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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"All Hallows Eve-A Time Of Fun & Reflection & Devotion"

This Tradition of Fun & Instruction, comes from a land which gives us the best Guinness Stout & Budweiser Beer in the world, Ireland:

It's fun but instructional, as witches & ghosts represent the netherworld & those dressed as Religious(Priests, Brothers & Nuns), represent the Heavenly Kingdom & fun is supervised;

It came to America, coming through that trendsetting state of NJ, & into NY. On these shores, it came to be called Halloween, losing in transition & translation, its' original meaning;

Acts of Vandalism replaced celebration; In Detroit, this strange ritual called Hell Night, where fires are set to abandoned houses, became a tradition. It may be a good thing that the Tigers did NOT win the World Series, or else Hell Week would've caused Detroit to look like The South Bronx in 1977;

The closest thing in St Louis to a Halloween Celebration, outside of that Lame Cardinals Parade Celebration, came when Mgr Tony La Russa, donned his customary dark shades, through all LDS, LCS & World Series Games. The only thing missing was a black cape;

Wee lasses are dressing more like princesses & faeries, & their moms are taking them Trick Or Treating. Wee lads are dressing as their favorite action figures, while the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village is filled with Characters, who are cross-dressers, but do that any day of the week;

I do know that 2 costume getups are going to be flops this year & that's getting made up to look like the 2 Lead Commentators on "The World Series On FOX", as well over half the country paid no attention to that World Series;

I can think of better things to do, like heading to Mass, in Honor Of All Saints Day(A Holy Day Of Obligation), which is why it's called All Hallows Eve, anyway, followed by making entries in this blog & meeting up with friends, for a jolly-good time;

Have Fun! Enjoy & Reflect!


"Scooter May Be Gone, BUT"

The AUTHENTIC Sounds of the Game, such being the actual fans, are blanked out, so we may be treated to spinning logos, "Whoosh" & bells every time a run is scored, especially on FOX, as well as statistics, which would NEVER come up, let's say 10 years ago:

We get to hear perspectives from "The Master Of Both The Obvious & Oblivious", He who dyes his red hair, ever more red & from someone, who makes the point, that while his father was a great play by play man, the progeny is the apple who fell far from the tree. In reality, the man with the dye job is a much-better play by play man;

It all sounds so plastic to me. What's next? A Fanless World Series?

After a World Series in the future:

"From The Creators of 'The L Word' & 'NYPD Blue', comes the Heartwarming Comedy about an elite group of Female NYPD Detectives who patrol the tennis courts, watch the World Television Premiere of 'Fort Martina', after The World Series, on FOX";

"The Master Of The Obvious & Oblivious" will say(Unintentionally)something dumb, in regards to it.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Mr Tony La Russa's In EXCLUSIVE Possession of This Distinction"

Having managed the 1989 World Champion Oakland Athletics & 2006 World Champion St Louis Cardinals, all while wearing Sunglasses:

It's a piece of trivia, even Tim Mc Carver can't touch;

Maybe, I'll take to wearing sunglasses in my 2AM forays into Forest Park, in Queens;

It's only a ZANY Idea;

& Tony has broken a Curse;

Keith Hernandez Knows this one;

Click on the Title, as you laugh yourself silly, while Tuned to the '04 Red Sox World Championship DVD;


& Tim? Get some oxygen; You're Out of Breath.

Friday, October 27, 2006

"Two Red Sox Anniversaries Worth Remembering-One Was Both Joyful & Glorious While The Other Was Sorrowful"

The Sorrowful One was from Monday, 10/27/86, while The Joyful & Glorious One was from Wednesday, 10/27/04:

1st The Sorrowful One;

This was 7th Game At Shea Stadium. Two Nights Before, Actor Michael Sergio leaped out of a plane & parachuted onto the Diamond & was arrested. That act energised the crowd. Of course, Mike was arrested for Disorderly Conduct(The US Air Force Helped re-create that jump when the '86 Mets were honoured in August, '06);

Needless to say, the Carmine Hose Led 3-0;
Later, that Great World Series Arsonist, Calvin Schiraldi, put a big damper on a World Championship for the Carmine Hose(He was traded for Bob Ojeda), by letting the lead get away;

It was a Night for "The Murph" to remember, as Marty Barrett was "The Mighty Casey" & was Struck Out by Jesse Orosco;

& Now The Glorious & Joyful One:

Johnny Damon(He's Just Juan Damone To Me, now), homers, causing this immediate eruption from "The Tim-Inator";

"One thing about ground balls, they don't go out of the ball park";
Gee Tim, what happens if one goes out?
Next Time, go fly from Baltimore to Iceland for the Last Game of The World Series;

It would never sound like that in the Days of Scully & Garagiola Sr;

The Cards were shut out at home & nothing was heard from Lord Albert Of The Pool Halls;

Now for the ULTIMATE Hightlight;
It was NOT 'This Radar Gun Reading brought to you by BALCO" as recited by Joe Buck, in another moment of Sarcasm;

I am giving you the transcribed version of Joe(Not Jack)Buck's Call of The Last Out, as that famous ROAD Chant of "Let's Go Red Sox" is heard on FOX;

"Back To Foulke; Red Sox Fans Have LONGED To Hear It; The BOSTON RED SOX Are WORLD CHAMPIONS";

I still have Tears whenever I hear this, even as I composed this;

Truly A Glorious & Joyful Night Indeed @ 11:42PM EDT, Wednesday, 10/27/04;

& A New Day In Baseball Was Dawning, With More Yankees-Free Ones To Come!

& to think that at The End of the '06 All Star Game, it was announced that FOX will have MLBaseball until 2013, with Buck's Hysterical phrase "Well, You're Stuck With Us"

Please! NO!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"It's Been 20 Years Since Game 6 Of The '86 World Series & Aren't You Glad That It Was NOT On FOX"

It was a strange night, replete with "Congratulations Boston Red Sox On Winning The 1986 World Series" flashed on the Shea Stadium Scoreboard:

Lou Gorman's Prized Trade, Calvin Schiraldi, had 2 out & no one on;

Then, ALL HELL Broke Loose;

3 Singles, a pitch scored as a Wild Pitch(Though Gedman had the ball in his mitt & appeared to have dropped it behind him) & an Error, cost the Red Sox, DEARLY;

If this was on FOX, Mc Carver would've commented about the "Wild Pitch" like this;
"Gedman failed to use his mitt like a glove", which would've resulted in either gales of laughter or smashed TV Sets across the country;

On McNamara's not switching to Dave Stapleton for defensive purposes, this goodie from "Sophocles" might have come out as "Johnny Keane really messed this one up, by leaving Buckner in instead of replacing him with Mike Shannon";

Buck wouldn't know & not call him on that;

When Henderson homered, if we go according to '06 standards, a split screen would be there for some half-a--ed interview with Tracey Ullman & her new show, coming in January, '87 ONLY on FOX;

Gary Carter would be called Joe & Ray Knight's Wife, Famous Golfer Nancy Lopez, would've been called Jennifer;

Just imagine the Dodgers Kirk Gibson, in '88, being constantly referred to as Mel;

Red Sox Nation & ACTUAL Mets Fans, just thank The Lord Above that the '86 World Series was on NBC, with Mr Vincent Scully & Mr Joseph Garagiola Sr;

Those last 2 are missed, a whole lot, along with that "Voice Of A New England Spring", Ken Coleman & "The Voice of Summer In NY", Bob Murphy;

Who replaced "The Murph" on the Mets TV Network?

There were Lorne Brown & Steve Zabriskie, but they didn't really have the where-all to cut it in NY, but nice try anyway;

Ditto, Marv Albert's Brother, Steve;

One Fine Addition is now the Voice of ESPN Monday Night Baseball, he being originally a Barrister from Maine, named Gary Thorne;

Lets just say Tim causes grown men to weep openly in the streets & wee children to wail like banshees, @ the mere mention of Derek Jeter, in this time, but was a great addition for Ralph Kiner, in '83;

I hated to see a Great Play By Play Guy Go;

Lead Baseball Analyst is NOT his forte;

& BB Hall Of Famer, Tom Seaver, was a BORE;

'Nuf Ced!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"The World Series Of Baggage-Game 4 8:24PM On FOX"

Kenny Rogers is causing me to rethink his amazing postseason performance:

Just what TF is that S--- on your hand, you who punched out a TV Cameraman?

For mere dirt, it sure looked darker & more permanent than that, like pine tar?

There's a something to be said about Brazen Faker in the 9th Inning in Game 3;

Where TF were you last year?

Oh, that's right, you were trying to hide an injury & you cost the Mets a real run at the NL East+Pedro a 20 Game Winning Season;

To think a little s--- like you, backed into this Series;

F--- You, a--h---;

Yuppies have NO PLACE in a Ball Park in Postseason, as they wouldn't know Albert Pujols from Alex Rodriguez;

For all the things I've said about Tim Mc Carver, he's said some amazingly accurate things like calling out Kenny Rogers for all that crap on his left hand;

Or when Chuck Knoblauch never got touched by anyone on a baserunning play in Subway Series 2000 on FOX Saturday Baseball & replays confirmed that Lee Mazzilli was full of S---;

The Comedy continues & "We'll see you all tomorrow night";

That's how Jack Buck would put it;

& frankly, I couldn't care less @ this point.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

In '07 There's The Anniversary Of Infamy & This Is Post # 300

June 15th, 1977 is a day which will live in INFAMY, FOREVER, for those of us who were around, in that period:

The Then-Future Hall of Fame Pitcher, Tom Seaver was traded by the Mets to the Reds;

It was one of those CHEAP economy moves, by CHEAP People;

& the life went out of Shea Stadium, then being called "Grant's Tomb", for the purpose of mocking the Late, Unlamented M. Donald Grant;

It was a time of REVOLUTION & Fury, amongst Mets Fans;

Much of that wound is still there, almost 30 Years Later;

It can NEVER be forgotten;

By the way, this is Post #300;

More World Series Rants & Red Sox News & Mets Musings+Brazen Faker(Looper)Rage Rants later & a word from your local FOX Stations;

It's my duty, Judy!

In '07 There Are 2 40th Anniversaries of Note

In 1967, on the Last Day of That Season, The Boston Red Sox won the American League Pennant & lost a 7 Game World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals of Bob Gibson & Steve Carlton:

The Red Sox Of Lore Included Carl Yastremski, Jim Lonborg & Tony C;

Tony Conigliaro was beaned a few weeks before & out of the World Series. Just Imagine if that beaning never happened;

St Louis had a Catcher, who led the National League in 3 Base Hits(14). If you can guess the Catcher's Name, you could win a supply of Red Hair Dye. FOX was only a movie studio & not a network. Joe Buck wasn't even born yet;

Curt Gowdy Sr(NBC Sports)worked with St Louis Announcer, Harry Caray(Not Singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" at Wrigley Field, Yet) & Mel Parnell, Boston Red Sox TV Play-By-Play;

Over with the NY Mets, the Baseball Hall Of Fame Career of George Thomas Seaver, was just beginning to take shape like fine wine, which is what he makes these days, in Northern California;

'07 Will be one for The Books.

Put It In The Books!

Friday, October 20, 2006

"I Had No Idea That The NY Mets Could Do This"

Cause me to lose sleep:

Drink Like it's New Year's Eve & St. Patrick's Day;

I waxed philosophically last night;

Then, I inexplicably burst into tears this morning, around 10:24 Eastern Time(Sounds like a FOX Starting Time for Postseason);

I had no idea that The Mets could still drive me crazy, after all these years, as I was just choking back tears at 2:02PM, ET(Yes, that just might be an ESPN Starting Time);

It was just like that disasterous Yankees Series, in August, whilst The Carmine Hose were just, basically Pawtucket, which made me numb;

Well, Omar-back to the drawing board;

The World Series on FOX, tomorrow Night at 7:30PM Eastern(4:30PM Pacific);

Here's to La Russa's 12 Game Losing Streak in the World Series;
It'll wipe the smile off Lord Albert of the Pu Pu Platter, the New King of Smarmy.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

"The Dirty Little Secret About Why Fans Are NOT So Enthusiastic @ MLB Postseason Series"

A friend of mine, who was once drafted by the KC Royals & played in their minor league system, a native of Park Slope Brooklyn, who grew up in Suffolk County, on Long Island, told me about the distribution of MLB Post Season Tickets:

The Home Team does NOT control this process, as this is in the hands of The Office Of The Commissioner Of Baseball;

1/3 of the tickets are for The Corporate Sponsors, while 1/3 of the tickets are for the 30 MLB Teams, & only 1/3 are for the Home Team for sale & distribution;

So if one wonders why the crowds at Shea Stadium & Busch Stadium III, sound awfully quiet by comparison to a Regular Season Game, the above are the reasons why this is so. Perhaps, in the case of Shea & Busch Stadiums, the remaining 1/3 is split between Corporate Season Ticket Holders & Regular Joe(Judy? Thanks, Tommy), it means that only 1/6 actually will go to ACTUAL Fans;

"Donald? Your Fired!"

With the ad agencies & many of those corporations, based in NYC, no WONDER Shea Stadium feels like a Quasi-Official Yankees Home Game. It's off to a pub, for me tonight, to watch Game 7;

FOX-8:19PM Eastern/7:19 Central;
Where do they get these crazy starting times from? The BBC?

I just hope that the "Grecian Formula", doesn't affect the cranial functions of Tim Mc Carver. He's driving everybody CRAZY, especially if that's the case.

"Game 7 NLCS 8:19PM On FOX-Shades of Game 7-'04 ALCS"

Oliver Perez of The Mets, won Game 4, in the Performance of his life:

Last Night, the Series was tied @ 3 Each, with a homer in the 1st off the bat of Jose' Reyes;

Like '04, this looks like Derek Lowe, all over again, only Perez has an extra day's rest, with Darren Oliver on Standby;

I wonder just where the real Fans will be?
Most-likely, they'll be wetting their whistles @ some pub, somewhere, & be more-enthusiastic than those dudes @ Shea Stadium.

There will be another column on this later.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Game 6-Shea Stadium-FOX at 8:19PM ET-Remember The Last Game 6 at Shea Stadium"

Saturday, 10-25-86 & Mets were down 3-2 to Boston:

There was a major difference;

I actually LIKED both Teams, with Mets as Principal;

This Time Around, it's the Cardinals, an Ancient Rival of the NY National League Teams(B'klyn Dodgers, NY Giants & NY Mets);

I'm tired of seeing La Russa & the 2nd Coming of Barry Bonds(Pujols);
The memories are waiting at Shea Stadium tonight;

I, though hopeful, nevertheless, realize that Mets Pitching is down by 2 Prime Starters;

As Tug once said:

"Ya Gotta Believe";

8:19PM, FOX Tonight;


Tim? Get your nose out of La Russa's Butt & DON'T DARE MENTION _____ _____.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Game 5 NLCS at 8:19PM-1 Day After A Supersoaker Midwest Rain"

Tom Glavine(Mets)vs Jeff Weaver(Cardinals), a rematch of Game 1:

The Mets, I believe, may have their Confidence back, after the 12-5 Sunday Rout of the Red Birds, with "Dos Carlos"(Beltran & Delgado, homering, as well as David Wright, sending one into the Bullpen;

Meanwhile, it's been reported that Albert Pujols' Hamstring is affecting his hitting;

It's on to Shea Stadium for Game 6, tomorrow night;

Enjoy, Everybody!

Monday, October 16, 2006

"St. Louis Blows In A New York Minute"

This is what I heard "Sophocles Of The Diamond" say in the top of the 6th Inning, while the Mets were destroying Cardinals Starting & Relief Pitching, by the score of 12-5, @ Busch Stadium in St. Louis:

He probably meant "Blows It" or "Blues";

Yes, Oh "Tim-inator", keep it coming, along with Luis Pujols & Brandon Arroyo, & as always, _____ _____.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Other Night On Letterman

Dave found a NYC Health Department Choking Warning Sign:

On that poster, there was a picture of A-Rod;

How Appropriate;

What's The Official Yankees Soft Drink?


"3000 K's"

Sometime in August, '07, Pedro Martinez will reach that lofty #:

It's his next Strikeout;

Feel good, Petey;

See you then!

"Red Sox Information-A Pitching Coach"

John Farrell, Cleveland Indians Minor League Director & a Native of a state across the Hudson River from NYC(NJ), according to the Boston Globe, is being named Pitching Coach of The Boston Red Sox. He was Tito Francona's Team Mate in Cleveland:

May he be as good or better than Dave Wallace was;

It was time for some Red Sox News; Isn't this a RED SOX Blog, one which is ANTI-YANKEES?

It most certainly is;


(PS:See The Boston Globe For more info @

"Things Do NOT Bode Well For A Patchwork Pitching Staff"

1st it was Pedro Martinez'Toe, then hip, then torn ligaments in his calves, then a torn Rotator Cuff:

Then it was Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez & torn ligaments in his calves;

Tom Glavine, after a scare, has been rock-solid;

I can see why John Maine got sent to Baltimore Triple A in '05;

Trachsel-NOTHING Left In The Tank;

Good move to keep Darren Oliver in there, to give the rest of an overworked bullpen, the night off;

The Mets BIG Worry is STARTING Pitching & much of it is on the DL;

Nevertheless, this has been a great 40th Anniversary of the 1st Season of watching the NY Mets, who're making great progress, in taking back NYC from The Yankees;

Thanks, Mets!

"Everybody clap your hands, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap"!

"Hablaing Espanol" Got Steve Lyons Canned?

Will "If flatulence is a sign of something imminent, one must go to 2nd base", get "The Tim-inator" canned?

Well, folks, Tim did NOT say this YET, but Lyons went beyond the realm of good taste, mocking a legally-blind Mets Fan, Steve Teitlebaum of Long Island, for the wearing of Special Viewers;

& "Hablaing Espanol" was Steve's farewell lines, essentially insulting a quite-entertaining Lou Piniella & Spanish Speaking Fans;

Meanwhile, Game 4 of The NLCS on FOX & more gas from "The Tim-Inator" & Uck.

"Darren Oliver-WHY Isn't He Starting?"

Last Night was a VERY-COLD Start by Steve Trachsel. All of his mechanics are WAY-OFF & now, he's injured:

Mets are down 2-1 to the Cardinals. I don't think that they have the horses(Pitching);

Game 4 on FOX Tonight at 8:09PM, 8:24PM, 8:37PM(Take your pick of Starting Times-It's the FOX Way).

"What Do The NY Yankees & Squirells Have In Common?"

Both are now on Golf Courses:

A Mets Fan & Brother Knight Of Columbus, told me this Joke;


Friday, October 13, 2006

According To Microsoft-Vista Is On Schedule

I'm curious as to how many minutes that PC will be online before the 1st Virus takes it out?

Me suspecteth that the OS will be as secure as the Yankees Rotation(NOT);

Thank Goodness for my Mac, The Red Sox & NY Mets.

"NLCS GAME WON-Mets Shuffle Cards 2-0"

With 2 Outs in the bottom of the 6th Inning, Mets Catcher Paul Lo Duca singled past the glove of Cardinals 3rd Baseman Scott Rolen, to left field:

Carlos Beltran then powers a Jeff Weaver Fastball, halfway up the huge Shea Stadium Scoreboard, to make it 2-0;

A delightful-to-the-ears chant(@ Least at Fenway Park & Shea Stadium)of "YANKEES SUCK", started;

Joe Buck let out with a laugh, while "The Tim-inator" was stonily silent;

Tommy Glavine threw 7 shutout innings, while Billy Wagner got the save;

Meanwhile, delving into a broadcasting idiocy of his own, "The Timinator", the "Master Of The Obvious", Mr Mc Carver, made this comment that David Eckstein was "Looking To Hit The Ball On The Ground" & it was foul;

Eckstein is NOT a power hitter.; & for Jeff Weaver, he who was pitching something of a postseason gem, but for Weaver, "Postseason" & New York, do not mix.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"10-11-06 & Another Plane Strikes a NYC Skyscraper"

Unlike 09/11/01, where over 3,000 people died, this was a small plane:

It was like another shot heard around the world;

You see, the NY Yankees were eliminated from Postseason on Saturday, by the Detroit Tigers;

Today, a man was eliminated from the Game of Life, as his plane crashed 20 floors up on a 50 story building;

He was a husband & father, who had a passion for flying;

This passion cost him dearly, not unlike a prized Catcher, in August, 1979, only this time, he was a prized pitcher;

The Time was 2:45PM, at 524 East 72nd Street;

Cory Lidle was only 34;

Requiem In Pacem;

& Baseball is Quiet, Tonight;

A time to think & reflect & pray.

With Apologies To Letterman-NY Yankees Excuses For Losing The '06 ALDS

10. Wanted Columbus Day off to watch "The Remys" on NESN

9. We heard that "(Kay)reoke" on "Red Sox Rewind" is quite-good

8. We've already missed the first three episodes of "Dancing With The Stars" -- ohhh, so sad

7. Thought Joe Torre told us to SUCK 110 percent

6. Jeter's distracted by idiotic text messages from Tim Mc Carver

5. Giambi shouldn't have switched to the cheaper generic steroids

4. Clubhouse caterer replaced E. coli-tainted fruit with E. coli-tainted green tea

3. Well, A-Rod's Responsible for Global Warming

2. More focused on how he's going to get by on a lousy $25.2 million this year

1. What's the point? The Mets would've beaten us

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Your Starting Lineups For The ALCS & NLCS- ON FOX"

For The ALCS:

Play By Play is Thom Brennaman;
Analysts Are Steve Lyons & Lou Piniella;
Sideline Reporter Is Chris Meyers;

For The NLCS, Which Includes ALL Major Markets;

Play By Play & Sarcasm is "Mr Blond Highlights of The Holiday Inn", Joseph Francis Buck;
Lead Baseball Analyst, replete with Memorable(DUMB)Comments,replete with bitterness @ having been fired by the NY Mets from their booth, is a man, for whom websites have been set up, calling for his utter annihilation, The One & Only Tim Mc Carver;
2nd Analyst comes from the Player Ranks, one whose single off Mariano Rivera, sealed the AZ Diamondbacks 1st World Series Championship, Luis Gonzales;
Reporter Is Ken Rosenthal;

I am guesstimating that Tim will utter the name of "Captain Intangibles", one _____ _____ in the neighborhood of 25 times;

& a Mets Fan did set up the "Shut Up Tim Mc Carver", 2 Years Ago;
That Site is going to light up like a scoreboard.

Monday, October 09, 2006

"Ladies & Gentlemen, The BEATLES"

They came to these shores, John, Paul, George & Ringo, from Liverpool, England, UK:

They played Shea Stadium & Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, in 1964 & 1965;

Ed Sullivan introduced these Mop-Haired Males, on his show on CBS, in Glorious Black & White in 1964;

John Lennon was born in Liverpool, on this date in 1940;

John was gunned down outside of his West Side Dakota Ap't Building;

That was on 12/08/80;

He would've been 66 Today, as his music lives on;

Think Of That Music, as sweet as Fine Wine;



A Wee lass was constantly thrashed by her Mum & Da:

Appearing before The Court Of Commons, she was asked where she wished to live;

She told the Court " I want to go to The NY Yankees, for they Thrash absolutely NO ONE";

The Judge asked "Why The Yankees? They have a guy named Slappy";

The Lass; "He only slaps balls. I have nothing for Slappy to slap."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

'NYC Is NOT YankeesVille"

You read me, correctly:

As of 11:57PM, when Mets RF Shawn Green caught the Final Out, the Mets swept the Dodgers & move on to the NLCS;

Final Score was 9-5 Mets over The "Grady Little" Dodgers of LA-LA Land;

DFYankees are OUT;

Torre may be gone, today;

It's the "Changing Of The Guard" as the Yankees are Irrelavent.

Friday, October 06, 2006

"Who'd Thunk It"

In The Words of the "Sterling One", John:

Yankees got shut out by Kenny Rogers & the Detroit Tigers, 6-0;

"Game Over";

"Tigers Win 6-0";

A-Rod is 1-12 for the ALDS.


Why do Yankees Fans always needle other people?

Like their favorite strongmen, they have their own syringes.

"Took A Flu Shot Today"

In Downtown Manhattan, near City Hall:

Quick & Painless;

Passed Modell's by B'Way & Chambers Street;

Modell's was selling loads of METS Gear, & Not too much of Yankees Gear;

Where I got the shot, I wondered if Roger, Andy & Jason might stop by;

They NEED their Syringes to stay strong(LOL).

"6-5 & 4-1=2-0"

Mets are on the cusp of the NLCS:

Nomar Garciaparra got hurt(Again). He's pulled every muscle, imagineable;

I hope that he doesn't pull his love muscle(Lol-Ouch, Ouch, Ouch);

Saturday on FOX is Mets Dodgers from LA;

Thank Goodness that Buck & Mc Carver are NOT doing this series.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Ball Game Over"

"Tigers Win":

4-3 over "The Highlanders"(Thanks to Kranepool on Kranepool Society for that 1).

"Grady-Esque" Double Play

Jeff Kent & JD Drew are aboard with 1 Out, in the 7th Inning:

Russell Martin Singles;

Jeff Kent is at 3rd with JD Drew running full tilt, so Kent is sent home & tagged out by Mets Catcher, Paul Lo Duca;

JD Drew misses 3rd Base Coach Rick Donnelly's Stop Sign & gets tagged At home by Lo Duca;

Strange Double Play!

This seems par for Grady Little's World.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Put It In The Books"-NLDS Game 1-NY Mets 6 & LA Dodgers 5"

Nomar Garciaparra was struck out on a low outside slider, from Mets Reliever Billy Wagner:

Cliff Floyd Homered;

Close call in the 9th Inning, with Game on ESPN;

Next at 8PM on FOX is Game 2 of the ALDS on FOX, with Detroit Tigers & NY Yankees.

"The NY Mets Break-Down"

1st, Pedro Martinez breaks down & will get his Rotator Cuff surgically-repaired:

Yesterday, Sr Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, injured his calf(Torn Tendons);

But, like anything else, I think that this is a short series & Mets will go home early;

I had that sick feeling in ALL of September;

Still, it's nice to see them back in postseason, but nothing like the '86 Mets.

Monday, October 02, 2006

"If You Leadoff & play 162 Games, you're Guaranteed to have the bases empty 162 Times In A Season"

It's THAT Time of Year again, where Grown Men will weep openly in the Streets & wee children will wail like banshees:

Why am I making that sorrowful announcement?

Quite Simply, it's "Tim Mc Carver Season" on FOX:

It'll be a time of "Jeter-Worship", memorable comments like "Roy Oswalt Is A Drop & Drive Pitcher-He drops & drives-very simple";
"One thing about ground balls, they don't go out of the ballpark";
"If a pitcher is tough to catch, he's tough to umpire";
"I caught Steve Carlton, I know what I'm Talking About";
"If Flatulence Is a Sign of Something Imminent, it's time to run to 2nd";

& So on! The last statement might actually be said by Tim in this Postseason;

"SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW", on this list of links, is "Shut Up Tim Mc Carver", a GREAT Place to vent.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Ladies & Gentlemen, Your 2000 World Champion NY Yankroids"

In the Federal Afidavit of '06, where AZ Diamondbacks Pitcher & Human Growth Hormone user, Jason Grimsley, was suspended from Major League Baseball for 50 Games, for '06. Yesterday, the name of William Roger Clemens, has come up:

Yesterday, reportedly, Clemens announced that he might retire(Where have we heard that before);

In 1991, Roger pitched & was NOWHERE near his current size. In 1992, he was HUGE. Fans in Fenway Park, after a loss, cracked "Have another cheeseburger, Roger" & accused him of "Mailing In" Games because of his girth;

I was on a flight from LaGuardia to Logan, in 2000. A Female Psychologist from Washington State, was on her way to her native Boston. I was headed to catch Red Sox-Expos at Fenway Park(Red Sox Won The Game). She mentioned about the LACK of Humility of Mr Clemens.

I wonder on what combination of 'Roids & amphetamines, was Roger on, when he beaned Mets Catcher, Mike Piazza? Because, from what I remember, Roger had a blank look in his eyes. Whatever he was taking, may have clouded his judgement in mistaking a broken bat for a ball, in Game 2 of the 2000 World Series.

I was at Shea Stadium, on Saturday, June 15th, 2002, for Mets-Yankees. It was also the 25th Anniversary of THAT DAY OF METS INFAMY, The Tom Seaver Trade #1. Mets won 8-0. Roger was in the unusual position of batting. Mets Pitcher Shawn Estes, threw AROUND Roger. That cost Estes $1500, in the "Discipline & Interests" of MLB. Roger gave up a 2 Run Homer to Estes. He, later gave up a solo shot to Mike Piazza. Sarcastic, '86 Style Chants of "Roggggggahhhhh" filled Shea Stadium. Joe Buck, on FOX, was heard, practically demanding that Roger pay for the Piazza Beaning & "Ball-Bat" Episode. Of course, Tim Mc Carver said something that gave the impression that Tim is a dim bulb. Roger then doubled off Estes, but showed signs of pulling up lame at 2nd Base. He went to the bottom of that inning, attempting to make a play at 1st base. He was now in pain & was removed to thousands of catcalls from all over Shea Stadium.

Roger went on the DL. In 2000, after Mike Piazza hit a Grand Slam off Roger, Roger went on the DL, only to "Miraculously" recover in time for "The Beaning."

Does anyone remember Andy Pettite appearing in all those "Born Again Christian" Blurbs? I do & now he's been named in that Federal Affidavit. Ever wonder why he doesn't throw with the same authority which he did in the Yankees Years? He must be missing his "Breakfast Of Champions" or Vitamin shots.

"Ladies & Gentleman, Your 'Roided PO#2 World Champion Yankees of 1999 & 2000":
World Champions has SUCH a HOLLOW Ring to it.