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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's Actually Someone Buried In The Bullpen At Shea Stadium

Mrs Bernice Shiner Gera, the 1st Female Professional Umpire, died in 1992 from Kidney Cancer:

A # of her ashes are mixed into the dirt in The Shea Stadium Right Field Bullpen, where Johnny Franco used to grow his tomatoes;

This didn't haunt the Bullpen, for only Minaya The Liar could do that;

Bernice was a Mets Employee after she left Umpiring;

Now her final resting place will be disturbed, as it's being dismantled as we speak;

Requiscant In Pacem for That Baseball Pioneer;



As Of This Past Monday-The Dismantling of Shea Stadium Is Underway

The Field is being stripped of its' grass. The Seats are being removed right now, as are the signs in the stadium. The Toilet Fixtures will be deployed to other Parks Department Facilities:

On Monday, October 15th, The Rip-down will be in earnest. The Concrete will be removed, then the steel skeleton will be removed;

Parking and Greenery For Citi($iti)Field, will replace Shea Stadium. But, to Mets Fans, the phrase "I'm Going to Shea" will die hard;



Monday, September 29, 2008

The Special Red Sox Edition Of The Riviera List

These 3 People deserve your UTTER-Ridicule, because of their actions. The "F" Word and I don't mean Fudge, precedes their names:

F--k Manny Ramirez-Remember when you got ejected on a Called 3rd Strike on April 20th? Well, D--khead, I came up from here in Queens, and watched you get tossed. Remember NOT Taking The Bat Off your shoulders when Mariano Rivera Pitched? You pissed a lot of us off with that move. Your "Manny Being Manny" Act is not funny, anymore;

F--k Eric Gagne'-You had all of the Effectiveness of Scott Schowenweiss(NOT), when you appeared in games, as a World Class ARSONIST. You have blown leads up the kazoo. It was FRIGHTENING. ONLY Omar Minaya could see you as talent;

F--k Johnny Damon-With a 5th Grade Girl's Arm, you went to THE Yankees?

Later! And F--k The Riviera!


The Riviera List '08 Season List-Farewell Shea Stadium Edition

It was at the End of The '07 Season, where I went TOTALLY-BALLISTIC on The NY Mets. I did leave out a name of a Certain FRANCHISE-WRECKER, because he's now on the list:

As you know my policy, the "F" Word, and I don't mean Fiddlesticks, precedes the name of the person being "Honored", by inclusion in this list;

F--k Omar Minaya-FRANCHISE-Wrecker in Montreal, he brings these "Talents" to Shea Stadium and now Citi Field. Wrecking the s--t out of The Bullpen, letting Chad Bradford Go to get Scott Schowenweiss? How much Coca Tea were you drinking? Henry Owens for Jason Vargas? Vargas was DFA'd Dude. Matt Lindstrom for Adam Bostick? WHERE TF is Adam Bostick? Darren Oliver for Joe Smith, who burned out in '07? Did You and Jeffy Moron concoct this strategy to get rid of Willie Randolph? Quinn The Omnipotent is RIGHT-You are BAD F---ing NEWS. When do you plan to sign Steve Carlton? Julian Javier? Tim Mc Carver? I just want to puke. Luis Ayala is your tribute to junk;

F--k Jeffy Wilpon-Conspirital Schmuck, running a 3rd World Country called the Mets, is heavily involved in Player Decisions. Schmuck is lucky he can run the Brooklyn Cyclones. Jeffy got an Instigator into the Clubhouse to ruin Willie Randolph's Time As Manager. What happened Jeffy? Did Willie beat you out of $.55? I just want to puke, preferably on your shoes;

F--k Tony Bernezard-Player Development Director. Hired by Minaya The Liar to be a Talent Evaluator, Jeffy The Schmuck turns him into the Clubhouse Instigator, leading to Randolph's Downfall. I want to piss on your shoes;

F--k Freddie Wilpon, just because;

F--k Sol Katz(See Freddie and Jeffy);

F--k Scott Schowenweiss, who pitched like he wanted to watch "The Remys" on NESN in October;

F--k Aaron Heilman;

F--k Luis Ayala;

F--k Duaner Sanchez(The Dominican Food Run at 1:30AM);

And The Rest of The Usual Suspects as follows;

F--k The Yankees;

F--k Jeter(He Might Like it);

F--k A-Rod(If Madonna isn't doing it);

F--k Madonna(Who Hasn't);

F--k Hank Steinbrenner;

From FOX Sports;

F--k Buck(Mr Disinterested);

F--k Mc Cavah(I Think Youkilis Would Make A Good #8 Hitter With The Pitcher Due Up)-IN The A L C S? Have you been sipping the Coca Tea with Minaya?

As Always, F--k That Faux Red Sox Bar With The Clemens Photo, run by a Yankees Fan, "The Riviera";

These People DESERVE Your Most-Wholehearted Ridicule;


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MMCC The 2008 MLB Season In Pictures

NOTE-The Toilet does represent Yankee Stadium II:



Post-Season Coverage On FOX

Joe Buck and Tim Mc Carver, will do the National League Championship Series and World Series on FOX. Both are pictured here:

Their Insipid Styles will cause people to turn off their TV Sets to go and do something else;



More Problems For Josh Beckett

Here's hoping that he doesn't need surgery! His shoulder is bothering him, moving him to Game 3 at Fenway Park on Saturday:

We NEED a Healthy Josh-Get Well;



Mets GM Press Conference

Omar Minaya(Pictured here), had little to say, other than there will be some changes. Just how many deals will be made, is another story:



Sunday, September 28, 2008

Red Sox Win 4-3 In 10 Innings And The Yankees Are Finished

It just ended at 4-3 at Fenway Park at 10:45PM, or 5 Hours and 40 Minutes after the Final Out at Shea Stadium, Home To Game 6 Of The 1986 World Series:

Red Sox are 95-67 and will be playing in Anaheim in the 1st Game of The 2008 ALDS, at 10PM on tbs;

Earlier, Mike Mussina of the Yankees, won his 20th Game for the 1st Time in his career;

Regular Season OVER-Yankees Season OVER!

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15 Days From Today

The Demolition of Shea Stadium will begin. The Mets will turn over the keys To The Demolition Crew. All Seats, signs, toilets and such will be removed.All Concrete will be removed. Then, like a decaying erector set, the steel frames will be removed:

It'll be dismantled. Where the Stadium was, metal markers will be put where the bases and Home Plate were located. Parking lot and greenery for Citi Field, will be put in its' place;

There will be no Wrecking Ball;

Farewell Shea Stadium!

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I Was Wrong-Manuel IS Coming Back

NEWS-Jeffy Likes The Guy-I'm SHOCKED:

Jerry Manuel did a fine job-he deserves a chance;

He'll be managing at Citi($iti)Field, next season;

Get a better bullpen, Omar, or your next stop will be being hung from a Citi Field Light Tower;

Hello Citi Field;


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Shea Stadium Is NOW History

It's OVER NOW.The Mets came up short. The Fans cried. Then they witnessed Mets History before their Eyes:

In this history, they saw guys like Fat Jack Fisher, Ron Hunt(Their 1st All Star), all the way to Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza;

Yogi Berra was given a Huge Welcome. Why? You see, Yogi played 4 Games in Shea's Right Field in 1965 and Coached 1st Base on the 1969 World Champion Mets and Managed the 1973 "Ya Gotta Believe" National League Championship Mets;

Ralph Kiner got a Hero's Welcome, as he's been with The Club, on Radio and Television, since 1962;

The 1986 World Championship Mets, perhaps The Baddest Bunch ever to Win A World Series, played a role here. Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, Howard Johnson, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez+Jesse Orosco and Tim Teufel, were all there;

Cleon Jones and Ron Swoboda were there as well. The ONLY Member of BOTH The 1986 and 1969 World Champions, Bud Harrelson, was there as well. Ed Kranepool and Wayne Garrett, both members of the 1969 World Championship, as well as the '73 NL Championship, were there;

Willie Mays, like Yogi Berra, doesn't walk around too easily. Willie, who saw action in The Polo Grounds with the NY Giants, before going out to Frisco, came back in 1972 in a trade. Willie was in the 1973 World Series at age 42 with the Mets;

In The Closing Cerfemonies, Those Mets Greats, all touched Home Plate, on last time. Yogi looked a little confused in touching the plate. It was sad;

A touching moment came when it was "The Last Pitch At Shea Stadium" as Tom Seaver threw it to Mike Piazza on a bounce. They then waved to the Throng at Shea Stadium, and disappeared behind The Centerfield Fence, thus Closing Shea Stadium;

The Fireworks were shot off;

Others who were honored included Lee Mazilli and John Franco(Franco was on the 2000 NL Championship, with Lee from both the Lean Years and 1986 World Championship). Dave "King Kong" Kingman, a part of some good years, whose homers would land on the scoreboard, was there. So was Doug Flynn, a Fine 2nd Baseman, who also saw the Lean Years, but was part of The Reds 1976 World Championship;

My Memories of Shea Stadium;

September, 1966 and my 1st Game, where the Mets lost 6-0;

September, 1976, where Seaver struck out his 200th Batter for the 9th Straight Season(Pirates Catcher Manny Sanguillen);

April 8th, 1969 with Mets losing to the Montreal Expos(NOW the Washington Nationals), 11-10 with Mets Pinch Hitter, Duffy Dyer, hitting the ONLY Pinch Hit Homer in 1969;

And many others, including The Pope John Paul II Visit in October, 1979 and a Jets Playoff Game in December, 1969;

And the Night The Mets Clinched the 2000 Wild Card, vs The Braves;

And The Night that in The Subway Series, Carlos Delgado and David Wright, Homered into a Clear and Cold Sunday Night, in '06;

And Many Others, including my last-ever game there, in August, '08(The Bullpen RUINED A Fine Pedro Martinez Performance);

AND So it Goes;

"Shea Goodbye";

Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez, both got emotional. So Did I;

Farewell Shea Stadium;

Mr Met pulled down the #1 Sign and the Sign read "Citi Field";

Farewell-It's been a flood of memories;

Good Night;

Shea Stadium Is Gone!

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Shea Came In And Went The Same Way-Thank You Very F---ing Much, Omar, Jeffy And Bernezard

It must be stated that the 94M+Fans in 45 Seasons of NY Mets Baseball, deserved more than to be treated like chump change, but I guess that Jeffy Wilpon thinks that he knows better:

Add Minaya The Liar and Bernezard The Instigator, and there was trouble. Using Bernezard to sow seeds of dissension in The Mets Clubhouse, eventually leading to firing Willie Randolph, because Willie received a Contract Extension, which Jeffy Hated every minute of;

Omar failed to sign not 1 but 2 of his better relievers, namely Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford. Darren Oliver will be in Post-Season with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Chad Bradford will be with The Tampa Bay Rays. WHY, you ask? Because Jeffy wanted to be rid of Willie Randolph;

The 3 Conspirators want Manny Acta as Mets Manager. Minaya The Liar downgraded The Bullpen. Why else would Omar Minaya sign the likes of Scott Schowenweiss and trade for a STIFF like Luis Ayala;

I'm of the Belief that Jerry Manuel did a great job as Interim Manager, DESPITE the Bullpen Situation, in which Minaya The Liar was of NO HELP;

Minaya The Liar hired Bernezard as a Talent Evaluator. Bernezard hated Randolph, because he wants Acta;

Bernezard was feeding The Jeffy Wilpon Feeding Frenzy Machine to the Media and other ballclubs, on how Willie Randolph was going to meet his fate;

AND Omar never addressed the Bullpen Situation. No Wonder the Mets fell short for a 2nd Season-the BAD 'Pen Situation was never addressed. This 'Pen took out Willie Randolph and Jerry Manuel. No Wonder Manuel got his pitchers to go deep into the game-Jerry never trusted the 'Pen. The Mets have 5 Complete Games, 3 by Johann Santana;

It led to Elimination in Game 162-Omar had it coming to him;

The Three Of You need, as Fitzy Would Say, To "GFY";



The Gorman Family Opening And Closing

Tom Gorman, NL Umpire, was behind The Plate on April 17th, 1964:

Brian Gorman, his son, is Umpiring at 1st Base at Shea Stadium Today;

Both Ends of The Family will have seen a Beginning and End of The Same Stadium;

That will be a footnote;

Oliver Perez retired the side in the top of the 1st Inning;


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Do The "Liturgical Experts" All Think We're Mere Simpletons?

After being at St. Agnes Church, 143 East 43rd Street, in Midtown Manhattan yesterday, and praying The "Sanctus", "Agnus Dei" and Communion Antiphon in Glorious Latin, in Gregorian Chant, along with No Haugen-Haas "Music", I have this question to ask:

Do "Liturgical Experts" all think we're "Mere Simpletons"?

What is WRONG with a number of Prayers, sung in Gregorian Chant-Style, in Latin? Do these "Experts" all think that people are idiots, who would like the Mass, with Insipid "Music"?

Mind you, I find the Offering of The Novus Ordo Mass, to be uninspiring at best. I'm not one for Guitarists, playing "Michael Row The Boat Ashore", which is more attuned to singing around a picnic table or a campfire;

One of the Most-Popular Downloaded Music Styles is Gregorian Chant, perhaps the coolest music around, especially in Latin, a language which gives English and a lot of languages, its' roots;

The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass is not a "Group Meal Sing Along". It is the Offering of The Body And Blood Of Christ, for Our Redemption and Salvation. It must be more solemn and not merely a Gathering Function;

Later! Pax Vobiscum!


I Remember 1999's Last Game In Shea Stadium(Regular Season)

When The Mets Won, That Stadium shook like there was an earthquake, as I was dizzy and it was hot:

The Mets then played The Reds in Cincinatti on a Monday Night;

When there's SOMETHING to Cheer, Shea Stadium rocks and shakes like no place on Earth, except during an earthquake;

Will that be that feeling? Stay Tuned;


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Red Sox Coverage For Post-Season Will Resume

As Soon as Freddie, Jeffy and Omar are strung froma Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp. As The Site of Game 6 Of The 1986 World Series is fading away in the Rain In Queens, Red Sox Coverage will begin following today's festivities:

Shea Stadium was also a Home In Exile for Displaced Red Sox fans as well, and Citi Field($iti)will not be cheap to go to;


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The Shea Stadium Sellouts Are Artificially Inflated

It's a case of people buying Season Seats for access for Citi($iti)Field for '09, and then these people scalp these tickets:

Next Year, Citi Field and Yankee Stadium III, will be tourist attractions. It'll be easier to watch games at Fenway Park;

Real Shea Crowds are between 40K and 45K, and in some cases, 35K, as it's harder for Mets Fans to get tickets;



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The Corporates Buy The Tickets But The Actual Crowds Are Down

Every Evening, The Mets announce 51 or 54 K Crowds, but only 45K show up:

There's SOMETHING Wrong with this Picture;


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Villains Of Shea Stadium

Roger Clemens(NEVER WON A Game There-Gave up a 2 Run Homer To Pitcher Shawn Estes-Went Lame in '02-HATED Mets Fans):

He's, perhaps, the MOST-HATED Villain in Shea Stadium History, ON FIELD;

Off The Field, The Wilpons, for all of their conspiring to take control of the Team and Petty B-lls--t, causing fans to suffer;


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The Scenario For Shea Stadium Today

Mets Fans are being driven to drink, HEAVILY by The Wilpons and Omar Minaya:

Last September 28th(2007), Oliver Perez "Pitched". Oliver Perez will pitch today. In his last start, he didn't have enough Gas to cut the cheese on a Packed IRT #7 Flushing Train towards Times Square;

You see, Jeffy Wilpon was driven MORE by REVENGE than by winning it on the field. He was, as if, The Dancing Girl/Owner of The Cleveland Indians, who looked to put a horrible Cleveland Indians Team on the field, both so it could lose, so she could move the team to another city;

Since The Mets Offices are now in Citi($iti)Field, the Team is readying for "Fred And Jeffy's Pleasure Palace And Rumpus Room" as we speak, a Haven for Billionaires and other Fat Cats. The Move from Shea Stadium to Citi($iti) Field, is sort of like a Franchise Shift, only it's still in Queens;

Jeffy's HATRED for Willie Randolph, extends back to a Contract Extension, after the '06 N L C S. So, Omar was given the Orders to start wrecking the Bullpen and rushing Mike Pelfrey into production when Pelfrey was NOT ready. Like the Little S--t that Jeffy is, he goes into the Print Media, "Panicking" about the Mets Collapse, when, in effect, he was trying to cause this scenario;

"Minaya The Liar", hired Tony Bernezard, as a "Talent Evaluator". Jeffy then decided to use that man's "Talents" by having Bernezard infiltrate the Mets Clubhouse Culture, by causing dissension and then reporting back to Jeffy, on how the disruptions were proceding. Randolph protested to Minaya The Liar, to cut this crap out;

Bernezard hated the fact that Manny Acta became the Nationals Manager, as he liked Acta, a lot. So did Jeffy Wilpon. And Minaya complied with Jeffy and Bernazard, as Omar The COWARD also liked Acta. This disruptive b---s--t continued until Willie Randolph was fired in the Infamous 3 AM Scam;

Jerry Manuel, a guy who got Randolph's Spot, only with the Title of Interim Manager, has been effective, but I still think that The Evil Trio is setting up to annoint Acta as Manager in '09. As to The Actions of Minaya, NOT ADDRESSING The Middle Relief Component of The Bullpen, this is why. Manuel is NOT their guy;

There will be 1 LAST Regular Season Game, Today, followed by The Closing Ceremonies, involving Mets Greats from the 1969, 1973, 1986 and 2000 Teams. If The Mets Win, it'll be happy. If They Lose, they're in trouble with this. Let's say Mets Win and Milwaukee Loses, there will be Post-Season at Shea Stadium, even if it's for 1 game. If Both the Brewers and Mets win, a 1 game playoff will be played at Shea Stadium, tomorrow night, Game being on tbs live from Shea Stadium. If Mets Lose and Milwaukee Wins, it'll just be a sad arse closing of Shea Stadium;

Mets Fans are tired of this crap. The Failure to Upgrade, in the form of NOT re-signing Oliver and Bradford, and the Downgrading of the Bullpen, for REVENGE against Willie Randolph, all because he beat Jeffy out of $.55(The Price of a Cup of Rheingold Beer in Shea Stadium's Early Days), will have led to all this crap;

Farewell Shea Stadium-not the Fanciest Place to watch Baseball, Football, Soccer and Rock Concerts(The Birthplace Of Stadium Rock), but it has served its' purpose in NY Sports History, as well as the Coordination Point of Rescue and Relief, Post 9/11, as well as Site of where 42K fans showing up to watch ML Baseball on 9/21/01;

It's appropriate, as this is a Rainy Day in NYC, that Shea Stadium end its' run, as many, many tears have been shed there. It was also the last place in NYC where I could afford to go to a ballgame;

Farewell Shea Stadium, WHERE I Actually Witnessed Pope John Paul II, When The Rain Stopped;


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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Confession And Mass In A TRUE Catholic Setting

The Parish is St Agnes Church at 143 East 43rd Street, in Midtown Manhattan:

No Haas or Haugen "Music" Here-Even in a Novus Ordo Setting, it's great;

The "Sanctus" and "Agnus Dei", were sung in Latin. Even The Communion Antiphon was sung in Latin in Gregorian Chant. Most People knelt at The Communion Rail. The Tabernacle is in The Center, not hidden away. NO Guitar Masses are ever celebrated here;

I was waiting on the Confession Line. A Young Woman had a long Confession. Some woman got impatient, but she was reminded that this was The Sacrament Of Penance;

I sat near the Young Woman who made the Long Confession. Quite a beautiful lady, with Reddish Hair and Blue Eyes, I felt at peace, just by being near her;

When The Mass concluded, there was Classical Music Played;

I believe that Vatican II intended for both Vernacular and Latin. This was Beautifully-Done;

Those Pharisees were amazing Lawyers, always Trying To Trip Up The Christ, by asking for his Opinion on a Father and His 2 Sons, on who did the Right Thing;

Pax Vobiscum;



WHAT I Shall Treat The Closing Of Shea Stadium As

A Franchise Shift, as much of Mets Fandom might not be able to afford $iti Field or "Jeffy's Trust Fund Rumpus Room":

Jeffy, Freddie, AND Omar-You Three RALLY NEED to "GFY" as Fitzy Would Say;


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NOW That The Mets Offices Are Now In $iti Field

Having moved there this month, what kind of plotting is taking place there, now? Is it "ACTa II-The Manager"?

Lord Knows what kind of Scheming is taking place, there. Think of this as Bialystock and Bloom, looking to Produce another Broadway Fiasco, like "South Passaic" or "Springtime For Hitler":

"Springtime For Hitler" closes tomorrow, unless The Mets Find it in them to extend Shea Stadium past tomorrow afternoon;


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A Day Night Doubleheader On Tap For Tomorrow

Since The Red Sox will be the AL Wild Card, I think that Tito will give his main troops a rest:

The Yankees are playing out the string(About Time). Their Time Has Passed;

Trust Me-BOTH Games are sold out;


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The Academy Award Winning Actor, Paul Newman Has Passed On At Age 83

From the time he played Rocky Graziano in a Boxing Movie to "The Sting" to "The Color Of Money", Paul Newman made his mark:

Cancer took Ol' Paul from us. He will be MISSED;

Requiscant In Pacem, Paulus Et Gratias!


"Johann" Or The Game FOX Forgot

This meant something. Johann Santana, on 3 Days Rest, pitched The Game of his life, a 3 Hit, Complete Game Shutout, as the Mets won 2-0. There's Life At Shea Stadium, tomorrow;

Meanwhile, on FOX, The Phillies clinched the N L East, defeating Manny Acta's Nationals, 4-3. Also, on FOX, The Chicago Cubs spit on The Brew Crew's Garden Party, 7-3;

It'll be a Wild Finish, either with Celebration or Mets Fans looking to string Omar, Jeffy AND Freddie up from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp;


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Last Night's Red Sox Game=AWFUL

19-8 The Final at Fenway Park, with the Yankees playing Scrubs. That score was the Same Score The Yankees won by, in Game 3 of the '04 A L C S:

You all know what happened after all that;

2 Rain Delays;

No Game Today, as Tim Mc Carver's "Farewell To Jeter" was rained out on FOX;

Day-Night Double header tomorrow in The Fog;

When does Suzyn Waldman start crying in The Yankees Radio Booth;



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For Most Of Mets Fans' Lives, They Know Shea Stadium As Home

AND it's as if The Wilpons and Their Errand Boy, Omar Minaya, want the Championship only for the Sherry Sippers of the Brand New Citi Field:

Deliberately Downgrading the Bullpen Corps to set up Willie Randolph, because Jeffy Wilpon hated Willie, has the Effect of Setting Up Jerry Manuel for a Fall;

It's the games you play in the off season, which often determine what you do in Season;

The Wilpons And Minaya are as if "Bialystock And Bloom", only NOT FUNNY;

"Sterling" Mets LP have no Victorious Intentions for Shea Stadium. Johann Santana was only signed because of his Citi Field Value;

I guess that 45 Seasons In Shea don't count because the Revenue Potential is greater at Citi Field;


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To Paraphrase HOF Ralph Kiner The Season For The Mets is "Gone, Goodbye"

Thank You Very F--king Much, Omar. I see that Freddie and Jeffy have handsomely rewarded you for this, especially the Season Without A Bullpen. Jerry Manuel doesn't trust this 'pen at all. As well as he's operated thisw year, it looks like you, Jeffy and Bernazard already have Manny Acta, all but signed as the Next Mets Manager:

I was choking back tears on the IRT #7 Flushing Line to Willets Point-$iti Field(Shea Stadium)Station. I shot a little footage to add to this blog, later this season;

THERE IS NO REAL BULLPEN CORPS for the Mets. The Group from '07, used to run Willie Randolph out on a rail, will also doom Jerry Manuel;

So, after the Mets lost to The Marlins, I will state that Mike Pelfrey is tired. I will also state that Pelfrey is tired from all those extra innings pitched, because of an Unreliable Bullpen. The Fans are cranky as hell. Many agree with my assessment that when Minaya The Liar, failed to ink Chad Bradford and Darren Oliver for a few more seasons, thus providing a Bridge to The Closer, that the Mets would sink over this;

It's OVER;


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Friday, September 26, 2008

People Who Will NOT Be Missed By Other Baseball Fans(Click On The Title-Thanks)

The Bleacher Creatures of Yankee Stadium(Toilet II)-Their rendition of "YMCA" is censored stuff, considering they're the Game's Biggest A--holes:

"YMCA" Is a "Village People" Song. Lyrics like "Gay Man Would You Get Off Your Knees, I Said Gay Man, You Will Catch A Disease", makes people cringe just listening to it;

The Creatures won't have ANY Postseason;

They will NOT be missed;



For That Parc Jarry-Jarry Park Baseball Feeling-Just Click On This Title-Merci-Thanks

Sweet 16 Lester, 6-1 Red Sox Over Cleveland

And Jon had a No Hitter into the 6th Inning:

Final Score was 6-1 with Youkilis hitting Homer #28;

Tampa Bay lost 7-5 in Detroit;

The Race continues, tonight;

Sadly, in NY, we're stuck with YES for that one and 3:55PM on FOX on Saturday, listening to Tim's last 17+ Mentions about Derek Jeter;

Johnny Pesky's #6 Jersey to be retired this Sunday;



The Mets Must've Heeded The "GFY" Warning 'Cause They Won

Defeated the Cubs rather dramatically and comically, with Ryan Church evading the tag on a play to the plate:

Beltran drove in the Game Winner;

7-6 Mets as Pedro Martinez may have pitched one last game. He had 9 Ks, but he ain't the same fireballer we all knew at Fenway Park;

The 'pen almost extinguished the Mets but the bats came alive;


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The Governor Of Red Sox Nation-New York Is Chris "From Allston" Wertz

Benigno:"Chris From Allston? You're Next On The FAN":

Governor Wertz:"Red Sox Nation Rules Here in NYC and NYS. We're Bigger Than Yankees Universe";

And so it goes that Mr Chris Wertz, one of The Owners of "Professor Thom's", a location noted for being the H Q of Red Sox Nation here in the 5 Boroughs, is now "Governor of NY State";

No, he did not replace David Paterson or Eliot Spitzer. Chris is Governor of Red Sox Nation in NY State;

To NY And "The Nation";



Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Fitzy NY Mets "GFY" List

The Following People DEFINITELY Need To "Go F--- Yourselves":

Omar Minaya, Jeffy Wilpon, Fred Wilpon, Sol Katz, Tony Bernezard(Jeffy's Clubhouse Disrupter);

For 1st Half of Season, the Following NEED to "Go F--- Yourselves";

Jose' Reyes, Pedro Feliciano(All Year With Him), Rick Peterson(How many Arms have you DESTROYED) and, of course, Omar Minaya;

Jeffy Wilpon(As Always-Just as much of a Conspirator as His father, Freddie);

September Players include The New A-Rod, known as David Wright, now known as "A-Choke";

All Year-The Bullpen, NOT Addressed by Omar Minaya;

Jeffy Wilpon, who knows that 3/4 of Shea Stadium isn't going to be at $iti Field;

Scott Schowenweiss-NEVER CLUTCH;

Joe Smith, the Cheaper Version of Chad Bradford, a regular breakdown for 2 years;

Omar NOT signing Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford to extensions, effectively downgrading the Bullpen. Signing a Broken Down Moises Alou was a sign that a lot was WRONG;

Jeffy wanted this downgrade to get even with Willie Randolph, over a Contract Extension. Jeffy? You need to "Go F--- Yourself";

Players with no heart, guts or soul? You Need to "GFY", as Fitzy would put it;

Mets Fans? You've suffered way too much. You need to Start Drinking Heavily, as Bluto Blutarsky once put it, in Animal House;

Last Night was a NIGHT OF RAGE;

The Mets? YOU have to "Go F--- Yourselves";


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

With The Mets Winning 6-2 At Shea Stadium-Gaining Ground On The Phillies And Holding Off The Brewers-News From The Freddie Front

Omar Minaya, "Big Fat Idiot and Clueless Putz"(Thanks, Omnipotent Q), has been rewarded with a 4 Year Contract Extension by "Sterling" Mets LP, which means he gets to cede control over to Jeffy "Python" Wilpon, anytime Jeffy Shakes his rattle:

Who's the Next Aging Superstar from The DR, which Omar will sign? Will there be a great hunt for Acta?

Stay Tuned;


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An Era Came To An End In Boston Last Night

Tim Mc Carver will not have Derek Jeter to talk about this fall, try as he will:

The Red Sox defeated the Indians and Cliff Lee, 5-4, on a Youkilis Homer, and a hit by Jason Bay and Dustin Pedroia. The Red Sox are going to Post-Season;

For The Derek Jeter Post-season Saga has come to a crashing end, as The Yankees will not be in Post-Season, for the 1st time since 1994, with the Strike Season and Yankee Stadium II will be dark until November 9th and the Gala Closing of the 32 Year Old Ballpark. Yankee Fans will, in Post-Season, claim to be lifelong fans of whatever team they'll be following. If The Mets make Post-Season, a number of those Fans were "86ers" and will chant "Let's Go Mets" as if it was 1986, though they won't know anything about the Club they'd be rooting for;

Reminds me of so called Cardinal Fans, claiming to be from the Midwest in '06 NLCS in Queens Bars. They, then resumed being Yankee Fans the Next Season;

Ahhhh, Weeping, Moaning and Gnashing of Teeth and the cry of "26 World Champions" shall fill the air;

Of Course, the Chant of "None, Lately" will fill the air, too;


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Surprise Things The Yankees Are Giving To Baseball's Hall Of Fame From Yankee Stadium II

Jeter's Black Book With The Name of Babes He Left His "Calling Card" With(J. Alba, Etc):

Slappy Mc Bluelip's Blue Lip Gloss;

Used Tea Bags from The Joe Torre Collection;

GiamBALCO's Collection of Designer Syringes;

Johnny Damon's Hair Clippings;

A-Rod's Kabbalah Book, autographed by Madonna;

Eau De Baboon, Hair Dye used by Tim Mc Carver;

Clemens' Collection Of Alibis;

Hank Steinbrenner's Cigarette Cartons;



Magic # STILL At 1-Red Sox Lose 4-3 To Cleveland

Red Sox Offense went on Vacation against Cleveland's Jackson, a guy with a 6.00 ERA:

Josh Beckett was no great shakes, either, giving up 4 Runs on 7 Hits, 1 Walk, and he K'd 6. Jed Lowrie isn't hitting for spit, either, K'o-ing 2X;

Papi hit #23 this evening;

There's always tonight-JUST Win 1 and get it over with, PLEASE;



9-5, Mets Lose Large At Shea Stadium To The Cubs

Jonathan Niese started for the Mets-gave up a Grand Slam Homer to Winning Pitcher Jason Marquis(Staten Island Mid-Island Little Leaugue-1990), in the 4th Inning:

NOT Nice;

Now, the Mets lead by 1 Game over The Brewers in The NL Wild Card;


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Shea And Citi At Night

Taken from The IRT #7 Flushing Line

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Monday, September 22, 2008

7 Games At Shea Stadium

The Dumping of Chad Bradford and Darren Oliver is WHY this Bullpen Situation exists, which occured at Jeffy Python's Behest:

Junk like Schowenweiss and Heilman, proliferate;

The Situation is a Must-Win;


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Josh Beckett On Fenway Mound Tonight For A Clinch vs Cleveland

Tonight, live from Fenway Park at 7:05PM(NESN):

A Clinch for Post-Season is in the Works;

Tampa is on the Road;



Tonight's Farewell To A 32 Year Old Ballpark

It was lavish and spectacular. Babe Ruth's Daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, threw the Final Ceremonial 1st Pitch to Yankees Catcher, Jorge Posada, and Member of the Foursome left from The World Series Championship Era(1996-2000), including Shortstop Derek Sanderson Jeter, and Legendary Relief Pitcher, Mariano Rivera, as well as Lefty Starter, Andy Pettitte. Give Mrs Stevens a Contract, for pitching that 1st Ball:

Baseball, in all Ripple-Induced Hysteria, insists on calling it One Yankee Stadium, when, in fact, there were TWO Yankee Stadiums on The Same Site. The Original had Copper Frieze above the Tier Section, which was smaller in area, than the Stadium just closed this past evening. The Old Stadium had support columns, which Stadium II never had. Whereas one could get a glimpse of action in Stadium I, from the IRT #4 Lexington-Jerome Avenue Station at 161st Street, Stadium II had a huge wall blocking that view, with a plastic replica of the Famous Frieze, draping that huge wall;

There were no Escalator Towers in The Original Stadium, unlike Stadium II, where they existed by the Left Field Staging Area, located between the Left Field Stands and Left Center Field Bleachers. The field was placed lower than the Original Field in Stadium I. In Stadium I, the Monuments were in Center Field. The Right Field Staging area between Regular seating and Right Center Field Bleachers, is where the Yankees Bullpen used to be;

In Stadium I, it was narrow wooden seats. In Stadium II, the seats were wider and made with Plastic. Also the Sight Lines were better, despite the number of Columns;

Jose' Molina, he of the Molina Brothers Catchers, hit the Final Home Run in the History of Stadium II. Like Catcher Duke Sims did on 09/30/73(Stadium I), Obscure Catchers hit the Final Homers;

ESPN had a Former Negro Leaguer, tell the Story of Josh Gibson, hitting a Ball in a Regular Season Game, completely out of Yankee Stadium I. I heard Bill White, tell me that story in 1972;

In 1970, I actually had Press Credentials for 1 Game, in Stadium I, for all The High School Sports Writers in The NY Area. Game was versus the Milwaukee Brewers(May, 1970);

The Final Score was Yankees 7 and Baltimore Orioles 3. And Pettitte got his 95th Stadium II Victory and is 14-14. Mariano Rivera got the Final 3 Outs;

Note-I did not go up to The Toilet II in The Bronx. I viewed it in Professor Thom's;


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday, September 30th, 1973 And Beyond

In the last game ever played in the Original, 50 Year Old Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, over 32K payed their way into the old Ballpark. Marvin Lane, Detroit Tigers Rightfielder, was the Last Visiting Player, ever, to homer in Yankee Stadium, in the Top of the 7th Inning. It was Marvin's 1st Major League Homer and it was off Fritz Peterson:

In the Bottom of the 7th Inning with only 9 At Bats, and with Thurman Munson sitting this game out, Duke Sims, the day's Starting Catcher, hit the FINAL Home Run in The Aged and Venerable Yankee Stadium I;

The Monument Plaques were stored away, not appearing at the Last Game;

I wrote this because I knew that there were two Home Runs hit in that Final Game and it should be noted(I was There, BTW). There was no Post-Season at Yankee Stadium I, that Year;

BTW-There was The N L C S and World Series at Shea Stadium, that Year and Shea Stadium would be home to Mets, Yankees and Jets in 1974, and the NY Giants would play One Last Season in NYC, at Shea Stadium in 1975, along with the METS, JETS and Yankees;

Yankee Stadium II is ONLY 32 Years Old. NOT Every Yankee Fan is buying the 85 Year Old M L B-Yankees Hype. Thought you'd like to Know That;


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There Will Be No 1st Place For These Guys-However There Will Be A 7 Hour Pregame Show On ESPN Beginning At Noon ET

The "85 Year Old"-32 Year Old Ballpark at West 161st Street, called Yankee Stadium II, will have its last game at 8:09PM-ET on ESPN:

Tampa Bay eliminated the Yankees from 1st Place Contention. All that remains is for The Red Sox to win, cutting the Yankees Magic # for a Yankees-Free October to 1 Game;

7 Hours of Pregame Farewells to a 32 Year Old Ballpark is just ridiculous AND it's NOT Even the Original Stadium, which was ripped down in 1973;

How many mentions of Captain Craptastic will be done in tribute?

Yankee Stadium II will host a Gala Farewell in November of this year. It would make a great Comedy Hour, probably on FOX;

The Polo Grounds, Ebbets Field And Shea Stadium, were never feted in this manner;

It should be hosted by Tim Mc Carver;

How far will his nose be up Jeter's Tush;

THIS For a 32 Year Old Ballpark;



Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 5 Oldest Ballparks In Continuos Use in MLB

Fenway Park-It opened in 1912 and has been in continuous use by Major League Baseball. It was rebuilt over the Winter of 1933-1934. New Ownership Group is constantly upgrading the property:

Wrigley Field-Opened in 1914, but wasn't home to the Cubs until 1916. It was 1st Known as Federal League Park, then Weigmann Park, before Wrigley changed it to Wrigley Field;

Dodger Stadium-Opened in 1962 and upgrading itself, yearly. This might have been the park Mr O'Malley envisioned for the Atlantic Yards Site at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues in Brooklyn, only with a Dome, had Mr Robert Moses not come up with a phony parking garage scheme, which never got built;

I know that this answer is CONTROVERSIAL, but it is TRUTH.Shea Stadium opened on April 17th, 1964 and has been in continuous use since that time. The Stadium is 44 Years Old. THAT Bronx Site is only open since 1976, as the Original was demolished, save for the Exterior;

Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA is #5 and opened in April, 1966, and renovated a few times;

WHY am I NOT including Yankee Stadium? Quite simply, MLB's Ripple-Induced Farce is NOT The Real Thing. The Original Stadium was torn down and replaced with a new stadium, which opened in 1976. Guess what folks-The Yankees played in Shea Stadium in 1974 and 1975. There was no Yankee Stadium in operation. Because of what I suspect was not great work on Yankee Stadium II, a beam collapsed and caused damage to the then 22 Year Old Structure, as well as taking out a number of sections of seating with it, forcing The Yankees to play a Home Game at Shea Stadium, in 1998;

1923 To 2005 Is A BIG FAT LIE, made up by BIG, FAT IDIOTS. Shea is older and may see Postseason before it closes up;


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THAT "Tommy John" List Is MIGHTY LONG

That Surgery called "Tommy John Surgery" has a lot of customers, including Schowenweiss of NJ and the NY Mets and, Of Course, the 2007 World Series "Ring Thief", Good Old Eric Gagne', who is as loved in Fenway Park, as A-Rod is(NOT):

Victor Zambrano went on the 60 Day DL on May 15th, 2006, due to the Surgery. I saw him go down on May 6th, 2006, when the Mets defeated the Atlanta Braves at Shea Stadium. Funny, but he was pitching well when I saw him, suddenly, run to the Clubhouse;

Tommy John did pitch 26 Seasons, stopping short of 300 Wins. John Franco lasted from 1989 until 2005;

And now Little League players get the Surgery. What ever happened to common sense and Accupuncture;



Mets Back In 1st-Tarvarez STILL Sucks

Julian Tarvarez will be remembered for being a Hi-Ho Stifferino, as the Mets Erupted on Him in Atlanta. In short, it was Fenway Park Relief Time, if you wanted to be reminded of Eric Gagne':

Mets won 9-5 and went back into 1st Place after the Marlins clobbered the Phillies;

And Milwaukee continues to slide;



With The Red Sox Winning 4-3 And Tampa Winning 11-1

It looks like Post-Season for BOTH of Them, BARRING any Last Minute Miracles by The NY Yankees, who're facing Elimination:

JUST WHAT will Tim Mc Carver talk about this year?



2 Away From Total Postseason Oblivion and 1 Away From Division Postseason Oblivion Are The NY Yankees

Yet, one cannot kill them entirely, if only because they have won 4 In A Row. It's taking victories by both The Red Sox(4-3 Over Toronto this evening, with Paul Byrd giving innings and Manny Del Carmen getting the victory) and The Tampa Bay Rays, gaining unto the point of 1 game from clinching Post-Season for the 1st Time in their history. The Yankees just keep on winning, hoping for the Impossible:

Tomorrow(Today)is the last-ever Saturday Game in Stadium II(The 32 Year Old Park). If they lose, due to Captain Craptastic's Need to party all night(Derek Jeter), Sunday Night will mean NOTHING but a Farewell to a "LEGEND", which exists in the minds of the Ripple Soaked Executives of Major League Baseball;

According to Guardian Angels Founder, Curtis Sliwa(Polish for "Rock", who is Half-Sicilian), there's a wrecking ball ready for the Right Field Stands, after Sunday Night's Game, which looks to be the last game ever played there;

The Yankees are playing as if there is "No Tomorrow". I wonder how the Last Rendition of "YMCA" will go for "The Bleacher Creatures" and just how quickly they will run like hell from the 32 Year Old Ballpark to a Night of Inebriation. Just HOW Loud will the Creatures chant "A-Hole" in tribute to Alex Rodriguez?'

ALL WILL Be extinguished by Sunday Night's Game;


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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Montreal Expos Fans Were ROBBED

Charles Bronfman(Seagrams)owned the team, initially, until 1991:

Then a group headed by Claude Brochu, took over;

His group sank no MONEY into this team and Star Players were either dealt away or were not signed;

WHY do I think that Jeffy Wilpon acts as if he was Brochu, at least in '06;

I've met Expos Fans from Montreal-Great Fans, even if I had to operate in French with them, which was fine with me;

These Fans were hurt by BAD Ownerships, including Jeff Loria;

I see what they've gone through as Fans;

BAD management drives fans away;

A Plus Tard-Later!


10-3 Rays Over Red Sox As The Knuckler Does NOT Dance

Even though Papi Ortiz homered 2X, Wakey had nothing in his tank in Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field:

When The Knuckle Ball doesn't dance, it's NOTHING;



NY Mets 9-Washingreal Nationspos 7

THAT is NOT a Bullpen, as Warlord Jerry used 7 "Pitchers"(To use the term, lightly):

Jose' Reyes, And Los Dos Carlos(Delgado and Beltran) Homered;

BUT, Brian Stokes Fire is going out, and Pedro Feliciano is a joke, as the 'pen almost gave away everything in the 7th Inning;

It causes Grown Men to weep in the streets, while barfing;



3(Wild Card)2(Division) Elimination Sequences For Yankees And Blue Jays

Both could be eliminated from Division Contention as early as today. If Tampa Bay wins and Both Toronto and The Yankees lose their games. Both could be eliminated from all contention by Saturday:

Note-According to Lisa from Maine, not once was the NY Yankees even in 1st Place this year;

That would render the NY Yankees Last-Ever Yankee Stadium II Farewell to be meaningless;


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Bullpen Issue

I couldn't understand WHY the Mets dumped out Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford. They were the Bridge to Wagner:

However, Jeffy Python(A Python is a Snake, in case you didn't know that) was more-interested in destroying Willie Randolph over a Contract Extension;

This is WHY Omar had to sign Scott Schowenweiss and Aaron Sele, so as to downgrade the bullpen, to get even with Willie Randolph. Schowenweiss is NO FAN Favorite. He hears the booing in his sleep. ANY cheers he hears are sarcastic at best. Sele is gone;

This is a strange franchise and even stranger ownership;



Methinks That Justin Masterson Shouldda Stayed A Starter

What a Night for The Lumber Boys to go on Vacation!
Josh's Effort was Wasted;
Masterson went to pieces in the 9th Inning;
Youk had a Sac Fly;
2-1 Rays;
Tonight at 7:05PM from The Trop, who knows;



Mets Lose A Shoulder To The Washingreal Nationspos

Fernando Tatis Shoulder went Pop in LF:

Pop went the Game, 1-0;

Good Night, Mets!



3-3 Is The MAGIC # For Yankees OBLIVION

As The Yankees lost 6-2, with Andy Pettite S---ing The Bed, the Magic # shrunk to 3 For not going for 1st Place and 3 for NOT going into The Wild Card. Things could be wrapped up by Thursday, rendering the Baltimore And Farewell Series, as Meaningless, except for the Arrival Of The Wrecking Ball, when "The Toilet"(II) is FLUSHED:


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TOP 10 Signs Your K Of C Free Throw Contest Has Undergone Changes(From The Home Office In Waterbury, CT)

#10: Council in Queens new contest facility is in Bristol, CT;
#9: Viewers no longer annoyed listening to Joe Buck and Tim Mc Carver;
#8: Viewers now annoyed by Chris Berman and Gary Thorne;
#7:Gary Thorne introduces author of Book, "Vindicated", calling him Jason Giambi instead of Jose' Conseco;
#6:Joe Morgan talks about the Great Plays he made in the 1977 World Series;
#5: 8 Canadians and two from Massachusetts, win Queens County, NY Final;
#4:Parents barred from using Video Cameras, but can buy their child's performance, by downloading from Apple's I-Tunes e-store;
#3:The Booth Invasion led by Mac Duncan, with help from Curt Schilling, is developed and sold as a Video Game for Mac OS X(Leopard);
#2: ONLY iPhones are permitted at the contest, as it's the Official Phone of the Contest;
#1: Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are barred from The Contest Site, for offering new "Vistas";




The Annual Free Throw Send Up "Moves To ESPN"

After many years of lampooning "MLB On FOX" Coverage, it's the turn now foe Good Old ESPN to take one for this blog:

The Material is fresher, especially when there is Joe Morgan, Mike Breen, Dave O'Brien, Jon Miller, Michael Kay, Steve Phillips, Peter Gammons, Rick Sutcliffe, and Last but certainly not Least, Good Ol' Gary Thorne. Don Cherry, Suzyn Waldman and Don Orsillo+Jerry Remy will also return. Joining up on this venture will be Chris Berman, who'll be joined in studio with Don Cherry(NHL Hall Of Fame Hockey Coach). Much of this will resemble ESPN Sunday and Monday Night Baseball, as well as ESPN Monday Night Football;

Senior FOX Producers Ross Mac Duncan and Ashley Solu, will be joining ESPN, along with Monsignor Angelo Varrechio in this send up;

How long could this send up last, if Buck and Mc Carver were the continuing targets, as well as FOX? It was time for a change;

Later(You're with me, Leather)!


Jeffy Python's Flying Circus

If The Mets Fans really realized the Role You Play in Sterling Mets LP, thosands would find and grab you and hang you upside down from the 61st Street-Woodside IRT #7 Station's Catwalk, over the Long Island Railroad Tracks:

From a Baseball Operation, it looks like Professional Football And Major League Soccer are being added. You can't even get Baseball Done Right and you guys are expanding your lack of expertise. WHAT Next? The N H L?




These are the Magic #s for NY Yankees Elimination from Post-Season, whether in The AL East or The AL Wild Card:

NOW, for FOX Sports and tbs, these are TRAGIC #s, as Jeterum, The Lord Of Post-Season, will NOT make an On Field Appearance. Neither will A-Fraud nor GiamBALCO, the Author of "Vindicated", if we are to believe the Mystical Mind Of Gary Thorne;

There will be weeping, moaning and gnashing of teeth along Broadcast Row(6th Avenue In Manhattan), WHEN This happens;

The Rest Of Yankee-Despising Country, couldn't give a Flying F---;


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Ned Yost Canned In Bratwurst Country

This is all because the Milwaukee Brewers, declared NL Champs for '08 by One Tim Mc Carver, are 3 and 11 in September. I have never seen a manager canned this late in a Pennant Race, unless somebody's been talking to Omar Minaya on how to do it:

To Doug Melvin, Brewers GM-Aren't you the Brain Surgeon who signed Eric Gagne'? WHY TF would anybody want the Man who almost, Single-handedly, ruined the '07 Red Sox Season? Gagne is a Yankee Spy;

Later(Have You Been Consulting With Jeffy The Wonder S---)!


MEANWHILE, The Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays Have Returned

Scott Kazmir pitched like Rick Peterson had filled him full of Warm Milk and Turkey. In short, Scott farted as if he meant to empty a full IRT(or is that BMT)#7 Flushing to Times Square Train. He gave up 9 Runs in 3+ Innings(Boston Red Sox 13-Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays 5 is The Final Score):

The Red Sox Figured this guy out at The Cloth Circus Tent Dome called "The Trop". Papi hit a 3 Run Homer to start the Massacre, the 1st of 6 Homers. Mike Lowell hit one. Jason Bay smacked his 30th, to the "C" circle in The Dome. Jacoby Ellsbury smacked one. Jason Varitek did the same. Youk hit his 26th. It was not a pretty sight. Mostly Red Sox Fans filled Tropicana Field. It was a 6 Homer affair by The Red Sox. Dice K went 5 Innings and was rested by Francona;

I guess that the Warm air in The Bronx, at West 161st Street and River Avenue, didn't agree with the DEVIL Rays, as it took a LOT out of them, from over Saturday and Sunday;

Red Sox and DEVIL Rays are now tied atop the AL East;



Old 45 Is Pitching Like He's 45 Years Old

Pedro Martinez is out of GAS. You've read me correctly. He couldn't cut one on the B, C, or D Green Line "T" or the IRT #7 Flushing Line to save his life, these days:

Face it-Pedro has nothing in his tank-this isn't 2005. I'm WONDERING if Rick "GFY" Peterson, didn't ruin his shoulder;

The Washingreal Nationspos are more of a AA Team, but Pedro is pitching A 1/2 Ball. He's finished now. It's time to retire with honor;

And Duaner Sanchez, Senor Food Run, has NOTHING in his tank, EITHER;

Mets lose it 7-2 to Lannon from Long Beach, Nassau County and was originally from Woodhaven, my current neighborhood in Queens(until he was 2 years old);

Say Good Night Gracie;



Monday, September 15, 2008

GFY, Rick Peterson(Red Sox At Rays-7:05PM)

As "Juan Damone", also called Johnny Damon, once said "Why Would The Mets Give Up Incredible Talent like this", in exchange for a stiff hiding an Injury for 3 Years, The Red Sox, with Dice K, who had better bring his "A" game, take on the Tampa Bay Rays, who I hope play like the Devil Rays of Old, with Scott Kazmir, in the Cloth Dome, where no one really cares about ML Baseball:

Rick Peterson, you need to, as Fitzy Of Newton once and always says, "GFY". Scott Schowenweiss couldn't be fixed by you and neither could Victor Zambrano;

7:05PM on NESN(Unless We in NY Area, get stuck with FSN-Florida Feed);



If Ever A Stadium Which Took A Beating Ever Existed In It's 45 Seasons At Age 44

The Site Would Be Shea Stadium. In 1975, it was home to the Mets, Yankees, Jets and Giants. The Grass hardly had time to be maintained. In short, the Playing Surface was a Mess:

It hosted one American Soccer League Season with NY United. It hosted a Cosmos Playoff Game. I even saw Pele' score a goal just past the Pitcher's Mound;

The Jets were there for 20 Seasons. The Giants played 1 LAST Season in the 5 Boroughs, there;

The Beatles played there and Billy Joel hosted one Last Concert at Shea Stadium;

Now, THAT PLACE really fulfilled the purpose of a Multiple-Use Stadium.And, it'll be gone, soon;

And I'll Miss it;



Will Fenway Park Be 97 Years Old in '09 OR 75 Years Old?

The Site has been in CONTINUOUS Use Since 1912, which is NOT the case for the Site of Yankee Stadium, but someone had to bring up this controversy:

You see, the Basic and Current Fenway Park, is in its' present form, from 1934 until now, in regards to the field stands, that is, field seats and Grandstand. The Bleachers Form is also from 1934, as well as that Giant Left Field Wall, now called The Green Monster. It was rebuilt in 1934 because Fenway Park had a few fires along the way, and a Concrete Stand was needed. This was undertaken by Thomas Yawkey, who bought the team over the 1933-1934 Winter;

Further Improvements were made over the years, by the New Ownership Group;

The Site, in CONTINUOUS USE since 1912, would make it a legitimate continuous Ballpark. Yankee Stadium's Site is 85 Years Old, but 2 DIFFERENT Yankee Stadiums have been on the site, and there was a total break in Site Service in 1974 and 1975;

So much for Controversy;



Mr Lester Sent Roy On A "Halliday" At Fenway Park

Mr Jon Lester has 15 Wins, with Roy Halliday, AL Cy Young Candidate, being on the Back End of a 4-3 Victory at Sellout #461:

It was 4-1 Red Sox, when Papelbon recorded the Save, but Paps tends to give up runs in his Save Situations. Could it be arm, shoulder or elbow fatigue, or is he hiding an injury? Inquiring Fans would like to know this;



It'S Funny Holding Your Nose And Rooting For Your Arch-Enemy(BUT The Results Are Good)

It's kinda Funny being a Faux Yankees Fan, except that we tend to be more-knowledgeable than the Ones who say they're Yankees Fans, at least those of us in Red Sox Nation, find it funny:

The Yankees took 2/3 from The Tampa Bay Rays, while the Red Sox took 3/4 from The Toronto Blue Jays, leaving the Rays one game ahead of the Red Sox in The AL East Standings;

However, the Yankees are 3 away from being eliminated from 1st Place Contention in The East and 4 away from being eliminated from the Wild Card. Their Contention will end this week and Sunday, September 21st, will be the End Game at Yankee Stadium, with the Yankees just playing out the Schedule for the 1st Time since 1993, which will cause Tim Mc Carver to cry his eyes out;

The Race is close and OURS to have;


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Thou Shalt Not Covet Another Team's Manager

I was outside of St Francis Of Assisi Church on West 32nd Street, near Madison Square Garden, Home Base of those two INCOMPETENT BOZOS, The Dolans, when I brought up my phone browser. ONCE AGAIN, the Bullpen blew it for the Mets. Luis Ayala has a history of Blown Saves(BS), as he blew 4 for Washington. He blew a 2nd Save for the Mets, giving the Next To Last Place Atlanta Braves a 7-4 Victory:

WHY do I get the Sick Feeling That Jerry "Warlord" Manuel's Days are numbered? Could it be that Jeffy The Charlatan And Bernazard The Spy for Jeffy, are licking their chops for Manny Acta in Washington?

The Non-Signing Of Bradford and Oliver, has a 2 Edged Sword, as it may cost Jerry Manuel his job. Omar continues in the Junk Market on behalf of Jeffy The Spoiled Little S---, who wants no part of real fans and is already counting the Gate Receipts for $iti Field, from all those Millionaires, who will have as much subject knowledge of Players as Gary Thorne and Tim Mc Carver(Almost None). Schowenweiss is a disaster, as is Ayala and Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano;

Conspiracy? Jeffy is like Freddie The Old Man. Think of Them as Byalystock and Bloom, looking for ways to put a Flop on Broadway, as a Tax Writeoff;

Like My Old Friend Fitzy From Newton, MA, would put it, Freddie And Jeffy, definitely need to "GFY" and it doesn't mean "Good For You";

I guess that Mets Fans Don't Count, eh, Jeffy?

Later, You Conspiring, Covetous Bastards!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Toilet II Farewell ON ESPN On Sunday, September 21st, 2008 At 8:00PM-ET

As America's "Roman Coliseum" gets set for The Wrecking Ball, I cab just Imagine the Sheer # of so-called Yankees Legends who will be on hand for "Farewell To Toilet II". Let me guess that Bucky Friggin' Dent is invited, as well as Paul O'Neill, and others we may not have heard of:

Joe "HOF" Morgan will get gushy remembering all of his moments(Including a few Senior Moments thrown in). Yogi will make a Final Appearance, telling his lines he never really said. In short, a 32 Year Old "Legend" will say Buh, Bye;

Later, as Red Sox Nation both Laughs and Barfs!


The Yankees Out Of Post-Season From An Economic Standpoint

By The NY Yankees not being in Post-Season, it means that City Of New York and MTA Revenues will be down. Imagine few Subway Fares in October at 161st Street-River Avenue on The IRT Lexington-Jerome-Woodlawn #4 Train and The IND 6th Avenue-Bedford Park Boulevard D Line. It would be like the Era of 1982 through 1994, when there was NO Post-Season:

It might go on for a few years, especially with A-Rod around and a Non-Contending Yankees Team;

The Bronx Will Be Quiet;

Economically, Hotel Business would be down, as The Yankees do draw the Out Of Area Fans. Toll Revenues would be down on the George Washington Bridge, a Main Gateway for Yankee Stadium. Stan's Sports Bar would be nearly empty. The Yankee Tavern would suffer a loss;

Professor Thom's and The Hairy Monk would still be profitable, as Football and The Red Sox would still be in Session;

And The Riviera? Well, you might say that any Good Red Sox Bar would NEVER have a Picture of Roger Clemens on its' bar and would serve real and tasty Food. F--- The Riviera and F--- Kazmarek;


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For Every Red Sox Victory

It Pushes The Yankees out of contention a bit further. Of Course, it will help if Tampa Bay, what with their fans supporting very little of the Team(You don't See Any Tampa Bay Rays Bars In NYC, Do You), that The Yankees actually win one while The SOX defeat Toronto:

The One Thing that'll be heard by Yankee Fans is the Mantra of "26 World Championships", whereas Red Sox and Mets Fans will chant "None By Them Lately";

Look For Yankees Elimination this week at the Direct Hands of The Chicago White Sox, and, indirectly at the hands of The Rays and Red Sox;

All Of A-Rod's #s will mean NOTHING;


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The NY Yankees Are Close To The End Of The Post-Season Run

A Yankees-Free October is almost here, as The NY Yankees are 6 Games out in The Wild Card and 5 Games out in the Eastern Division Race. In Short, 6 and 5 are the Elimination Numbers from all Post-Season Competition. On the 1st Full Day of Fall, on Sunday, September 21st, at 8:09PM(ESPN Sunday Night Baseball), the Last-Ever Baseball Game will be played in the 32 Year Old Yankee Stadium II(Toilet II). Outside of Memories for the 85 Year Old SITE, as there have been two Stadiums on that Site, that Final Game will mean NOTHING in The Standings, though an awful lot of Beer will douse both the livers of Yankee Fans as well as other parts of their bodies. Sadly, there will be Vandalism at the 32 Year Old Park:

I wonder if Chris Wertz and Company will be there, to watch the 1st Dismantling of Toilet II?

I still think it would be a Great Idea if Red Sox And Mets Fans would go into Stan's Sports Bar and Drink The Place Dry, as a Gesture of LOL to the Bleacher Creatures;



Saturday, September 13, 2008

Omar? You Don't Really Have a Bullpen-This Is Jeffy's SETUP 'Pen

I had a bad feeling that when Neither Chad Bradford nor Darren Oliver were re-signed by the Mets, something fishy was going on. My mind immediately thought That Jeff Wilpon was up to something:

Signing Scott Schowenweiss and Aaron Sele, gave me a bad feeling. Schowenweiss is still around, which is frightening;

The Mets lost to a Non Contending Atlanta Braves in the 1st End of The Doubleheader, 3-2, which makes me wonder if the Mets have a Bullpen at all. Schowenweiss has trouble with Left Handed Hitters-no wonder they boo him;

Starting Pitching is Good-The 'Pen Sucks;


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Listening To WFAN 660

Apparently, I'm not alone. Neither Is "The Omnipotent Q", as Roger Kahn, who Authored "The Boys Of Summer" about The Brooklyn Dodgers. He, too, is referring to the CURRENT Yankee Stadium, as a 32 Year Old Ballpark, different from The Original Stadium, closed on Sunday, September 30th, 1973:

I can say that I saw Duke Sims Homer, the last for Yankee Stadium I. The New Stadium on the Same Site, was structurally different. Hence I've been in BOTH Stadiums. Tier, for Instance is higher up than the Original, but the seats are wider and fewer;

It's a DIFFERENT Yankee Stadium. I'm not changing my mind;



Sellout 459-Wakey Shuts Down The Jays

7-0 The Final with Wakefield pitching 8 Scoreless Innings, Papi with a 2 Run Double and Cash Hitting a 3 Run Homer:

It may have been threatening weather, but Wakefield met the challenge+his back isn't bothering him. That's Good News;



While The Storm Clouds Gathered

The NY Yankees were washed out against Tampa Bay at The Toilet. The NY Mets were washed out against The Atlanta Braves at Shea Stadium(The Dump), while Milwaukee's Brewers were washed out against The Phillies at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Ballpark in South Philly:

Today, starting at 3:55PM-ET at The Dump in Corona, there will be a Single Admission Doubleheader. The 1st Game will be on FOX and the 2nd Game will be on S N Y, which is a nice and practical way to say goodbye to all those Loyal Denizens Of Shea Stadium;

Meanwhile, tomorrow at The Toilet(II), there will be a Day-Night, Separate Admission Double header, so Mr Von Hankengrabber can sock the Fans of his team;

Let's see what nice thing that News Corporation-Controlled Fish Wrapper, called The NY Post, has to say about the Mets Decision. It probably won't be mentioned by them, after all they, like FOX News And FOX Business Channels are marketing partners of DF Yankees;


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Thursday, September 11, 2008

09/11-Various Rememberences As Seen By Me

For seen by me, the scene in The Site moved me to tears, as always, as I remember various names:

Through "The Omnipotent Q", The Redoubtable John Brian Quinn of Brooklyn's Midwood Section, I've grown to know of Joyce Carpinetto and feel as if I've known her, all of these years;

Back here in Queens, in the Adjacent East Glendale and Middle Village Neighbourhoods, the Memories of Captain Patrick Waters and Firefighter Scott Larsen, are alive. For almost every day, I pass one stretch of Woodhaven Boulevard, from Myrtle Avenue to 83rd Avenue, known as Firefighter Scott Larsen Avenue;

Every Spring, Sacred Heart Parish-East Glendale, holds a Patrick Waters Family Fun Night;

Last Night at Shea Stadium, the NY Mets Played The Washington Nationals, the Former Montreal Expos. It was the Last Time, these two teams would ever meet in competition at Shea Stadium. The NY Mets wore the Glittered "Welcome Back Veterans" Cap, where the NY Giants(Baseball)NY was adorned in Stars and Red and White And Blue. Mets won the 2 Game Series, winning last night 13-10;

Shea Stadium was the 2001 Site, where Emergency 9/11 Operations, were coordinated from. Out Of Town Rescue Crews stayed there and food was distributed from there. Baseball was played there on 09/21, signifying the Return to Baseball, after the 09/11 Attacks. Mike Piazza homered, giving the Mets the Victory;

Today, at Fenway Park, a Blood Drive is being run by The Red Sox, in Commemoration of 09/11;

Kaylee, a Teen in Phoenix, AZ, originally from Boston, lost her Aunt, who was on one of the Ill-Fated Flights, out of Logan International Airport, crashing into one of the 2 Towers of The World Trade Center;

Today is a day of Tears and Rememberances;

In Nomini Patris Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen


Timlin? It's Time To Hang 'Em Up

3 Run Homer in the 14th by Carlos Pena, did the Red Sox in tonight, leaving them down to Tampa Bay by 2 1/2 Games. All of this was with 2 Out and no one on. Final was 4-2 Rays at the 458th Sellout in The Fens:

In the 13th, Troy Percival, the Rays Closer, loaded the bases. No movement took place on the bases;




Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 7th 09/11

That Day Of Infamy shall be commemorated tomorrow. There Will be no Baseball in NYC, but it will be elsewhere:

Light a Candle-Say a Prayer-it's a Day which will NEVER be forgotten-and Remember The Troops;

In Nomini Patris Et Filli Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.


Pap Passed Wind And Thus The Sawx Are Still Behind

It is said that in today's baseball, just how important is a great bullpen, but what about starting pitching, for Daisuke Matsuzaka failed his mission but did not lose, in the technical sense of the box score:

Jonathan passed wind, as in Papelbon in the 9th Inning, allowing a homer to Tampa's Dan Johnson, and a Double to Dioner Navarro, followed by a Single to Greg Gross;

Tampa Now leads The Red Sox by 1 1/2 Games, and there's One Game tonight at 7:05PM in The Fens;

5-4 Was The Final at the 457th Consecutive Sellout;



The "Yankopolypse"-The End Of The Yankee World As Seen By A "Prophet"

I, Michaelum, have a great vision of This Time, ending by some time next week, as Baseball drags on over the next 18 Games, including 3 Idiotic Recitations of "FOX Saturday Baseball", when the Prophet Timothy will wonder what life is like without the Appearance of Jeterus, Jetera and Jeterum, unless he's added to Post-Season on FOX, like in the N L C S:

Broadcast Row will find that the Green will not be as Grand a figure. Movie Studios will not be able to promote their stars and films without a Toilet as a backdrop;

Murdoch The Kingmaker will not have his star attraction available, where they, like squirrels, will be on Golf Courses and in Golf Outings on other networks. Lindsay Lohan will not be seen, hand in hand with Sandra Ronson, sitting by the Yankees Latrine(Dugout);

tbs will have Chip Caray, weeping and moaning and gnashing his teeth, wondering where Jeterum The god of Post-Season, is dancing at whatever disco;

The "Fans" at Toilet II, on September 21st, 2008, will cry into their beer and, no doubt, will be dousing both their livers and each other, with their malted liquids, running for the exits at the end of the 7th Inning, for the nearest pub, for more liver dousing, and reciting "26 World Championships", crying "Boston Sucks", and "Mets Suck";

Miller and Morgan will make no sense of this whatsoever. Buck will show no interest and The Prophet Timothy will utter "Jeterus, Jetera, Jeterum", infuriating the Prefect Of The Sacred Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith, who will chant "Yankees Combibo";

The Cathedral Of Baseball will close, causing Papa Ratzinger to exhale in relief, excommunicating Archbishop Steinbrenner for such blasphemy;

And The Populi will turn off their Television Sets and go do something else, perhaps more-creative, driving Murdoch, FOX and tbs to despair;

And the Populi will be Libera;

Libera-Play Ball;


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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's "Yankee-Geddon" Or The End Of The Baseball World For The Yankees And Their Fans As We Know It

"I, The Omnipotent M, or Michaelum,As I'm known as in Latin, have a vision, for I'm Here to speak of Good News for The Rest Of The Anti-Yankees World":

"Note, that this Vision is NOT Endorsed by Bud The Used Car Salesman, nor by M L B, especially NOT The NY Yankees, for they want you to believe the lies, The Lords of Baseball, have conjured up by being full of New Wine(Like Thunderbird Ripple)";

"The Yankee World Is Ending as we speak, courtesy of Carl Pavano, Joe Girardi, Brian Cashman, George, Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, while The Red Sox set the All Time M L B Sellout Streak of 456 Games, while The Red Sox defeated Tampa Bay's Original Rays Team, 3-0, to move to 1/2 Game behind The Rays, while The Yankees fell further into 4th Place in The A L East";

"Lords Of Baseball, FOX Sports, E S P N and tbs, have all cash-icated and other commodities, with 'The Great Hoowah Of The Bronx' and all her minions;

"Jeffrey Maier stole a play, is made into a National Treasure, only to find that his 15 Minutes of Fame has ended as post-season is not in reach";

"The 1st Seal was broken when A-Fraud came on the scene, with the largest wallet, ever seen. All Yankee Power was exposed by the use of a slap, hence Captain Slappy, was seen with a huge purse";

"And The Great Sinking started after being up 3-0 in '04, and the So Called Great Ones began their descent into Baseball Idiocy, by flopping 4 Games to 3. Those who vanquished them, won the World Series that Glorious Season";

"The 2nd Seal was broken, with 2 Post-Season Appearances, designed to annoy the Arrivistas, Hipsters, and assorted Worshiping Fools, who feel that Suffering is for everybody else";

"The 3rd Seal Was Broken, and Mourning, weeping, gnashing of teeth as well as an overabundance of Beer was consumed, leaving their Toilet as a site of barf stains";

"The 4th Seal Was Opened with the Vanquished Team's Owner, declaring His Place Of Worship to be a Cathedral, only to catch messages of Fire and Brimstone from a Much-Higher Authority Than He. Let's Just Say that the Higher Authority is based in The Vatican, with the Surname of Ratzinger, who found Mr Hanky's Actions to be Truly-Repulsive, as well as for Signing a Con Artist From Texas, Who was born in OHIO, which has a new meaning, like Over The Hill In October, which was the case of 1 2/3rds Innings and out with a Groin Pull, when things got tough";

"The 5th Seal Was Opened, and The Saints have power over The Lions and The Fans suddenly realize that Life Can be cruel, as Seals were planted on their heads, reading 'A-Fraud', looking for ways around it";

"So they made pilgrimages to a High Point In Corona, only to be taken to a Precipice and made to confess to their Ignorance. They came disguised and exposed and hung over Ramps from The Precipice By The Ankles, crying and Sobbing In Fear";

"And Red Sox And Mets Fans rejoiced, as The End Is Near, For The Great City, Where Cherubim and Seraphim Chant 'Yankees Combibo' is joined in One Great Chorus";

"The Enemy Is Vanquished. Play Ball";


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It Was A Classic-Including The Last Gospel According To St John

I am speaking of Mary's Nativity, celebrated in Latin and MINUS any "Musical" Contributions from the Haugen-Haas Crowd:

Prayers were chanted and sung in Latin, save for the "Kyrie", which is in Greek;

There was a very good Monday Night Mass Crowd in St Margaret's Church, in Middle Village Queens, this past evening;

The Last Gospel, still read in Latin, is the Story of The Incarnation(And The Word Was Made Flesh), as so-ably explained in The Homily by The Redoubtable Reverend Father Joseph F Wilson;

Sometimes, if I go to a Spanish Language Mass, I'll often revert to Latin in some of The Prayers;

Pax Vobiscum!


My Article On Fenway Nation-Click The Title And Be Taken To That Page

It's all true:

Especially if you need a good laugh about "The Toilet II" in The Bronx;

HOW MUCH More Fraudulent can The Yankees and M L B, get by telling the World a Big Fat Lie;



Monday, September 08, 2008

"They're #4, They're #4"

You Heard it here:

DFYankees are behind Toronto, in 4th Place in the A L East, 12 Games from All Post-Season Competition and 11 Games in the Wild Card, as far as ELIMINATION is concerned;

BY September 21st, 2008, "The Toilet" II, there will be no meaningful Baseball Left in The Yankees, unless Bud and Company, give the Yankees a Division by themselves, which might please FOX and tbs, but I doubt that;

THAT 32 Year Old Ballpark of theirs, will see its' LAST EVER EVENT;
Thousands of Hipsters, October Arrivistas and other Assorted A--h-les, will have NOTHING to do in October, when they will mourn, weep and gnash their teeth;

AND JUST WHAT will Tim Mc Carver talk about without his Ol' Buddy, Derek Jeter?


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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Oh, The Desperation Of The Idiots On W F A N SportsRadio 66

The Big News Is "Yankees Gain A Game On The Boston Red Sox":

Like THAT means ANYTHING on that Vapid Frequency, known as Sports Radio 66, a station which says and means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of Note. When Imus left, after CBS Owners got the s---s, after listening to that $5 Faker, Al Sharpton , they now contribute nothing to the continuing conversation, other than some caller, who doesn't really have a life, anyway;

One Game-Bwahahahahahahahaha;



Off The Baseball Trail And NOT on The Football Trail-It'll Be Mass In Manhattan This Afternoon And Mass In Latin, Tomorrow Evening

In the case of a Reverently-Celebrated, Haugen-Haasless Mass, I'll be headed to St Agnes at 5:15PM, where Gregorian Chant is sung. St Agnes Church at 143 East 43rd Street in Manhattan, has celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass since 1988. Despite it being the Novus Ordo Format, people tend to receive The Most-Blessed Sacrament of The Altar, at The Altar Rail and Gregorian Chant is sung at Communion Time;

Tomorrow, in the Brooklyn Diocese, with the Redoubtable Reverend Father Joseph F. Wilson as Alter-Christus, the Traditional Latin Mass will be offered, on the Feast Of Mary's Nativity. The Mass will begin at 7:00PM-ET, at St Margaret's Church, in Middle Village, in Queens

The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass is just that-A Sacrifice. Singing "Michael, Row The Boat Ashore", is more like a Camp and Campy Sing Along;

I think that you all know how I feel about Catholic Liturgy. Done reverently, it's a mystical experience, which is WHY I feel empty when I assist at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days Of Obligation. Much of the Music is only directed at SELF, instead of God;

Pax Vobiscum!


Well, Folks, You Can Turn Your TV Sets Off And Go Something Else-Good Lord!

OK, so I sound like Joe Buck, after another memorable comment by Tim Mc Carver, but tonight's 500th Appearance by Tim Winfield(Or Is it Bill Wakefield, Whatever), was AWFUL. Tim Wakefield's Knuckleball danceth NOT, hence he ONLY lasted 1 2/3 Innings in Texas. NOT good, considering that Tampa Bay lost 7-4 to Toronto, while the Sox got crushed 15-8, despite Mr Youk, homering:

Tampa Bay is starting to, well, SUCK. I guess that Fresh Air doesn't agree with the Original, Famous Rays. DFYankees, who play at home in a 32 Year Old Ballpark, defeated Seattle, 7-4 tonight which allowed Sidney Ponson to pick up a Win;

Phillies-Mets, scheduled for ANOTHER Mc Carverism, at 3:55PM-ET, was blown out by Hurricane Hannah, with huge amounts of rain;

It rained-it poured-it SUCKED;


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Saturday, September 06, 2008

WHAT A Lot Of Us Might Not Like About A Tampa Bay World Series

Upon winning the World Series, players would be sold or traded:

World Series Victory Parade crowds are huge, with fans asking "Just who are these guys";

Plans are to build a New Ballpark-Proposed Site is away from Tampa, like Coney Island, Brooklyn or Northern NJ;

It would be as much fun as watching the Marlins doing this;



Once Again, The Phones Are Wringing Off The Hook At Sports Radio 660, W F A N and W F A N- H D, In Astoria, Queens

It should be noted that 660 AM, W F A N, is on the air 24/7. It is NOT really home to any significant conversation, other than these words:

"John From Staten Island, You're Next On Sports Radio 66, W F A N";

It's also the Broadcast Home of the NY Mets, NY Giants, NJ Nets and, NJ Devils;

You hear Yankee Fans moaning about A-Rod;

The Conversation is less than stimulating;

Overnights, when W E E I-850 is broadcasting Fox Sports Radio, Eastern MA, and RH and NH and CT, turn to W F A N 660, to call into the shows, crying about the Yankees, Red Sox, Patriots, Giants, Bruins, Celtics, etc;