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Friday, October 27, 2006

"Two Red Sox Anniversaries Worth Remembering-One Was Both Joyful & Glorious While The Other Was Sorrowful"

The Sorrowful One was from Monday, 10/27/86, while The Joyful & Glorious One was from Wednesday, 10/27/04:

1st The Sorrowful One;

This was 7th Game At Shea Stadium. Two Nights Before, Actor Michael Sergio leaped out of a plane & parachuted onto the Diamond & was arrested. That act energised the crowd. Of course, Mike was arrested for Disorderly Conduct(The US Air Force Helped re-create that jump when the '86 Mets were honoured in August, '06);

Needless to say, the Carmine Hose Led 3-0;
Later, that Great World Series Arsonist, Calvin Schiraldi, put a big damper on a World Championship for the Carmine Hose(He was traded for Bob Ojeda), by letting the lead get away;

It was a Night for "The Murph" to remember, as Marty Barrett was "The Mighty Casey" & was Struck Out by Jesse Orosco;

& Now The Glorious & Joyful One:

Johnny Damon(He's Just Juan Damone To Me, now), homers, causing this immediate eruption from "The Tim-Inator";

"One thing about ground balls, they don't go out of the ball park";
Gee Tim, what happens if one goes out?
Next Time, go fly from Baltimore to Iceland for the Last Game of The World Series;

It would never sound like that in the Days of Scully & Garagiola Sr;

The Cards were shut out at home & nothing was heard from Lord Albert Of The Pool Halls;

Now for the ULTIMATE Hightlight;
It was NOT 'This Radar Gun Reading brought to you by BALCO" as recited by Joe Buck, in another moment of Sarcasm;

I am giving you the transcribed version of Joe(Not Jack)Buck's Call of The Last Out, as that famous ROAD Chant of "Let's Go Red Sox" is heard on FOX;

"Back To Foulke; Red Sox Fans Have LONGED To Hear It; The BOSTON RED SOX Are WORLD CHAMPIONS";

I still have Tears whenever I hear this, even as I composed this;

Truly A Glorious & Joyful Night Indeed @ 11:42PM EDT, Wednesday, 10/27/04;

& A New Day In Baseball Was Dawning, With More Yankees-Free Ones To Come!

& to think that at The End of the '06 All Star Game, it was announced that FOX will have MLBaseball until 2013, with Buck's Hysterical phrase "Well, You're Stuck With Us"

Please! NO!


Blogger kaylee said...

AH yes a glourios day in 04 indeed!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It Lives on for us, Kaylee!

12:57 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Kaylee, I remember the TV Call:

I cried a bit, recalling it, today;


1:03 AM  

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