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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Series @ Hand

It's time to forget about 1986:
For me, it was running Mum & Da, to hospitals & doctors & getting hurt on duty, hence, personally, a pain, though coming close to landing a neo-dream job, which would come in 1987;
So I know how the Red Sox felt about coming close like that, as we all have various tragedies in life;

But in the Series @ hand, it should be noted;

The Mets defeated 2 Elite Teams in the AL East, namely Toronto, in Toronto, over this past weekend & the NY Yankees, in May, both series won 2 Games to 1, but lost a series to Baltimore 1 to 2, because of miscues from the bullpen, which does show some inconsistency;

The Red Sox look unstoppable, but the 2nd through 5th Place NL East Teams are between 5 & 13 Games below .500;

The Mets do have a 25/13 Road Record &, recently won 9 Road Games in a row, which is nothing to sneeze @+ the Best NL Record & 3rd overall in MLB;
Shortstop Jose' Reyes was named NL Player of the Week, 2 weeks in a row, with Mets CF Carlos Beltran as NL Player of the Week, prior to Reyes, as Reyes is batting about .560, raising his own average over .300 for the season so far, leading MLB in Triples with 10.
Front End of Pitching Rotation with Tom Glavine, @ 11-2, leading the Majors;
Pedro Martinez returns home @ 7-3(Should've been 11-3, but Bullpen did some damage here)& still has some issues with his toe, when he slipped in the Shea Clubhouse;
Then, some questions about the backend of the rotation exist, in Steve Trachsel, Ajay Soler(Cuban Defector @ 2-1) & Orlando Hernandez(W/Mets 2-1);
Bullpen(Darren Oliver is a good long man & stops the bleeding;
Aaron Heillman seems to be coming around, but can be inconsistent;
Billy Wagner-Closer 3-1, with 16 Saves, but 4 Blown Saves, so far;
Pedro Feliciano, young & improving, short relief;
Chad Bradford stops bleeding consistently;

Red Sox:
Schilling & Beckett;
Schill can be a little inconsistent as can Beckett & the NL is a fastball league, with some tendancies to giving up the long ball;
Jon Lester, age 22, is going to be great, especially when Mr Dave Wallace gets well;
Papelbon=Best reliever seen in a long time;
Timlin is a good setup guy;
ARSONISTS are Julia & his Sister, Rudy;

Papi & Manny vs Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran & Jose' Reyes is a Latin Beat;

It may come down to who has the better pitching coach;

Just as on Election Night, "It's too close to call."


Blogger Peter N said...

Gammons stricken..brain aneurism, and being operated on, NOW.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Keep Peter Gammons in your prayers, he being such an elegant commentator, In The Name of The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit, Amen.

12:15 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

He's out of Surgery & in ICU.

12:48 AM  

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