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Monday, May 14, 2007

Of Latin, English, Red Sox, Mets, & Being Delivered From The Yankees

I was at the Cemetery Chapel @ St John's Cemetery, in Middle Village, Queens @ 9:08AM yesterday, at the Traditional Latin Mass. Outside of being Mothers' Day, it was also a day of 1st Holy Communion. The Mass was also sung & there was grand participation by all, joining in Gregorian Chant & The Gloria, The Confetior, The Credo & The Pater Noster, as well as The Agnus Dei & The Kyrie:

The Mass in Latin, truly-distinguishes Itself as CATHOLIC from The Get-Go. Kneeling at Communion at an Altar Rail, says this is CATHOLIC. The Confetior in Latin, Offers Prayers To All The Saints. This Mass is set in stone, whereas there's no room for so-called "Hymns" which are more affirmations of OURSELVES, than Worship Of God;

Two Wee Lads, no doubt taught by use of "The Baltimore Catechism"(Which has NOTHING To Do With Cal Ripken Jr, BTW), received their 1st Holy Communion, in the same manner as I did, 45 Years Ago, kneeling at an Altar Rail, receiving on the tongue & NOT in one's hand, with The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass In Latin. One of those wee lads, is a Red Sox Fan, who no doubt, is waiting for The Gregorian Chant Version of The Standells' "Dirty Water", Red Sox Nation's Anthem Of Victory;

Our Musical Accompaniment, came from a Secondary School Junior, playing a Violin. She 's terrific. There's something to be said about no Communion Hymn & that is the Meditative Silence is MOST-Welcome;

Then, as Evvy said to me, about my having to usher a Novus Ordo Mass in my Home Parish, it's time "To Do Penance";

Whilst Evvy said that in jest, I went & did my duty & "My Penance"(LOL);

The poor Priest couldn't stand nor walk comfortably. Church was not crowded. One of The Ushers, Ed, stated that he was an Altar Boy & misses the Latin Mass. One of the Choir Members, Dorothea, told me that she loves singing in Gregorian Chant & not the So-Called Modern Hymns;

I'm no fan of "Ballpark Music" @ Mass, Either, hence my Preference for the Traditional Mass. In the Novus Ordo Mass, some of the More-Stately English Hymns have been tampered with. AWFUL! When words are changed around, the Sense of The Sacred, is diluted or LOST;

IMAGINE losing to the Baltimore Orioles? The Sawx couldn't fathom being shut out by the Os', who in charitable fashion, DONATED a 6-5 Victory to the Sox, thanks to Orioles Catcher Hernanadez, dropping a sure 2nd out & Manager Sam Perlazzo, changing his marvelous starter for a faltering closer, named Chris Ray, perhaps, pitching in the panicky tradition of the Mets Aaron Heilman. The Game was a Gift-Sox Fans will take it;;

The Mets were more-orderly, like a TLM, demolishing the Milwaukee Brewers, 9-1, with Ollie Perez, doing his best Koufax Imitation;

The Yankees Lost 2-1 to the Seattle Mariners. The Weather must've been warm in Seattle, as A-Rod did no damage, with Andy Pettite taking the loss;

Yesterday was a Triple,with Sox & Mets Winning & Yankees Losing;

It was a Great Sunday;

Pax Vobiscum;



Blogger MattySox said...

Just the fact that you can imagine (as I now can) a Gregorian chant of the Standell's proves to me, yet again, that you are a mad genius...did I say crazy? I meant mad genius...have fun @ the Fens on Sunday you lucky duck...

9:45 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I shall Enjoy Sunday, free from the Unrest of Mets-Yankees:

If there's a Gregorian Chant Version of "Yankees Suck", somehow, I'll find it.

1:34 PM  

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