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Friday, June 30, 2006

Fight Song for Mets-Skanks @ "The Toilet"

My apologies to my chilhood team, the NY Mets, but here it goes:

"Meet The Mets, beat the Skanks;

Step right up & beat the Skanks;

Bring your kiddies, bring your wife;

Guaranteed to watch the game of your life;

Because The Mets are really Socking that ball;

Socking those homers far over the wall;

East Side, West Side, Yankees REALLY, REALLY SUCK;

They're the NY Mets Right here & they Own This Town."

My Open Letter to "Boston Dirt Dogs"


Wait! You Might Enjoy Getting F-----, you slobbering little asshat &

CLOSET Yankees Fan;

Oh, wouldn't that make you S---, Silva;

It would even be "Funniah"(To borrow from Mr Schilling), if we found out that you live in 1 of The 5 Boroughs;

We'll all enjoy OUTING You;

Were You the Basis for Steven Schwimmer in "Game 6-The Movie"?

We'd only be too glad to drop you from RF or LF Loge Seats in Shea Stadium, on your head, to the field.

Advisory on Yankee Stadium-Subway Series II

Dear Beloved Members of Red Sox Nation & Dear Beloved Members of The Mets Clan:
Tonight is "Subway Series II"; It will NOT be in a friendly place like Shea Stadium;

It will be in a place, not so-affectionately known by Red Sox Nation, as "The Toilet", which is Yankee Stadium, a place overrun by Suburban White Trash, who're on an "Urban Adventure", before going home to brag about how many beers were sucked down before the bottom of the 1st Inning;

The 3rd Level called "Tier";
Please! This is like the Bleachers, except beer is sold there @ $7.75(Imported is $9.75, as part of the A-Fraud Tax); This place is home to much of the North Jersey White Trash, as well as some whiney women from Forest Hills, Queens, who want you to shut up, as they talk on their cell phones, as well as the usual crowd from North of The Bronx & SW CT; This is not a real NYC Crowd, which tends to be more the case in Shea Stadium;

There's a dirty trick employed by Yankee Fans in Tier & ask that Red Sox & Mets Fans be on guard against it;
They'll claim that you spit at them, or caused someone some form of discomfort & get everyone around them to be their witness; this is often caused by some of the same dudes who are on their 10th beer by the bottom of the 2nd Inning; You're the poor schmuck who gets ejected, because of this fakery;

The Right Centrefield Bleachers;
"The Bleacher Creatures", a band of fanatics, who would yell "You Suck" during a Pontifical High Mass, because Pope Benedict XVI didn't wear a Yankees Cap, had their beer sales cut off on May 15th, 1998, because of such antics as setting fire to people wearing opposition gear & multiple brawls & language, which would shock a sailor;
The bars along River Avenue, from E 158 Street to E 161 Street, are where these people are hanging out; They are soused before the National Anthem;
The NYPD Cops who moonlight there, are their buddies;

Good Luck rooting in "The Toilet";

The Place, their fans & The YANKEES, all SUCK.


Yes, Jere:

I'm out on a limb;

Time for Mets to get out of fog & beat DFYankees;

Ron Darling & Don Orsillo looked like 2 Peas in a pod=Necktie Dapper Dans;

SNY had the better deal with "The RemDawg" himself;

Red Sox win the trip to Florida.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


I believe that Mr Schilling knows what that means:

Unless Mr Glavine gets in the way;


His Head In "Cloud 9"

I remember Game 7 of the '04 LCS, & Mr Francona brought in Pedro Martinez, in relief of Derek Lowe:

Pedro pitched like he was on another planet, or like he didn't want to be there, like he was trying to keep a "Curse" going;

It riled up a rather-moribund Yankee Stadium Crowd into the chant of "Who's Your Daddy", as Pedro gave up 2 runs, before Pedro Awoke & struck out the last batter in the 7th Inning;

Last Night, Pedro was in "Cloud 9" & never left;
I believe that this sent Pedro into forgetting fundamentals, in regards to starting a double play;

Hey, he screwed up, ROYALLY, giving up 8 Runs(6 Earned) & said nighty night;

Red Sox Win it 10-2, with Beckett looking like Thomas A' Beckett.

For laughs, go to the link list & read "Call of The Green Monster", especially about Pedro's "Reaction" to why he was hit hard.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alay Soler-Jon Lester

Question to The Mets:
How old is Alay Soler?
Does one add 5 to 10 years to his actual age?

Jon Lester is 22 Years Old; It appears to be true, but is pitching with maturity of a 27 to 30 Year Old; It's a great sign for the Red Sox to put in that extraordinary a talent, reminiscent of Seaver & Koosman, from my younger days;

Red Sox win it 9-4; Soler pitched on Friday in Toronto & won; why would anyone leave his pitcher in to be shellacked for 8 Runs?

Red Sox did a wonderful job:

Rick Peterson=Terrible Job;

The Yankees Lost & all is well with The World.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Series @ Hand

It's time to forget about 1986:
For me, it was running Mum & Da, to hospitals & doctors & getting hurt on duty, hence, personally, a pain, though coming close to landing a neo-dream job, which would come in 1987;
So I know how the Red Sox felt about coming close like that, as we all have various tragedies in life;

But in the Series @ hand, it should be noted;

The Mets defeated 2 Elite Teams in the AL East, namely Toronto, in Toronto, over this past weekend & the NY Yankees, in May, both series won 2 Games to 1, but lost a series to Baltimore 1 to 2, because of miscues from the bullpen, which does show some inconsistency;

The Red Sox look unstoppable, but the 2nd through 5th Place NL East Teams are between 5 & 13 Games below .500;

The Mets do have a 25/13 Road Record &, recently won 9 Road Games in a row, which is nothing to sneeze @+ the Best NL Record & 3rd overall in MLB;
Shortstop Jose' Reyes was named NL Player of the Week, 2 weeks in a row, with Mets CF Carlos Beltran as NL Player of the Week, prior to Reyes, as Reyes is batting about .560, raising his own average over .300 for the season so far, leading MLB in Triples with 10.
Front End of Pitching Rotation with Tom Glavine, @ 11-2, leading the Majors;
Pedro Martinez returns home @ 7-3(Should've been 11-3, but Bullpen did some damage here)& still has some issues with his toe, when he slipped in the Shea Clubhouse;
Then, some questions about the backend of the rotation exist, in Steve Trachsel, Ajay Soler(Cuban Defector @ 2-1) & Orlando Hernandez(W/Mets 2-1);
Bullpen(Darren Oliver is a good long man & stops the bleeding;
Aaron Heillman seems to be coming around, but can be inconsistent;
Billy Wagner-Closer 3-1, with 16 Saves, but 4 Blown Saves, so far;
Pedro Feliciano, young & improving, short relief;
Chad Bradford stops bleeding consistently;

Red Sox:
Schilling & Beckett;
Schill can be a little inconsistent as can Beckett & the NL is a fastball league, with some tendancies to giving up the long ball;
Jon Lester, age 22, is going to be great, especially when Mr Dave Wallace gets well;
Papelbon=Best reliever seen in a long time;
Timlin is a good setup guy;
ARSONISTS are Julia & his Sister, Rudy;

Papi & Manny vs Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran & Jose' Reyes is a Latin Beat;

It may come down to who has the better pitching coach;

Just as on Election Night, "It's too close to call."

Monday, June 26, 2006

Mets Fans-Red Sox Fans-On Behavior- Fenway Park

Dear NY Mets Fans:

Many of your parents & grandparents, used to go to a small ballpark @ the corner of Bedford Avenue-Sullivan Place, near the Prospect Park BMT Station, called Ebbett's Field;
Fenway will be similar & you will experience what your parents & grandparents experienced, in Brooklyn over 50 Years Ago, so enjoy the experience;
Do NOT be as EXTREMELY-OBNOXIOUS, like the Yankees Fans, who shove it in everyone's face;
Do NOT start in about Bill Buckner; In fact he's NOT THE culprit in Game 6 of The 1986 World Series, as Calvin Schiraldi is a way much-bigger culprit, with a 13.50ERA, having only pitched 4 Innings in 3 Games & lost 2 Games; So cut the Crap about Buckner; Besides, many Red Sox Fans are coming to Shea Stadium, looking to watch the Mets, as Fenway Park is sold out; Do NOT turn them off; You're in their house, an historic & nice one; & The Party Life on Lansdowne Street is great, after or before the games.

Dear Members of Red Sox Nation in Boston & Vicinity:

There are variations of New York Sports Fans coming into Fenway Park;
There's the "New York Fan" or as I usually call them, "Casual Fan Ass-Hats"; They cheer for which way the wind is blowing & will know very little about the team they're cheering about(They sound like the majority of "October Arrivistas" in Yankee Stadium);
There are the NY Yankees Fans, who're as welcome as Hitler is in a Jewish Neighborhood;
Then there are variations in the Mets Fan Base;
The crew from the 1960s, tended to cheer on the Red Sox, as an AL Team, as this 1st wave is descended from Fandom from the Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants;
There are "The Expatriates", who follow the Mets Via Gameday Audio or WFAN in the Evenings, or via the MLB TV Package(Extra Innings), who make occassional trips to Shea Stadium & still remember when Upper Level was $1.30;
There are "The '80s Yuppies", who will never stop laughing about Bill Buckner, but know something about a certain Mets Reliever called Calvin Drew Schiraldi,chanting "Bring On Calvin Schiraldi", as he was frequently-booed at Shea Stadium, when he was a member of the '84 & '85 Mets;
& then, there are the Assholes who keep bringing up Bill Buckner, who as I remember, was a fine outfielder & 1st Baseman;
The "Assholes" who do this, may either be the "Casual Fan Ass Hats", or Yankees Fans, as this last group is to be avoided.

My 1st MLB Game was @ Shea Stadium, on 9/2/66 & my 40th Anniversary will be celebrated @ Fenway Park, on 9/2/06. Thank Goodness I won't be watching this series live, except on TV, as I hate watching "Exhibitions of Inebriation Followed By Black Eyes."
Shea will be gone by 2009 & Fenway will still be there in 2012;
Thought that you'd like to know that!

Friday, June 23, 2006

"The Culprits of 1986-ON & OFF THE FIELD"

Let me say this:
Bill Buckner was NOT, repeat, NOT "The Culprit of The 1986 World Series";

"The Culprit", ON THE FIELD, for the Boston Red Sox, pitched in 3 Games;
He ONLY pitched 4, repeat, 4 Innings;
His 1986 World Series ERA, was really a "Duece" @ 13.50, in 4 Innings of Arson, allowing 6 earned runs in those 4 innings; Yet, in regular season relief, he was 4-2 with ERA of 1.41(Thanks, Jere for that remark-click on ARSFIPT Link on my "Lots of Links"[Credit To Kristen from Red Sox Diehard-The Ultimate Site]);
Yet, against The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, or were they the California Angels, or the Anaheim Angels, "The Culprit" had a 1.50 ERA, in the 1986 ALCS, which, mercifully was NOT on FOX;

If you guessed that "The Culprit On The Field" was Calvin Schiraldi, I owe you a 'Gansett;
His ERA in 1985, was 8.41; He couldn't handle National League Hitters to save his life, as NL Hitters usually looked for Fast Balls to jack out of the park;

Enter Frank Cashen, Architect of The Orioles Great Teams & Mets GM, & One-Time Mets Farm Operations, Lou Gorman, who did a great job of stocking the Mets Farm System;
It was a 6 Player Deal, but the Key was Pitcher Bob Ojeda & Pitcher Calvin Schiraldi;
Cashen knew what he was getting in Ojeda, but did Gorman have a clue about Calvin Schiraldi;
The two leagues under MLB, had 2 different styles, but now those differences have been blurred, in the last 10 years or so;

In short, Schiraldi couldn't handle National League Hitters, to save his life; No wonder the Mets made that deal, or else they weren't going to Post-Season;

OK, Lou; you're "The Culprit Off The Field" as you didn't see what Calvin did vs THE NL;

I ask Mets Fans to stop joking about Bill Buckner, as, hey, he played 23 Seasons & that without the trade of Calvin Schiraldi for Bob Ojeda, there might NOT have been as powerful a season, as 1986;

I ask Red Sox Nation, wherever you are in this world, including All of New England & The 5 Boroughs, to truly consider the real culprits of The 1986 World Series;

Other Candidates for "1986 Culprits" include Johnny McNamara, Mgr, for keeping an Injured Buckner on the field; Al Nipper for his 7.11 ERA in 2 Games(1 Started & 6 1/3 Innings & will remember him when ordering Coffee @ the 7-11 on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park) in the '86 World Series(Dave Wallace can't come back, soon enough, this season) & Rich Gedman, The Catcher in that Infamous 10th Inning(It was a Passed Ball In the replays & Bob Stanley got a bad rap for this), & last but not least, Roger Clemens, who in Game 6, suddenly had a blister(Sure, Roger-Methinks that you knew that you were losing it), who started the World Series Celebration a bit too early. is where, as Casey Stengel would say "You can look it up."


Thursday, June 22, 2006

The 20th Anniversary Series-A Major Analysis

All of This Weekend, I will be researching & writing about the Mets-Red Sox Series In Fenway Park:

The Question I ask is "Who is the Slightly-More Competent Pitching Coach?"

The Red Sox will honour Their 1986 Team on Tuesday Night;

The Mets will do so in August;

Be it duly-noted that Roger Clemens is nowhere to be seen, like I give a flying f---!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"The List Of Links"

Growing like Julia Tavarez' ERA!

Mets Are Making "Trachs"

He pitched 6 Innings:
He helped his own cause;
He Homered & watched the ball go over the fence;
Steve Trachsel is now 5-4 & seems to be getting better;
Mets now lead Philly by 9 1/2 Games;
Atlanta is 14 1/2 Games behind, mired in Last Place in NL East;
Even John Smoltz has waived his right to be traded from LOS Bravos;
Attendance is down by 20% in Atlanta;
Hey, such are cycles!

The Yankees Couldn't Handle This Team-But The Red Sox Sure Could

The Red Sox cleaned the Washington Nationals Clock, 11-3, last night, as well as defeating Washington on Monday Night:

The Yankees won the opener with Washington, on Friday Night;
However with a 9-2 Lead, they turned around & gave up 9 Runs, losing 11-9 on Saturday, sending Tim Mc Carver into a speechless mode(That's Good To Hear);
On Sunday, Chien Ming Wang Pitched a complete game, but lost when he gave up a 2 Run Shot & The Yankees Lost 3-2;

Question? Is Arthur Rhodes STILL The Yankees Favorite Batting Practice Pitcher?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The "Idiot" Wins-A Case of Jay Buehner For Ken Phelps

The "Idiot" won & Theo is starting to look more like a dolt, as the Season progresses;

Then Again, Larry was too busy playing Caesar in "The Boston Globe";

Bronson(Yes,Tim, his name is Bronson) Arroyo, pitched a Gem as the Reds defeated The Mets 4-2, with some help from The Mets Bullpen, which still shows some immaturity; The Victory was a complete game victory, well-done by a "2004 Idiot";

Wily Mo Who?

Monday, June 19, 2006

As One "Idiot" Leaves, Another "Idiot" Comes To Town

OK, so Millar had a weekend in Corona, shots of Jack & all; He dove to his right, but the Double by Jose' Reyes, was to his left; This is why he's one of the "Beloved Idiots" of 2004;

Now, another "Idiot" is taking his place @ Shea Stadium, tonight & his name is Bronson Arroyo; Bronson as in Bronson & not Brandon, as we've heard Tim Mc Carver, utter over & over again; he's 1-1 Lifetime, with Pittsburgh @ Shea & PNC Park;
He was about to tag out "A-Fraud" on a Sac Bunt; A-Rod slapped the ball out of Arroyo's Glove; A-Rod was called out for Interference; a barrage of pictues of A-Rod are all over the web, with him wearing a black handbag, or a huge Hamburger Helper's Mitt, because of that act of desperation;

The 2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, dubbed "The Idiots", were fun to watch, but with all the arguements inside the club, "The Idiots" are being all but pushed out & phased out;

It reminds me of the Breakup of another band of "Idiots", who were similar in some respects, namely the 1986 World Champion Mets, who actually won & were favored, despite Doc Gooden's need to take some coke up his nose. That "Gang of Idiots" were broken up; Shea Stadium suddenly wasn't so much fun anymore, but a # of that team, is making themselves known, especially with managing & coaching; Two Managers, Ron Gardenhire(Twins) & John Gibbons(Blue Jays) were bench players on the '86 Ball Club.

& a 2004 "Idiot" pitches for The Mets; He's The Big Prize; #45 Pedro Martinez;

More "Idiots" to come, later this season.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Leo Mazzone's Revenge Part II & A Slip In The Shower

Kris Benson never had it so good, but then Rick Peterson was his Pitching Coach;

It's as if The Orioles have become The Braves of Old vs The Mets as Los Mets dropped 2 In A Row;

Reportedly, Pedro's Toe is acting up, again+the Report of slipping & Falling in The Shower;

Yikes! I wonder who Ol' Rick will declare to be his next request for a trade?

Leo Mazzone's Revenge & An Hour of Post Game Cuddling

There was a reason why the Atlanta Braves had so-dominated the NL West @ 1st, & then the NL East & He is the Finest Pitching Coach in The World:

Leo Mazzone, need I say more?

How else did the Braves @ least make Postseason for 14 Years? Leo Mazzone is a Genius.

I watched the Friday Night Orioles-Mets Game @ Shea Stadium & Ajay Soler The Cuban was pitching a brilliant Game & after 6 Innings, left with a 3-2 lead, but couldn't break it open vs Eric Bedard, he with a 5.68 ERA;

Aaron Heilman proceeded to do In Game Impersonations of Julian Tavarez, Armando Benitez & Mel Rojas, as well as John Franco, & from '86, Calvin Schiraldi; in other words, this guy gave up 4 runs, causing me much intestinal distress. It ended up a 6-3 Loss;

& Rick Peterson didn't see anything wrong with this? Was he too busy checking the "FOX Saturday Baseball" Schedule to care?

So, it was Post-Game & talked with other Real Mets Fans & one "Poseur", who wore a Mets Cap, who tried to lecture me about the superiority of his city over my city, as I wore a Red Sox Cap, so as to impress his Yankee Fan Friend; I walked away & realised that this Poseur was a Yankees Fan I've seen before; On the 4 Train, this same guy from Manhattan, once did a 1 Way Bet with a Manhattan Consultant, who was a Red Sox Fan from Boston; It was '04 & that Braying Baboon, lost his bet & had to keep his zipper zipped;

I rode "The T", I mean the 7 Train with a Boston University Student, named O'Brien(Wearing a Papelbon Jersey with #58), who lives In Greenwich, CT, who mentioned of some Cool Places to go, pre-game, before Boston Plays The Blue Jays & the Coolest Places are Game On Cafe', by Fenway Park, & "Cornwall's" On Boyleston Street;
Then @ Grand Central Station, I hopped in a cab for that Noted Red Sox-Mets & Grandly-Irish Publick House, "The Hairy Monk" @ East 25th Street & 3rd Avenue;

Ahhh, God Keep Ya Safe, Mr Spence! Ivan Spence, the Evening Bar Manager & Purveyor of The Perfect Pint of Guiness, cleared the end bar seat for me; Peter From Worcester, MA, bought me my requested pint of Miller Lite, which I had then started to sip to refresh me. He was talking with two ladies. I looked & recognised these two women; I met them on New Years' Eve in The Monk;

One of The Two Women, Amy, recognized me(See January 1st, '06 Post);

We met & cuddled together for an hour & I bought her a drink, along with her friend & Peter from Worcester; This made a Seemingly-Dreary Day, turn into a Good Day over all;

Thanks, Ivan:

Thanks, Peter;

& THANK YOU,AMY, Mia Amica!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Love That Dirty Water"-But NOT "Dirty Water Dogs"

I love that Standells Song, an anthem of sorts @ Red Sox Victories @ Fenway Park.
In NYC we have a form of "Sidewalk Cuisine"; It's hot dogs from a cart;
So, on Monday, I walked to William & John Streets, in The Wall Street Area & got myself a hot dog & Snapple Iced Tea;
I went back to my office & ate my lunch.
It was an hour later that I started feeling like I had been hit by a bomb. I got a bit sweaty & disoriented so when my work tour ended, I went home;
I developed blisters on my legs, felt like I had watched either Julian Tavarez or Aaron Heilman(More on that later) & a fever. It was time for an early evening, so i was in bed by 6PM. Took 2 Aspirins for the fever & sweated out the night. Ditto, Tuesday Night!
Wednesday was June 14th, both Flag Day & the 25th Anniversary of my 4th Degree In the Knights of Columbus, so it was off to a Council @ 50 Street & Queens Blvd, with a Brother Sir Knight, who happens to author one of the blogs, which is linked as One "Hell" of a Blog( The beers went down, easily, a sign of some normalcy was returning to me.
BUT, No more "Dirty Water" Dogs for me; Barf!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

In Between Mothers & Fathers Day-Something to be Thankful For

I am NOT a yankees Fan:

On September 2nd, in 1966, before the word "Suck" or "Sucks" became the Baseball Word Du Jour, my father took me to see the Mets vs Phillies @ Shea Stadium, then a rather new looking stadium. It looked nice & clean & had no columns & poles;

Box Seats @ Shea, were $3.50 & Dad remarked that it was expensive($3.50 doesn't even buy water these days). Mets lost 6-0. This was in the days before Divisional Play & Interleague Play. But, it was fun, & hoped to return the next year;

It was Mom's Turn, the next season, as she, my brother & I, went to Mets-Pirates, which involved the filming of the Triple Play Scene, in "The Odd Couple" movie, starring Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau. It took a few shots but much of the action was with Felix Unger & Oscar Madison on the phone & Heywood Hale Broun, in the Shea Press Box, as the movie would bear out; The Mets beat the Pirates in the real game, just like in the reel game, so life imitated art, in a sense.

Dad started his policy of $1.30 seats in Upper-Level, in 1968.
I was @ the 3rd Game of The Recent Subway Series, & that $1.30 seat of 1968, was $22 in what The Mets called a Platinum Game, as part of the Sliding Scale of Ticket Prices. It's enough to cause both Mom & Dad & Babe Ruth & Gil Hodges, to spin in their graves. By the way, despite that price, a smile came to my face when that phony Pile On Player, known as "A-Joke", ended a yankees rally by hitting into a Double Play, earning him chants of "Jeter's Boyfriend" from Mets Fans & "A-Rod, You SUCK" from yankees fans. Mets won that 4-3 on a 3 Run Homer against the wind by Carlos Delgado & a shot into the Shea Parking Lot by David Wright(Joke had it that it might've landed somewhere near LaGuardia Airport or the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge).

On June 29th, 1997, I viewed the Red Sox of "Wayback Wadsin", with Mo Vaughn on the DL, losing 6-0. That was a Knights of Columbus Trip, arranged between a council in Queens & one in Arlington, MA. Arlington, MA, is home to Bill Mahoney, owner of the funny web site, "Call of The Green Monster." Outfield Grandstand was $16. This was the kind of Park, where my folks & their siblings watched MLB, as Fenway Park has similarities with Ebbets Field-Brooklyn.

But, you see, the Folks wanted to show me about good sportsmanship, certainly-absent in "The Bleacher Creatures", who look to start a fight over anything. I can laugh about the NL Mets & AL Red Sox.

May Big Papi, Manny, Carlos Delgado, David Wright & Carlos Beltran all hit a homer for You;

Hence, I find it appropriate to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of my 1st MLB Game, in a place, somewhat similar to a little, bandbox ballpark @ the corner of Bedford Avenue & Sullivan Place, in Brooklyn. Only, instead of Prospect Park Station, the next stop is Kenmore Square. & September 2nd will be @ Fenway Park, Red Sox-Blue Jays. When I 1st saw MLB, no teams were in Canada.

Thanks! The memories are waiting.

& TAVAREZ-like Benitez, You SUCK!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"A-Rod, Clap Clap, A-Rod, Clap Clap, A-Hole, Clap Clap, A-Hole"

He could hit the side of a barn, but not the one he's standing next to:

I'm curious but did yankees fans start tossing debris, because of A-Fraud's stupidity, when he did his ball-slap?

He's key; only when the yankees are up or down by 9 runs;


Sunday, June 11, 2006

"El Papi Grande"

Trot Nixon Singled to start it after 1 out in the 9th:

Coco Crisp singled, then Mark Lorreta flew out;

Then David Ortiz Launched it & it's in the books as Red Sox 5 & Texas Rangers 4;

"A-Fraud" will NEVER be this Valuable.

Finally, Pedro has some runs behind him-Mets Win Again

In The 5th Inning, after a Lastings Millege 2 run triple, it's Mets 13 & AZ Diamondbacks 0. Would you believe this, but Pedro batted twice in the top of the 5th?

Mets batted around in 4th & 5th Innings.

Ok, it's now 15-2, Final Score.

Pedro Martinez should've been 10-1, but is 6-1;

Mets 6-1 on road trip;

Life is grand as TDyankees lost 6-5 to Oakland & were swept by the Athletics.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Top 10 Questions on The YES Network Employment Application

Saturday, June 10, 2006
12:28:00 PM
TOP 10 Questions on the YES Network's Employment Application:
#10: Have you worked for a propaganda organization other than NESN;
#9: Ditto, the Boston Globe;
#8:Do you own any "Yankees Suck" shirts & did you burn them yet;
#7: If you know any Arabic, our Arab Language Version is "Al-Yanquezeera";
#6:If your web page has any links for "Shut Up Tim Mc Carver", those are grounds for being pummeled by a group of 30 Bleacher Creatures on HGH;
#5: Any criticism of Derek Jeter, will lead to rumors of heterosexuality in the NY Post's "Page 6";
#4: Do you realise that Yankees Fanz are thuh mos-literit & intelligint fanz in the werld;
#3:The Boston Red Sox have Fanz like Doris Kearns Goodwin, while we have Fanz like Vinny Da Mauler from Bath Beach-which group of fanz is more-noligible;
#2:The Mets play in a stadium, nicknamed "The Toilet"; @ least that's what they told Boss George in Baastuhn;
#1:Are you sure you have the intestinal fortitude to broadcast the kind of flatulence, we want our audiences to hear; then, welcome to YES.

I hope that You All notice The Change to this page

After procrastinating for over a year, I have FINALLY added links to this blog.

Quite simply, I cut & pasted code to my Mariner Write program, then did the edits, then, voila, a good # of links have been added.

It wasn't so bad.

It was even better when TDyankees lost.

& Sterling sounded so mellow, as that nice news came to me.

Friday, June 09, 2006

"The Online Play By Play"

During last night's action as the Red Sox started to eat the yankees alive, I was on the Red Sox Die Hard Message Board, doing some written play by play, with Webmaster Kristen Cornette. She operated from the Boston Area, while I operated from here in Queens, being humourously held captive by WCBS Newsradio 880 & yankees commentators, John Sterling & Suzyn Waldman. I never laughed so hard during any yankees broadcast in my life(Almost as funny as a Dave Letterman TOP 10 List; if I was watching the NO Network, I would've been throwing things).

The complete "Broadcast" can be read by clicking on the banner, link, or both & you can read it on the message board. It reads 6-8-06 Game Thread, Boston Red Sox Vs NY Yankees.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Banner You See-"Red Sox DieHard"

This is the website which took me on the Red Sox Oddessy to various sites & into the other sites, such as Kelly Jefferson's blog, which led to Call Of The Green Monster, & blogs written by Reb & Jere & The Mighty Quinn & Others.

Kristen Cornette:
You are to be commended for a website which has an incredible "Ease of Use", which has made my Red Sox Nation Journey, so much-more enjoyable & fruitful;
It's an honour to post this banner on my blog;


"Just Do IT, TONIGHT!"

Click on the banner;
You'll love this comprehensive site;

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"YPN Is The WORST TV Network In The History of Mankind"

YPN, an acronym for YES or "yankees Entertainment & Sports Network" is actually a Propaganda Network, which would make Radio Moscow pale by comparison.

John Henry, Red Sox Principal Owner, viewed YPN & stated that when he "leaves this world, he'll know that he's gone to a bad place, when he hears the sound of Michael Kay's voice in the afterlife, not to mention Bronson Arroyo's Music";

FOX Sports Lead Baseball Analyst, James Timothy Mc Carver, commented that "YPN covers the angles that even I don't get to see & as a result, most fans of the game of Baseball, are left wondering about what they either saw or didn't see";

Rick Sutcliffe on ESPN wonders how fans can even watch a game, which YPN is covering, when they cover everything else but the game in question; he wonders if an announcerless game on YPN is the best option since Kay doesn't know what he's talking about 99.9% of the time;

It's driving yankee fans to radio to listen to Sterling & Waldman, who let their imaginations run wild, not to mention the In Game Sponsors of every other word.

If NESN was allowed in NYC, people would watch it, just for their better production values.

Just say "NO" to YPN, mistakenly called "YES."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Last Night's Game from Hell

Brought to you by ESPN:

Sutcliffe is as annoying as "Y2"Kay(Makes James Timothy Mc Carver seem palatable);

M. Cabrera NEVER TOUCHED Home Plate;

Umpires switching calls to appease the residents of "The Asylum For The Criminally Idiotic";

Terrible Job & will Dave Wallace get better, soon, as Nipper scares me;

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

1 Year Ago, Today

This blog was started, under the inspiration of Kelly Jefferson & Jere Smith & it continues.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Homeland SECURITY?"

South Park CO (INS)
The sleepy hamlet of South Park, CO, south of Denver, has been awarded a $124M grant, as it is considered to be a prime target for terrorists. Eric Cartman, Town Coordinator of Homeland Security, made this following announcement:

“In light of the fact that New York City has no National Monuments to protect, we have a National Monument called “Mc Cormack’s Cove”, which is under weekly attack. The main resident is named Kenny & he’s always getting killed on a weekly basis. He got killed one week, when some dude on TV uttered the words ‘The Fundamentals are a fundamental part of a Baseball Game; Derek Jeter could tell you that.’"

"OMG-That KILLED Kenny; That Bastard!"
“A Reverse-TV Signal-Stealer is being purchased to block out the offending TV dude & replace him with re-runs of ‘Drawn Together’, where the super heroes are gay dudes. I know that Big Gay Al will love that.”
A spokesman for “FOX Saturday Baseball”, declined comment.

Which Asshat Mc Blohole in Homeland Security, came to the conclusion to cut funding & send the money to Dung Heap, KY? Terrorists will stick out like a bloody glove in a place like that.

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