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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Scooter May Be Gone, BUT"

The AUTHENTIC Sounds of the Game, such being the actual fans, are blanked out, so we may be treated to spinning logos, "Whoosh" & bells every time a run is scored, especially on FOX, as well as statistics, which would NEVER come up, let's say 10 years ago:

We get to hear perspectives from "The Master Of Both The Obvious & Oblivious", He who dyes his red hair, ever more red & from someone, who makes the point, that while his father was a great play by play man, the progeny is the apple who fell far from the tree. In reality, the man with the dye job is a much-better play by play man;

It all sounds so plastic to me. What's next? A Fanless World Series?

After a World Series in the future:

"From The Creators of 'The L Word' & 'NYPD Blue', comes the Heartwarming Comedy about an elite group of Female NYPD Detectives who patrol the tennis courts, watch the World Television Premiere of 'Fort Martina', after The World Series, on FOX";

"The Master Of The Obvious & Oblivious" will say(Unintentionally)something dumb, in regards to it.


Blogger Michael Leggett said...

"8:24PM Eastern" Would make for a great sitcom about being behind the scenes @ "FOX Saturday Baseball":

It could rival all those "NBC Saturday Night Live" behind the scenes comedies.

1:25 AM  

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