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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 5 Oldest Ballparks In Continuos Use in MLB

Fenway Park-It opened in 1912 and has been in continuous use by Major League Baseball. It was rebuilt over the Winter of 1933-1934. New Ownership Group is constantly upgrading the property:

Wrigley Field-Opened in 1914, but wasn't home to the Cubs until 1916. It was 1st Known as Federal League Park, then Weigmann Park, before Wrigley changed it to Wrigley Field;

Dodger Stadium-Opened in 1962 and upgrading itself, yearly. This might have been the park Mr O'Malley envisioned for the Atlantic Yards Site at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues in Brooklyn, only with a Dome, had Mr Robert Moses not come up with a phony parking garage scheme, which never got built;

I know that this answer is CONTROVERSIAL, but it is TRUTH.Shea Stadium opened on April 17th, 1964 and has been in continuous use since that time. The Stadium is 44 Years Old. THAT Bronx Site is only open since 1976, as the Original was demolished, save for the Exterior;

Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA is #5 and opened in April, 1966, and renovated a few times;

WHY am I NOT including Yankee Stadium? Quite simply, MLB's Ripple-Induced Farce is NOT The Real Thing. The Original Stadium was torn down and replaced with a new stadium, which opened in 1976. Guess what folks-The Yankees played in Shea Stadium in 1974 and 1975. There was no Yankee Stadium in operation. Because of what I suspect was not great work on Yankee Stadium II, a beam collapsed and caused damage to the then 22 Year Old Structure, as well as taking out a number of sections of seating with it, forcing The Yankees to play a Home Game at Shea Stadium, in 1998;

1923 To 2005 Is A BIG FAT LIE, made up by BIG, FAT IDIOTS. Shea is older and may see Postseason before it closes up;


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Blogger Norman Oder said...

Just to clarify: O'Malley didn't want the Atlantic Yards site; he wanted the site across the street. See:

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