Reply LOL
MLB Boston Red Sox
1) Boone ends 12-year career in majors, joins ESPN (AP)
2) Photo: When it comes to workouts, Dice-K is feeling no pain (Yahoo!
WBZ Red Sox Alert: Dan Roche reports Sox don?t expect to trade Mike Lowell. Visit for updates.

Red Sox Fans From "Professor Thom's" As Actors

Background Actors(Extras)
Alice From B.L.O.H.A.R.D.S(Law & Order)
John Quinn(Trivia Master, in Law & Order)

Actor With Lines
Me, Also Known as The Big Giant Pez, in the following productions;
Web Series called "Peripheral City", as Piotr Rebeldya(Serbian);
Klaus The Senior Doorman in "Fallen";
Now to portray a greedy Hotel Owner in a short film called "Hotel";

One can say that this Red Sox Themed Pub, is a proverbial Central Casting;

On With "The Show" This Is It;

The Pez Report

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Monday, February 22, 2010

You Can Just IMAGINE This On Game Day Or Night Especially During Yankees Series

1 of 3
FRM:T-Alerts Notification
SUBJ:Green Line Alert
MSG:Green Line experiencing 15-20 min delays due to a disabled train at Kenmore Square
(Con't) 2 of 3
Station.A¿A¿ 2/22/2010 9:17 PM
Sent: 2/22/2010 9:20 PM

Do not reply to this email, this is an outgoing message only. To
(Con't) 3 of 3
go to:

As The B, C & D Green Line stops at Kenmore, what a bad jam this could be. Fans could get a wee bit(or more)hostile, taking it out on Youk or Papi, or even Paps.

Let's just say, that it would be the equivalent of what happens after a Yankees Loss, as those fans file towards the IRT Lexington-Woodlawn Line or IND 6th Avenue Line or Metro North Lines;

It's not going to be nice;

The Pez Report-"T" Green Line Edition

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Base Of Operations & Good News

Funny Thing About The Apple Store At West 14th Street and 9th Avenue:
This is the store where I have received two acting callups;
One was for the part of Senior Doorman Klaus in the short film, "Fallen" and now for a role of a sleazy hotel owner in a film, being produced at Columbia University;
The Apple Store seems to be my base of operations.
The Pez Report


The Ordinary Mass Rite When Done Right Is Solemn & Beautiful

In Regards To Great Liturgy In The Ordinary Rite Of The Catholic Mass:
Liturgies with Banal Hymns(Haugen, Haas, Etcetera), do not inspire me, nor put me in a Good Mood for the rest of the week. Catholic Liturgies, where Guitars are strummed to banal hymns and Camp Songs, put me in a rather unhappy mood for the forthcoming week;
So, yesterday, I was at an Ordinary Rite Mass, derisively called the "Novus Ordo" Mass, where it was a Sheer, Reverential Performance of Solemnity and Beauty. The Kyrie was sung in Greek, all Psalms were sung in English, in Gregorian Chant Form, The Sanctus was sung in Latin as was The Agnus Dei and the Communion Antiphon was chanted in Latin. During Holy Communion, people either received in a queue or kneeling at the Altar Rail. The Tabernacle is located at the centre where it belongs.
Young Adults come to this Mass, as they seek Solemnity and Beauty. They come for the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. University Students are coming and are impressed with this style of Liturgy. I love coming to this style of Liturgy. Only Priests and a Deacon actually give out Holy Communion here. This Parish at 141 East 43 Street between Lexington and Third Avenue in Manhattan, called St. Agnes, is a Traditional Latin Mass Facility and it shows in their Offering of The Ordinary Rite Mass. There is actual Silence during the Reception of Holy Communion instead of a banal "Hymn" being sung, as it gives time to Post-Communion Prayer, often interrupted in many Parishes with Banal Music.
Yes, the Ordinary Rite of The Mass can be offered with this Solemnity and Beauty. It needs to be done more-often in Many Parishes. Cut out The Guitars!

The Pez Report-Catholic Edition


Another Couple Of Milestones

I Am About To Become SAG Eligible

If you have been reading this blog, you may know that I am in a high definition series called "Peripheral City", being filmed for a Web Network. I also appear in a short film, prooduced for Oak & Bucket Productions, called "Fallen", a modern day variation of the Russian Short Story called "Death Of A Government Clerk. I will be soon auditioning for a short thesis film called "Love Hotel", at Columbia University, this Sunday Afternoon, for the role of a sleazy hotel owner.
I have been sent SAG Papers which must be sent to SAG Union Square HQ by Friday of this week.
I am ready for this challenge. Pray for me and others in this profession.

The Pez Report


MLB New York Mets
1) Your Turn: Ask a question of the Mets' Jeff Francoeur (
2) Don't panic over Sheets' slow spring (Yahoo! Sports)

Other Worldly To This Worldly=Disasterous Consequences

As To WHY There Are So few Nuns(Click On Title For Background):
The moving from "Other-Worldly" to "Human Potentialism" has to do with all this, hence away from Faith to Secularism.
Without "The Rule Of The Order", being a Nun or Brother, is nothing more than another career move and not the calling it once was.
One wonders WHY there are Nuns involved in such "New Age" movements as Reiki, a Health Inducing Movement(Supposedly), founded by a Japanese Man whose Biography is unknown, who fasted for 21 Days on a Mountain, who allegedly saw "White Light." Of course what is not being taken into consideration is that one Dr Usui may have been "Seeing Stars" from Malnutrition or Starvation.
Sadly, how many Nuns do you even see or know TODAY? Probably next to none, if you are a Modern Catholic or Anglican. Those Orders which became entangled in Human Potential Movements, were reduced to a miniscule size of their former selves. Currently, few Catholic Schools have a Nun heading them, as those schools have passed on to Lay Principals.
One wonders WHY there is a dearth of vocations. When many of these Orders stopped obeying the Rule of their orders & becoming "This Worldly", those within these orders, especially the Postulants, found no reason to stay around. With the disappearing of The Postulants(Novices), combined with the teachings of Secular Humanist Psychiatrists being brought into this situation, being financed by the various enemies of the Catholic Church(Secular White Anglo Saxon Protestants Who Feared The Catholic Ascendency, as well as fearing those of other ethnicities), one feels as if generations of Vocations to Priesthood, Religious Life and Matrimony have been robbed by these "Human Potential Movements."
Time for these Orders to return to "The Rule", or go away, ENTIRELY.
The Pez Report-Catholic Edition


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yanks Want Their CBC, Eh

I Want My CBC
The 2010 and 2012 Olympic Coverage in Canada is being carried on the CTV consortium and not CBC, which is torquing off Americans near the Canadian Border, who tend to despise NBC's coverage, not noted for carrying all events live to the USA & prefer CBC's complete coverage.

NBC affiliates in the Canadian Border areas have seen their ratings spike due to CBC losing the TV rights and the inavailability of CTV on cable. Americans in those regions love objectivity, missing from Coverage on NBC Sports, which I find to be a "Shill-a-Thon", with objectivity missing from NBC Sports.

Come Back, CBC. Besides, on Podcasts of The National, I Miss Mr Mansbridge.

The Pez Report, Eh

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The Salesman Of Sin Was A Flop

On the First Sunday Of Lent:
Some Salesperson tries to get you to try his/her product. He or She only points out the benefits of the product & in coming in to invest with that product. He/She has a motive, whether it be profit, control or both:
In this case the salesman is Satan & he is trying to sell Jesus some fancy bill of goods, if Jesus follows and worships Satan;
Satan made a big mistake, treating Jesus as merely human, as The Christ who is God The Son, knows what Satan is all about, since Satan is Master of Deceit;
WHY would GOD bow before Satan? He Would NEVER do that, since Jesus Is All Good, why would Good Bow Before Evil? Granted, after 40 Days of Abstinence from all food and drink, the Human Jesus was hungry, but Jesus , as God did not fall for the snares of Satan;
There is a lesson in all of this for we humans to resist evil. Often, people want other people to adhere to orders which may not even be lawfully given orders, nor have any basis in law. Often, to get someone to obey that order, Deceit is often employed, with the hope that the subordinate doesn't fully understand the full meaning of what is being commanded. This is what Satan presumed with The Christ.
A Well-Formed Conscience, and a lot of prayer, will combat temptation. A guy who offers someone a couple of gallons of beer, is attempting to lure someone into a state of serious intoxication. While the beer can lead to some pleasure in small amounts, a lot of it can get one to become seriously-impaired in physical movements and judgement. One should always think about the consequences of one's actions.
Add some prayer and things will be better in the long run.

The Pez Report


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FRM:T-Alerts Notification
SUBJ:Green Line Alert
MSG:Green Line -E line is experiencing 15-20 minute delays due to an earlierA¿medical
(Con't) 2 of 3
emergency. 2/21/2010 3:21 PM
Sent: 2/21/2010 3:22 PM

Do not reply to this email, this is an outgoing message only. To
(Con't) 3 of 3
go to:

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Web Is Meant To Challenge The Mind(Please Click This Title)

"Peripheral City As Web Series"
As we all know, the World Wide Web is the "Next Frontier" in the gathering of information as well as for entertainment. Granted, much of what passes for entertainment is childish and poorly-done, but there are also the artistic short films made by students from New York Film Academy, where the plot lines cause for people to think about what they are viewing instead of merely reacting to what was viewed.
In our venture called "Peripheral City", we are not here to entertain those of the Lowest Common Denominator, but to arouse thought. So much of what is on the Major Television Networks appeals to the LCD group.
The World Wide Web doesn't have to be like an old UHF Station, where junk abounds in reruns, but of high, thought-provoking quality, very similar to Public Television or Independent Film Channel.
It is my experience with Roman Catholic Liturgy, finding in the trend toward more-Traditional means of Worship with the return of Gregorian Chant and the use of Latin in the Liturgy, that people are returning to Worship God on Sunday, being challenged by beauty of the Liturgical Experience as well as having to learn prayers in the ancient language of Latin. Most encouraging is the return of young adults, who do prefer a higher quality and are turned off by such "Music", as "Kumbaya" and "Michael Row The Boat Ashore."
To be successful in this series venture, we must challenge minds in order to entertain viewers. Mindlessness is not the series mission. This is about getting people to THINK and enjoying it. It can be done here and will be done here.


Corned Beef Is IRISH-WHAT?

It's Definitely NOT An Irish Dish On St. Patrick's Day:
Corned Beef is as Irish as Rye Bread, so in the words of a North Jersey Garbage Hauler named Mr. Soprano, you can "Fuggediboutit."
The Irish living in the tenements of the Lower East Side, got that corned beef from Jewish Butchers. Corned Beef is Brisket, a traditional Jewish meat dish, which, according to two Irish Lasses called Jacqueline and Kate, is NOT served on St. Patrick's Day across the Pond. The real Irish will have corned beef in the proper setting like Katz Delicatessen on the Lower East Side, with Rye Bread, Mustard and a soda or beer. Corned Beef is NOT served with Irish Soda Bread. The Yanks are such amateurs. In the Republic of Ireland, Ham or Boiled Bacon is served. In the North, Roast Beef is served.
If you must have corned beef, go to a good Jewish Deli because they do it right.

The Pez Report


D2Quick-BOTH Worth It

Interestingly Enough, but with Documents2 and Quickoffice, the iPod Touch and iPhone becomes as useful as carrying around a laptop, but this is so much lighter than lugging a laptop around. D2 is useful as is Quickoffice. D2 can be sent to Google Docs or email. Quickoffice reads Powerpoint & so does D2.
D2 saves in.txt format, which is a universal standard & has fewer bytes than .doc or .docx. D2 documents can be emailed or loaded to Google Docs.
D2 can be used to create voice documents, spreadsheets and text documents, along with photos. It is very useful in making one's iPhone/iPod Touch as functional as a laptop.
D2 is a paid application & worth every penny paid by users. Quickoffice is quite good as well.

The Pez Report



VOiP or "Voice Over Internet Protocol" is a great way to make a phone call. In fact, the signal comes in clearer over VOiP than over regular cell service. Using "Skype" is great as the signal is clear.
I like the fact that the iPod Touch can operate as backup phone, using VOiP, as this comes over the Internet. Welcome to the era of not being grounded to the world of the landline, in short we are all in the "Digital Age."

The Pez Report


Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 Years of Mac

Six Years Ago, I purchased an older reburbished PowerMacintosh G3 All In One, the computer said to be the precursor for the iMac. It was the Mac which taught me about the Mac system. The OS was Mac OS 9.2.2(Limelight Upgrade 1).
It was an education if only because Mac movements are different from Microsoft Windows Systems. One closes a browser from the left side & not the right side of the browser. There are fewer keystrokes in the Mac Systems. In Mac OS 9, there were only a few viruses. In Mac OS X, there are no viruses. In Windows, try 150K viruses.
Would I return to Windows? I doubt that so very much. The guy who plays the PC in the Mac commercials? Well, while he may represent a Bill Gates Type, he is a Mac Owner for the last 26 Years. And his "In The Past" podcast is very popular on iPhone/iPod Touch and probably will be on the Apple iPad. I currently own both an iPod Touch and G4 eMac, running Mac OS 10.5.6(Leopard) and wouldn't even consider returning back to Windows. Windows is not worth all the aggravation.

The Pez Report


MLB Boston Red Sox
1) Padres boss 'hopeful' team can keep Adrian Gonzalez (
2) American League spring storylines (Yahoo! Sports)
1 of 6
FRM:T-Alerts Notification
SUBJ:Green Line Alert
MSG:Amber Alert:The Massachusetts State Police are currently assisting the Swansea Police
(Con't) 2 of 6
Department in investigating the alleged abduction of a one-year-old girl shortly before 1 p.m. The car is a silver Ford Focus, with an
(Con't) 3 of 6
unknown Minnesota license plate. In the car may be a white female with brown hair and brown eyes, approximately 5'6a€¿ and 140 lbs. The
(Con't) 4 of 6
child may be wearing a pink coat with a white hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Anyone who sees this vehicle or these people is urged to call
(Con't) 5 of 6
911 or the Massachusetts State Police at 508-820-2121.
Sent: 2/18/2010 3:56 PM

Do not reply to this email, this is an outgo
MLB Boston Red Sox
1) Matsuzaka won't be ready for spring training (Yahoo! Sports)
2) Some players still desperately seek employment (Yahoo! Sports)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MLB New York Yankees
1) Some players still desperately seek employment (Yahoo! Sports)
2) Sabathia expects no letdown by Yankees (AP)
MLB Boston Red Sox
1) Matsuzaka won't be ready for spring training (Yahoo! Sports)
2) Some players still desperately seek employment (Yahoo! Sports)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Assorted Hi Faluting Blowholes Who Expect To Be Covered Up For

It is strange but I have always thought that doing what is Good and Proper, is the way to go in life.
Under the New York State Criminal Procedure Law, being a New York City Special Patrolman, appointed by the Police Commissioner pursuant to NYC Administrative Code 14-106(e) in June, 1988, and certified in July, 1991 by New York State, I had carried out my duties to the fullest extent the Law would allow, as a Peace Officer, pursuant to NY State Criminal Procedure Law Sections 2.10 & 2.20.
Discussing this on NY1 on cable television in regards to enforcing vending laws, this infuriated some boss whose name begins with the letter M, who told those being appointed as Special Patrolmen, that it only applies to issuing a certain civil summons, though the laws said otherwise. The man named M, did not like being contradicted, and got a boss named Joe to do his dirty work to drive home the point that only his story is officially procedure. The guy never read any of the laws pertaining to peace officer status but had someone harassed for several years instead.
I am not surprised anymore. Truth may not get you places in Government. Sad!


The FT(Knights Of Columbus), NOT "The OC"(Historical Look)

K of C 5103 FT XVIII
Monsignor Sherman Council Knights of Columbus #5103 in East Glendale, Queens, has run a Free Throw Basketball Contest since MCMXCII(1992) in the Forest Hills & Glendale Areas of Queens, with contests in Ozone Park, Middle Village, Elmhurst & a special contest operation in Cypress Hills, in Brooklyn. The NYPD Precincts of Occurrnce for the contests are as follows:
104 Precinct area was home to FT's I, II, III, IV & V, VII, VIII & XI;
110 Precinct Area was home to FT XII @ St. Adalbert's, a Polish Franciscan Parish;
102 Precinct Area was home to FT IX and FT X, both at St. Mary Gate Of Heaven;
The Joint Venture with Long Island Council 197 at Blessed Sacrament Hall on Pine Street, from whence 5103's NY State Champion, Keandra Leong came from, occured in the confines of the 75 Precinct. Both Past Grand Knights of 5103, Vin Femenella and Mike Leggett, hail from that neighborhood(FT XIII).
112 Precinct Area has been hosted at PS 101Q in Forest Hills Gardens, for FT's VI, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, and now XVIII. Our Lady Of Mercy Recreation has played host at PS 101Q over these 6 Hostings.
Where Monsignor Sherman Council had a finalist in The NY State Council Competition, these are the contests these finalists came from:
Teresa Mc Cloud(10 Girls), FT IV at Resurrection Ascension (104 Precint Area) on Saturday, 01/07/1995. Her Home Parish was Holy Child Jesus at the time in 102 Precinct Area;
Keandra Leong(11 Girls), FT XIII, at Blessed Sacrament Hall on Pine Street in Cypress Hills, in the confines of the 75 Precinct in Northeastern Brooklyn. Her home parish is Our Lady Of Mercy-Forest Hills, Queens in 112 Precinct Confines(NY State Championship Winner);
A 14 Year Old from St. Margaret's Middle Village in High School, living in 104 Precinct confines, went to NY State Finals from FT XVII(PS 101Q);

Only Queens County Champion from 5103 ever to win the Queens County Championship, while residing in another county is Adele Reyes as 13 Girls Champion in 1998. She resided in Cypress Hills in the confines of the 75 Precinct. Adele is the ONLY 5103 Queens County Champion ever to win a Queens County Championship in her home parish facility when she won the QC Championship at Monsignor Mulz Hall, the Parish Gymnasium of St. Thomas Apostle in Woodhaven on Monday, 03/02/1998.

The 1994 12 Girls Queens County Champion, Jamie Jones, has an Aunt who won the Downstate Championship in 1980, namely Karen Fleming. Karen's Sister is Jamie's Mom. Karen represented St. Sylvester Council 6194 while Jamie represented 5103. Past Grand Knight of 5103, Michael Leggett chaired both Free Throw Contests in both Brooklyn and Queens. This is the ONLY case where there was two generations of the same family who held Championship Status for the same Contest Chairman in two different jurisdictions.

The Pez Free Throw Report on Shrove Tuesday, 02/16/10


Stereotypical? Yeah, Right!

I find stereotypes to often be the opposite of what they're alleged to be. If one was to believe about the English "Stiff Upper Lip", then why are the biggest soccer hooligans English?
The Irish NEVER say "Top O' The Morning" and are not in perpetual enmity with the British. Only those of Irish Descent in NYC and South Boston are in this mindset. Many Irish from across the pond ask their cousins in America "Why do you consume a NY Jewish Deli favorite on St. Patrick's Day", and to this day I wonder myself, hence I often seek out having roast beef, ham or other things other than corned beef unless it is in a good Jewish Deli. Corned Beef is merely brisket. And not all Irish love the IRA, as they aren't romantic heroes. Some have told me that the IRA are Mafia types("We do know about your Mr Gotti", was told to me in County Roscommon).
I think stereotypes go way too far.

The Pez Report


Monday, February 15, 2010


Using the iPod Touch as a document creator is interesting in that this device is lighter than a Palm PDA & has more functionality like a Notebook or Desktop, than the Palm PDA does. The iPad will be similar and larger and will allow for iWork to operate within that device. It is an All In One Tablet Style computer.

From what I could see of the Windows Style Tablet Computers, they are Notebook Style Computers which will be rather expensive and heavier than what Apple will be selling. While the iPad will be 1 Pound in weight, Windows Tablets will be considerably heavier. The iPad will actually be lighter than the Newton MessagePad, really the 1st Tablet Style Computer. Apple leads and Microsoft follows, as is usually the case.

The Pez Report


Office In Your Pocket

For iPhone/iPod Touch users, you can be just as productive away from desktop/notebook, with apps able to read, create and edit MS Office Documents & in the case of Powerpoint, reading a document from Powerpoint.

Quickoffice is that application, reading MS Word and Excel as well as writing in those formats & reads Powerpoint. It also reads other formats quite well.

With this application, your iPhone or iPod Touch becomes your mobile office, without needing to carry a Notebook.

And you can send the report direct from either device without needing extra wires or cables. Your office is as near as a pocket.

The Pez Report


Microsoft Is Not Necessarily "The Dark Side"

The Mac User who uses Microsoft Office is NOT a traitor but one who either was a Windows User or a Day One Mac User.

In fact, a Mac user with Microsoft Office Experience does see the difference in the styles of the two versions. MS Office 2007:Windows looked like MS Office:Mac 2004. Then again, MS Office was 1st introduced on Mac and not Windows. For you see, Microsoft has an intense Mac History as well as its' history in Windows. Watch MS Office:Windows 2010 mimicry MS Office 2008:Mac. Having used both Windows & Mac versions of MS Office, whatever is seen as new on the Windows side, has already been run on the Mac side.

Microsoft is as much a part of the Mac footprint as well as Windows, but I prefer lower cost alternatives, which get the job done just as well as MS Office. iWork '08 gets it done for me at $80, so WHY should I pay between $150 & $400 for a productivity suite. There is even Neo Office for free, which as one application, pays tribute to that venerable application of multiple uses, Appleworks 6.

You can save that MS Office money for something more valuable. And you will still be productive, without spending half the GNP of Micronesia. And you'll thank those of us who use alternatives, which are just as useful.

The Pez Report


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mo' Mac

The iPad will have a version of iWork Pages, Numbers and Keynote on it as apps. With that, one can operate as if one has a Notebook Computer, only lighter and very compact.

The iPod Touch, using Quicknote & Documents2, operates almost like a laptop, though it needs WiFi to go onto the Web.

Over on Mac, for Panther, Tiger, Leopard & Snow Leopard Users, you have a free option for an office suite, based on Open Office , called Neo Office. Like water, it's free, with word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and drawing functions & fits in with Mac. You may even see Appleworks in this tight integration. MS Office Documents+WordPerfect and Open Office and Palm Documents are opened with this suite.

Freebie Time!

The Pez Report


On Saint Valentine's Day, A Conversation With An Irish Born Lass

On this Sunday, I was headed to Mass at St. Agnes at East 43 Street, between Lexington & 3rd Avenues in Midtown Manhattan. I got into a conversation with an Irish Born Woman called Jackie, from Dublin. It was an interesting conversation:

The Irish do not have Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick's Day in either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. In the Republic, it's Ham or Boiled Bacon being served. In the North, Roast Beef is the dish. As Jackie told me, corned beef and cabbage is from New York Jewish Origin. And if I want corned beef, I will enjoy it in a good Jewish Deli, on rye bread with mustard with Dr. Brown's Cream or Cel-Ray Soda, complete with either Cole Slaw or Dill Pickle, at Katz Delicatessen on the Lower East Side or in Queens at Ben's Best on Queens Blvd in Rego Park. Jackie said that the 1st time she had corned beef was here in NYC about 20 years ago. "Top O' The Morning" is also never said in Ireland. Many Irish are not fond of driving in Ireland, especially with right side wheel-left side of road.

I then departed from the M15 Bus at 2nd Avenue and East 42 Street. Jackie asked me to keep her in my prayers, which I did at Mass, offered with Gregorian Chant in the Ordinary Rite. I hope to see Jackie again.

The Pez Report


Saturday, February 13, 2010

MLB Boston Red Sox
1) Lincecum asks for $13 million in arbitration (AP)
2) Offerman banned for life from DomRep league (AP)
*Like Movies? Reply FLICK
MLB New York Yankees
1) Spring forward: Baseball camps to open (AP)
2) Yankee doodling leaves Jeter, Rivera hanging (Yahoo! Sports)

With Baseball On The Cusp

To All Red Sox Nation, wherever you may be & NY Mets Fans, the TWO Groups of Fans who DESPISE The NY Yankees the Most, just click on the title, for you will see the ULTIMATE Destruction:

The site under demolition is actually the Prior Yankee Stadium, known as Yankee Stadium II. WHY do I call it Yankee Stadium II? WHERE did the Yankees play in 1974 & 1975? In reality, there was no continuous Yankee Stadium from 1923 to 2008. The 1st Yankee Stadium only existed from April, 1923 until September 30th, 1973. Then Yankee Stadium II opened in April, 1976 & actually closed in February, 2009 when the Team Offices moved across the street into Yankee Stadium III. But the last ever Yankee Stadium II Game was in September, 2008;

The Drama Queens at ESPN televised the last ever game from Yankee Stadium II. While it was NOT the same stadium as the one which opened in 1923, Media Types treated it as one continuous site, despite the fact that two different stadiums operated at West 161st Street & River Avenue;

In fact, Shea Stadium operated continuously from April of 1964 until the end of September of 2008, seeing more use(& in the case of 1975, serving as home field for The Mets, Yankees, NY Jets & NY Giants) in its' time than Yankee Stadium II ever did. Except for NY Cosmos North American Soccer League Regular Season Games in 1976 & Three NY Jets Exhibition Games(1 With The NY Giants who once called Yankee Stadium I Home). Yankee Stadium II did serve as a House of Worship, as the Site of Two Papal Masses(1979 & 2008) as well as for a gathering of Religious Leaders in regards to mourning those who perished at the World Trade Center on 09/11/01. But Yankee Stadium II was noted for being a Baseball Home almost exclusively, whereas Shea Stadium saw action with The Mets from Start to finish, The Yankees in 1974 & 1975 as well as for 1 Home Game in 1998(Jeter was in the 1998 Home Game of an Historic Day Night Two League Doubleheader, played in the same stadium, with one game including the Designated Hitter & One Game without the DH), The NY J-E-T-S, Jets from September 1964 until December of 1983 & the NY Giants from October, 1975 until December of 1975. The NY Cosmos North American Soccer League Playoff Game with Washington was played before 25K at Shea Stadium in August, 1976. The American Soccer League NY United(Apollos) played their 1980 Season at Shea Stadium. At Shea on October 3rd, 1979, His Holiness Pope John Paul II was hosted at Shea Stadium by The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn. He came in through the Shea Centerfield Fence, passing through what currently is Citi Field, when it was Shea's Parking Lot;

Shea Stadium saw more action in its' continuous time than Yankee Stadium II ever did. Shea was voted on MTV as the favorite concert location of all time. It got more use than Yankee Stadium II ever did. There were two different architects for Yankee Stadium I & II. In fact, Stadium II had the same architect firm as did Shea Stadium;

The ONLY thing OLD about Yankee Stadium II was its' outer shell, as everything inside of it was a new stadium, which operated from 1976 until 2008 as an arena. Shea was continuous, whereas Yankee Stadium I & II were not continuous;

Shea Stadium hosted 45 Seasons of MLB-NL & 2 Seasons + 1 other Game of MLB-AL. It Hosted 6 Seasons of AFL Football, 14 Seasons of NFL(AFC) & 1 Season of NFL(NFC). It hosted 1 NASL Playoff Game & 1 Full Season of ASL. It hosted Rock Concerts & other Things. Shea Stadium was OLDER & More-Used Than Stadium II;

Yankee Stadium-1923 to 2008? Surely The Yankees & Major League Baseball do jest, for the site is NOT CONTINUOUS;

The Pez Report

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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Pretenders AKA "Slackers"

In regards to my commentary about Slackers, I have no regrets about those comments. Lead Slackers have contempt for those who innovate and carry duty to the fullest sense of that duty.
Lead Slackers feel threatened by people who know what their duties are. These High-End Slackers like an easy way out, fraught with more complexity than what is called for.
A businessperson is engaged in the Unlawful Sale of Counterfeit Goods. NY State Penal Law Sections 165.71 & 165.72 calls for an arrest and seizure of the goods. The expert knows this and is prepared to perform the lawful arrest. However, he is hindered by a Slacker Superior, who concocts a story that the expert must follow a procedure, explicitly designed to bring ridicule upon the expert, under the method of "Time Management & Efficiency."
In this case, an Environmental Control Board Summons was instead ordered written by the Slacker, so as to impress other slackers in the upper echelon, who never really cared or not they were Peace Officers. They preferred an "Easy Way Out", which in many cases, was more-difficult and led to the cases being dismissed. In the case of the expert, the summons was dismissed, so to give the Slacker a chance to boast about making his expert look bad, so Slacker can receive his tribute from Higher Level Slackers, who fear the raising of performance standards, preferring the safety of the status quo, even unto the point of stifling those of talent through systemic, tactical harassment.
The procedure was a waste of time as the respondent was not fined, got his goods returned to as if nothing occurred. Plus the Slacker received a few choice assignments for his being a "Team Player." That team may as well have been the 1919 Chicago White Sox, because of the slacking, being passed off as Excellence.
This group's agents lost their collective Peace Officer Status in 2004, as the last arrest took place on Saturday, November 25th, 1995.
Strange, but one of the biggest slackers going, cried the loudest about the revocation of the status. The jerk conveniently forgot that a few of his actions, played a MAJOR role in this revocation. His favorite expression is "Go with the flow", which in this guy's case, means the Gowanus Canal & Newtown Creek, as both bodies of water are polluted and if one were to drop a match in either body of water, it would cause for an explosive situation from all that neglect.
What a Hypocrite!

The Pez Report


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Assorted "Putzes" In Law

One wonders if certain individuals have ever read the New York State Criminal Procedure Law, to determine whether or not a person is a Peace Officer as defined in that law, defined by Section 2.10.
 Sadly, the great interpreters are a pack of "Professional Slackers", who couldn't spell "Suck" without a dictionary. The "Great Interpreters" line is mentioned in a sarcastic way, because these type of people have standards, which are as high as a second sub-basement.
These people, heretofore called "Slackers", for their ability to make chocolate cinnamon ice cream using skim milk and other low rent ingredients, would order something done in the pretense of pretending to be productive, when they are as productive as getting blood from a turnip. Instead of following the plain written instruction of the law in question, they follow a "Tradition" of ignorance of what is written & go with what is convenient, which is rather idiotic because of laziness. They treat with utter contempt, any person who knows what one is talking about & prefer an "Easy As A Caveman" approach to their tactics.
The Department of Torpor & Indolence follows the word out of the sense that the peons deserve to be pissed on & told that it is raining. These aren't the kind of people who you call for backup. They would think you didn't try to back off from a confrontation, especially with a political hotshot. It is often about maintaining, supposedly, an image where all is "Good", while hiding any corrupt deals which might be occurring, perhaps with regularity. Sometimes the odious words "You don't understand that person's culture", will be used so certain officials can make odious deals, including an invite to.a party or ball game.
Idiots! Watch out for appearing in someone's "Little Black Book", as that's where the trouble begins.

 The Pez Report


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On The Meaning Of Corruption Of A Covert Nature

I'll always be fascinated by those in power, who are so fascinated with "Glasnost", which is Russian for Publicity. They prefer blazing the faults of a Disabled Veteran Street Vendor across the print, video & audio media, to actually fulfilling their lawfully- mandated mission. Agencies with considerable "Power of Life & Death(I. E.: Licensing)", have a certain "Culture of Corruption", which, by & large, is Covert in nature.

Misinterpreting, for instance, The New York State Criminal Procedure Law in regards to interpretation of the statutes regarding the designation of certain persons as Peace Officers. In some agency within New York City(Shalt I Call Said Agency, The Department of Torpor and Indolence-LOL), the interpretation, against the plain meaning of what is actually written in the law, which in New York State Criminal Procedure Law Section 2.10, Paragraph 27, which states that New York City Special Patrolman, appointed by The Police Commissioner, pursuant to NYC Administrative Code 14-106(c or e) are Peace Officers, certain said sworn officers give the weirdest interpretation of the statute ever known to Humankind.

The powers of a Peace Officer are an immense responsibility, so one had better not be engaged in any criminal activity at any time. One wonders if certain appointed persons were actually worthy of the Oaths they took to uphold the law. Either they go according to traditional(Though Wrong) interpretations in order to be "One of The Boys", or if they follow the true law as written, the treatment of one as if an outlaw, will follow swiftly.

When a strange interpretation such as "So as to issue an ECB Summons" is the singularly most inane interpretation of the statute I have ever heard of and witnessed to, consider the Enforcement Agents of the New York City Department of Sanitation, who issue Environmental Control Board Summonses, without Peace Officer Status under the New York City Administrative Code. If all one is doing is issuing a certain civil process, then the designation of Peace Officer may not be needed or warranted, unless these summonses involve the impounding of certain articles, such as dry goods and fruits, vegetables, fresh cut flowers & vehicles. By ignoring that certain other, but most-significant power, that of performing a LAWFUL Arrest, causes me to wonder WHY there was even a designation of persons as Peace Officers, when certain higher persons are & were unworthy of said designation, preferring convenient Political Action to the Just Administration of Law.

Now under the Rules and Regulations as promulgated by the Police Commissioner, those persons appointed as Special Patrolman shall cooperate with the NYPD in performance of duty. In the case of a detail in the 41st Precinct in the South Bronx(Remember Fort Apache- The Bronx), in Hunts' Point, a detail was sent there to clean up certain conditions in the area. The Team was given a broad mandate to enforce the law. Unfortunately the Team Leader, whose Intellectual Processes currently lie in his Bowels, had his Second In Command issue ECB Summonses. The Second In Command, One who actually knew how to interpret and apply sections of the NYC Administrative Code, fulfilled his duties by both the issuance of other NYC Administrative Code Provisions and his understanding of the Laws being applied to the situation. Unfortunately, the Team Leader, who would need a dictionary in order to spell the word "Suck", was worried about the Second In Command having the ability to enforce laws under a NYPD Mandate, so he went out of his way to intimidate the Second In Command by running to Brass downtown that the Second In Command is stepping out of his jurisdictional purview, despite what established law and procedure said. In short, the Team Leader ran to those who like him, feared what the full fulfillment of the law is like and sought, actively, to limit eveerything to one section of law, which in essence, killed the project, all because "The Team Players"(Mindless Sycophants) fear what doing the real job is about, hence placing limitations on certain knowledgeable individuals, in order to protect certain arrangements which certain people have & don not wish to have revealed.

Was Someone's Steak Dinner at Homestead interrupted? Is Someone afraid of Being Exposed For Illicit Deeds Done?

As my good friend Fitzy would say, "GFY", it doesn't mean Good For You.

The Pez Report From The West Chelsea Apple Store on 02/09/2010



As to the tactical decision of the New York City Department Of Education to have a firm in Florida take care of computer repair and networking, I must ask this all-important question:

If these computers were all Mac OS X variety or even OS 9.2.2, then the much lower costs for support are justified. But, if the great majority is Microsoft Windows Set of Networks, it will be Chaos City, as Windows requires so much more technical support.

How many headaches if this is an all Windows Network? 

The Pez Report


More Mobile

I used to use Palm m130 and Palm T/X for my mobile computing needs. Today, both devices seem like mere toys by comparison to today's iPhone, Pad and iPod Touch, which can operate as standalone devices. At one time the T-Mobile Sidekick was my mobile device, developed by someone who worked in design for Apple. Then again, having become so Mac Oriented, the iPod Touch is my device of using choice. With the IPad, I may obtain that to replace my eMac, as a home and mobile device. Then again, it may just be the iPhone, as my mobile device. I like my Macs to be nice and light. With a Pad, both wifi and 3G, allows me to operate with service anywhere, which will relegate the eMac to an editing machine. It will also save money.

 The Pez Report


Monday, February 08, 2010

The Short Films Have Greater Meaning

A Flick With Meaning

I, being in a short flick, produced by
Edward Ryan and Stephen Hupp, watched a short flick of almost 11 Minutes length on YouTube. It's called "One Night Stand or When You Think It Is Over, It's Not."

A young woman is going through worries, caused by Biological problems. She purchases a gun with the intent of killing herself. But there are a number of interruptions & the news that she is pregnant. In her joy, it appears that she either shot herself in the leg or foot & returned the gun to the store where she bought it.

I like these small films because they often tell more of a story than these megaproductions one pays good money for. They have an artistic quality to them.

I did like the background music from the accordion, giving the film a European, particularly French Flavor. Perhaps, it may be time to examine these short films as entertainment with meaning.

Edward Ryan & Stephen Hupp have produced a short film called "Deborah Cooper", which I think bears some mention as a nice film where body movements and gestures tell the whole story. There are more productions on the way from this New Jersey Born and Raised Duo. "Deborah Cooper" is online now, as is a TV Reality Pilot called "Park Wars". "Fallen", a 10 minute film, produced by Ed and Steve, is directed by Eldar Kaprov & tells the story of a young insecure doorman. It will be online soon. It'll also be my debut in a film, as I play a German Born Doorman, who has been doing the job for awhile.

The short film, I believe, may be the wave of the future. Watch them @ you will see why.

Amanda Cole, a film producer of thought and substance, resumes production with her epic web series, "Peripheral City", a complex series, set in a soup kitchen. It is a black comedy with meaning. I'm also cast in the series. Amanda will prove that the web is not merely the place where silliness occurs, but will also bring serious work to the web, like Ed Ryan and Steve Hupp are doing.

First it was siilent cinema, then radio then the tallkies, then television, & now the Web, as information and entertainment and now a place of artistic endeavors.

The Pez Report


Parliament Of Whores II

In regards to corrupt characters being caught & punished for their actions, the television shows and films only tend to show the Overtly Corrupt People, who really go all out for their bribes and other emoluents. Rarely is shown the ones who are "Whores" for Political Favors & other gratuities.

In Local Government, a "Parliament Of Whores" so entrenched, covering for the local "Poverty Pimp-Political Leader", is commonplace. "He can do us favors", after that Political Leader committed a felony & 2 misdemeanors, often a Violent Felony included, is the excuse invented by a team leader, so as to enrich him(her)self with favors granted by that Political Leader, who more often than not, belongs in the same place as Bernie Madoff. That Team Leader should join in being in the same place, holding Bernie.

Overt Corruption may be stamped out for a time, but Covert Corruption marches onward.

The Pez Report


Suffering & Triumph-New Orleans

From Intense Suffering to Triumph

For "The Big Easy", as New Orleans is nicknamed, saw utter destruction from Hurricane Katrina, with a populace which experienced no joy, yet there was hope.

The Saints were nomads in 2005, even unto playing a "Home" Game in East Rutherford, NJ.

In this case, the 1st Time Saints, under Sean Payton, took down the Colts in Miami, 31-17. It feels like SB III, Jets-Colts all over again.

From The Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, "And Where There's Sadness, Ever Joy", as both a City like New Orleans & her fans, have gone from Despair to Hope and Triumph, not only on the field of play, but in Spirit as well.

As Major League Baseball looms, for the Red Sox, the Spirit was enkindled after 86 Years, in 2004 & again in 2007. For often long waits, which are penances to awaken one's soul, cause the triumph to be so much-sweeter.

Pax Vobiscum!

The Pez Report-SB XLIV Special Commentary

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Documents2-That Great iPhone-iPod Touch Application

That one can upload a document to Google, is a Great Feature of  
Documents2, the iPhone-iPod Touch application, a low cost app
which is so very valuable. That this iPod Touch is such a great little
computer, shows that the ideas of Jef Raskin are living on in these
devices, which can be true standalone appliances.

The Pez Report


Sunday, February 07, 2010

With the NO Saints Triumph over Indianapolis, 31 17, it is back to Baseball. Good Night from The Pez Report

Here & Then

Ten Years Ago, I liked Earthlink, AOL and Windows 98SE. I thought Mac was only for the creative set. Fast forward to this point, it makes me wonder just what I was smoking, as I am a Mac User, from OS 9 to the current OS 10.5.6(Leopard).
It started with a G3 PowerMacintosh All In One, the precursor to the iMac, running on Mac OS 9.2.2(Limelight U1), until now. The software is of higher quality on the Mac Side. Currently on a G4 eMac, with 1Ghz processor, running on Leopard, I can't complain. It makes me think that all that hype about Windows 95 & Windows 98 is just that-Hype. And today, you can forget about me ever using Windows VII at home.
Good is Good. Hype isn't the same as good.

The Pez Report At Apple East 59 Street


NO Did It-Peyton? Go HOME

Peyton Manning? Go Home for "The Saints Came Marching In" at 31-17 The Final, New Orleans over Indianapolis.

Go Home! & Take Those Fans Who Sold Their AFC Championship Tickets With You!

The Pez Report SB XLIV Edition


Software Cheap & Great

To all those wonderfully-creative types who love using a Mac to do your serious writing, but don't want to spend the equivalent of a night out at a fancy steakhouse like Peter Luger's in Very-Tony Williamsburgh in Brooklyn, I do have a word processing solution which uses little memory, as well as costing you little:

For a commercial solution, there is that wonderful little, but powerful word processor called Mariner Write, which does both headers and footnotes & is $49.99 plus tax. It is nice, light and doesn't use much memory at all. No need to worry about spinning colored beachballs with this application.

For an open source freebie which does the same thing, I wholeheartedly recommend iText Express to do your heavy lifting. It works with the Cocoa framework of Mac OS X and does nicely.

There you go- a couple of great bargains!

The Pez Report at Apple Store-East 59th Street.


And Now

Perhaps, now that I am in the Media Creation Business(ie, The web, film and television), I may have found my calling.
After appearing on "America's Talking", the precursor to MSNBC, in a thing in regards to Underage Smoking Enforcement, followed by explaining the NYC Vendor Laws on NY 1, I felt comfortable in front of the camera in productions.
It took my prior law enforcement training to get me ready for the acting profession, which is more fun anyway.

The Pez Report-Apple Store At East 59th Street


The 5th Sunday After Epiphany In The Ordinary Time

For Today in the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time or 5th Sunday After Epiphany, is both the Story Of Grace and The Call To Priesthood, as well as to the Recognition of One's Own Sinfulness.

Simon Peter(Cephas) was a Fisherman, as were James & John, Sons of Zebedee. James and Simon Peter were partners in the fishing business, along with John. John was absent while James and Simon Peter were fishing all night, catching no fish. Then John told the two fishermen about seeing Jesus The Carpenter, who knew a great place where Simon Peter and James could catch a whole lot of fish. Simon Peter, being a bit cocky, reluctantly agreed to do this, after all, what does a carpenter know about fishing.

So Jesus comes aboard the fishing boat, tells Simon Peter and James to cast the nets into the deep. Suddenly, there's so much fish that Simon Peter and James need backup boats to help haul in the huge catch of fish. Simon Peter falls on his knees to The Christ, recognizing his own sinfulness. For Simon Peter, James and John decided to follow Jesus from that time onward, becoming "Fishers Of Men."

One learns of The Prophet Isiah, in the Presence of Angels, being in sorrow for his sins, & is cleansed of his sins, by an Angel, who held a hot tong to his lips and cleansed him of his unclean lips. When The Lord sought out someone to carry His Message, Isiah cried aloud "Here I Am, Lord".

Now in the case of St. Paul The Apostle, He was a zealous Jewish Man who defended the Jewish Faith of his forefathers, unto the point of the Persecution of Christians, until his encounter with The Christ on The Road to Damascus, which brought forth Saul The Persecutor as Paul The Apostle, He whose Writings, called "Epistles" tell the story of The Church and of Christ, not only to the Jews, but to the Gentiles as well, for Jesus told the Apostles to "Go Forth and Make Disciples of All Nations", which Paul, who calls himself the least of The Appstles because he was the greatest persecutor of The Church, truly went forth to the Nations of the then-understood world.

For all of these men were weak, but became strong in The Christ, through The Holy Spirit. God can choose anybody for His Work, including you and me.

Pax Vobiscum!

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To Those Young People Into The Acting Profession

To all the young ladies and men who have studied Drama, Theater and Film, my hat is tipped to you. You go through training and study, but have you really lived life?
As many of the readers know, I spent many years in Law Enforcement, having Police Powers without a gun, exercising that authority to the fullest. Having seen so many kinds of people, gave me the training to do what I do on camera. Even that time when I had to give an explanation of Vendors Laws, was preparation for what I do today, especially on NY1 on Time Warner Cable, as that was my premiere performance in front of the camera.
Life is a great form of education. To the young people, go live that dream.
As for listening to the Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel for the 5th Sunday after Epiphany, in that I have come into the Acting Craft and Profession, one can get a call to a new vocation at any time. Thank You, Dear Lord. I hate pushing some poor struggler around while being ordered to protect some lowlife hotshot for someone's personal gain.

Deo Gratias!

The Pez Report-SoHo Edition


Figured It Out, Mac Style

It took me awhile but due to the intuitive styles of both Bean & iText Express, I finally am able to use my rather-powerful Word Processors. I’ve had that problem since I 1st fired up MS Office Word on Windows 95 & 98SE as well as XP.
The Novel, now that formatting has been figured out, will proceed onward, via iWork ‘08 Pages. It took the relative Ease Of Use of Bean & iText Express to figure out how to do things correctly.
Score One for The Mac Side of The Ledger.

The Pez Report


I'll Be Rather-Pleased When SB XLIV Ends While I Have BETTER Things To Do Such As Inspiring CATHOLIC Liturgy

I do remember WHEN Catholic Liturgy was SOLEMN in the 1960s in Brooklyn. Yes, it was in Latin. Whenever I have the occasion of being at a Spanish-Speaking Liturgy, Memories of the Latin Mass are present:

Today is that Most-Secular Day Of "Worship & Adoration", where Men, going through a 1 Day Period Of Adolescence, spend time around the Electronic Altar called the Television, with an Adult Beverage in hand as well as snacks, as their "Communion" with a Game, said to emulate that ancient Roman Game of "Harpaston";

And, Once Again, I will be at an Ordinary Rite Of Catholic Mass, where The Faithful will have the Option of Standing In A Queue For Reception Of The Body Of Christ, as well as for Kneeling to Receive The Body Of Christ at The Altar Rail, along with singing in Plainsong, some of it in Latin, though the "Kyrie" is sung in Greek. Even the Vernacular(English) is sung in Gregorian Chant. The "Agnus Dei" & Communion Antiphon are chanted in Latin. Last Sunday, the words "Pax Dominum Sit Semper Vobiscum" was chanted by The Priest, to which The Faithful responded with "Et Cum Spiritu Tuo." For One should understand that even in this Ordinary Rite Rendition of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass in The Latin Rite Of The Church, Catholic & Apostolic, That Liturgy can be rendered with Beauty, Solemnity & Dignity. This is helping to bring the Young People back to Mass. Guitar(Folk) Masses just WON'T Do It;

& The National Football League can play on without me, with their Secular Celebration;

The Pez Report-East 43rd Street Edition

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Anthem On Lansdowne Street

The National Anthem is not sung live at Fenway Park. According to someone I met in SoHo, that due to the ballpark acoustics, the Anthem is recorded & Lip-Synced;

The Pez Report-SoHo Edition


Goin' Mobile

Remember when the iPod was only a music player? It was at a time when Palm and Pocket PC were the big platforms. But here comes Apple with OS X &, voilà, we have a telephone which like Palm and Pocket PC, can be a mobile office. Then a new version of iPhone called iPod Touch, which is like the iPhone but no camera and and no native phone ability, though with VOiP capabilities through Skype, it becomes a backup mobile phone as well as great mobile computer.

Just think that you once needed a desktop or notebook computer to do all of this. There was the Apple Newton, and this is inspired by that Apple Newton. Now if Apple would permit a software workaround as well as a tiny video camera to work with this device, as it would make this device even more convenient and complete. A few ounces beat a few pounds anyday.

The Pez Report


SoHo & An Audition

An audition for a short film in regards to a man who had a bad evening in regards to his girlfriend constantly talking about and being into the environment. The film is called "Earth Day."

I auditioned for the role of a man named Gennaro, which is appropriate since Little Italy is so close to 463 Broome Street in SoHo, which actually means "South Of Houston"(Pronounced here in New York City as Howstun). I had not been in SoHo in years and decided to take a walk around it. At Spring Street & Wooster Street, the lot where I had arrested a man for trafficking in Counterfeit Goods, is still there, though empty, as the snowy weather would keep vendors and people off the streets.

I went over to the Post Office Building at Prince and Greene Street. At the time of the Counterfeiting Arrest, there was an active Post Office. But a new & more-vibrant business is located here, where one can indulge in a bit of creativity, whether with Hardware or Software.

Needless to say, I am not a PC, but a Mac Enthusiast. The place is The Apple Store-SoHo. I know that I like the Mac Platform, especially with my iPod Touch, which is really a PocketMac & all that Ease Of Use.

The Pez Report-SoHo Edition

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Local Government Is A "Parliament Of Whores"

Local Government is a great, big "Parliament Of Whores & Assorted Nitwits." I shall explain this statement of mine. For you see, local government justifies existence by the use of "Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics." Jacking up Numbers is alleged to show the populace what is being accomplished by a particular agency, allegedly in service to the populace.

The local constabulary in a particular instance, is asked to correct the problem of erring street vendors. The trouble is that repeated issuance of faulty civil process is hindering the correction of the problem. It may even be done intentionally, to create a smokescreen, to cover up the real intent of someone, who will cut corners to increase the project leader's self-earning potential. In short, overtime costs are up with no return of investment, making it somewhat profitable for the Legal Profession as well as for the Project Leader. Even in the category where the offence is treated as a minor crime, corners are cut as to insure a steady stream of numbers. Forgetting to give a Miranda Warning for instance, means the case will be thrown out, often part of the corner cutting. The statistics look good until final disposition often coming with a Zero Balance. Was any benefit derived by the local government or did only a few people of influence actually benefit? The Interests of The Few, in this case, outweigh the Interests of The Populace.

I actually speak from experience, both from being an arresting officer, as well as one serving civil process. During one actual "Collar"(Arrest),I was giving the "Alleged Perpetrator" a Miranda Warning, in both French and English, covering myself in regards to procedure. This was in June of 1995. I was then told by a cop that I didn't have to give such warning, which was a good thing I did because it was in the newspapers about Constabulary Members making "Throwaway Arrests".

I followed full arrest procedure again in Downtown Manhattan. After that, some upstanding member of "The Parliament Of Whores", some boss with his nose up a few politicians arses, who despised anyone with a scintilla of expertise, as well as fearing the words "iWork", decided on a course of action to ingratiate himself with those of the
Political World(Grease My Palm & I Shall Deliver). Ordering me to issue civil process to some violator in regards to a Felony, proved to be unworkable as the violator continued in the business, for which the civil process proved to be invalid & unworkable. But that upstanding member of "The Parliament Of Whores", was pleased at the failure of the civil process, blabbing on like an incoherent baboon about "The Team Way", which was all about his personal benefit. He survives, like other "Whores", In Spite Of Himself, just by being a "Prissy Little Schmuck", invited to political & social events. He is a "Whore", like any other politico.

The Pez Report