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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tonight's Farewell To A 32 Year Old Ballpark

It was lavish and spectacular. Babe Ruth's Daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, threw the Final Ceremonial 1st Pitch to Yankees Catcher, Jorge Posada, and Member of the Foursome left from The World Series Championship Era(1996-2000), including Shortstop Derek Sanderson Jeter, and Legendary Relief Pitcher, Mariano Rivera, as well as Lefty Starter, Andy Pettitte. Give Mrs Stevens a Contract, for pitching that 1st Ball:

Baseball, in all Ripple-Induced Hysteria, insists on calling it One Yankee Stadium, when, in fact, there were TWO Yankee Stadiums on The Same Site. The Original had Copper Frieze above the Tier Section, which was smaller in area, than the Stadium just closed this past evening. The Old Stadium had support columns, which Stadium II never had. Whereas one could get a glimpse of action in Stadium I, from the IRT #4 Lexington-Jerome Avenue Station at 161st Street, Stadium II had a huge wall blocking that view, with a plastic replica of the Famous Frieze, draping that huge wall;

There were no Escalator Towers in The Original Stadium, unlike Stadium II, where they existed by the Left Field Staging Area, located between the Left Field Stands and Left Center Field Bleachers. The field was placed lower than the Original Field in Stadium I. In Stadium I, the Monuments were in Center Field. The Right Field Staging area between Regular seating and Right Center Field Bleachers, is where the Yankees Bullpen used to be;

In Stadium I, it was narrow wooden seats. In Stadium II, the seats were wider and made with Plastic. Also the Sight Lines were better, despite the number of Columns;

Jose' Molina, he of the Molina Brothers Catchers, hit the Final Home Run in the History of Stadium II. Like Catcher Duke Sims did on 09/30/73(Stadium I), Obscure Catchers hit the Final Homers;

ESPN had a Former Negro Leaguer, tell the Story of Josh Gibson, hitting a Ball in a Regular Season Game, completely out of Yankee Stadium I. I heard Bill White, tell me that story in 1972;

In 1970, I actually had Press Credentials for 1 Game, in Stadium I, for all The High School Sports Writers in The NY Area. Game was versus the Milwaukee Brewers(May, 1970);

The Final Score was Yankees 7 and Baltimore Orioles 3. And Pettitte got his 95th Stadium II Victory and is 14-14. Mariano Rivera got the Final 3 Outs;

Note-I did not go up to The Toilet II in The Bronx. I viewed it in Professor Thom's;


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Blogger Peter N said...

Nice, Mike. Daisuke did his part, too.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Red Sox 1 to Clinch:

Last Night over ESPN, No One Left Yankee Stadium, a Rarity;

Mathematically, The Yankees are still in the Race, which I am surprised about;

Have a Good Day Peter.

10:54 AM  

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