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Saturday, February 14, 2009

MMCDLXXXVI=Farewell Shea Stadium As There's ONLY ONE Day To Go

Once again, more Mets Fans trotted out to see what was left of Shea Stadium:

There isn't much left to see, but those fans who made the trip, have seen how much their former Baseball Home has changed in the past couple of days;

I found it strange, to say the least, to find an old Analog TV Antenna, near the top of the old stadium. What was being watched up there, Channel 43 from Bridgeport, CT?

As it was, Mets Fans told some stories. Pete from Queens, for instance, mentioned that his mom worked at St John's Hospital on Queens Blvd, and used to bring home loaded bags of Borden's Coupons, so that on certain days, fans with 15 Coupons could get free admission to Mets Games. I did the Coupons a couple of times;

There was talk of Jets Games and the time The NY Giants called Shea Stadium, their Home, back in 1975, of how Upper Level had Green Seats, Mezzanine was Blue Seats, Loge was Orange and Brown and Field was Yellow. Press Level was all Beige. I even related the Story of "Press Credentials" from The "High School Sports Writers Of America" and how I gained access to The Dugout, and Mets Clubhouse, in 1971;

Or the Time I saw Ol' Bob Murphy with a Can Of Schaefer Beer in Hand;

And When Rheingold was the Beer Sponsor in the 1960s;

When I finally got to see the NY Football Giants, I saw them on November 1st, 1975, in a Field Level Seat, on the 15 Yard Line;

Plus, there were memories of Joe Namath, on the Frozen Tundra that was Shea Stadium;

Nellie Doubleday was Principal Owner of The Mets, when they WON the 1986 World Series;

M.Donald Grant is the Most-Reviled Partner in Mets History;

There was even mention of One Orenthal James Simpson, when he was with the Buffalo Bills. I even got to razz OJ at Shea, before he became infamous. I don't think he could find the Real Killers at Shea, unless someone got him a huge mirror;

Memories of that 1st Game in 1966(Dad)and The "Odd Couple" Movie Game(Mom), will always be a part of the Shea Experience;

Farewell, Shea Stadium!

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Blogger Peter N said...

This must be an emotional experience for you. A great post...memories live forever. They always will. Pete

6:24 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

These Memories do live, Peter:

From Pele to Pope John Paul II to Seaver and Koosman, Shea Stadium was the Real NY Place;

FOX, ESPN and other Super Media, talk of the 32 Year Old Yankee Stadium;

At Shea, everything imagineable took place here. No Stadium ever took that kind of beating;

And now, it's almost all gone;

Memories Die Hard.

10:18 AM  

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