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Monday, May 21, 2007

Fenway Park, Red Sox Triumph & A Rain Delay

Don't always trust 3 Day Forecasts:

I checked with WBZ TV's Website & they said clearing & a chance of showers;

I got to Fenway, early, after a 3:41 Ride from Chinatown-NYC to South Station;

I took my usual Red Line to Park Street, to grab the Green Line to Kenmore;

It was humid in the stations, which is why it felt so good when I got to Kenmore;

I crossed the foot bridge over Mass Pike, & started my walk to the Ticket Office, to the "Will Call" Window,showed my myriad documents, got my ticket & walked into Fenway Park @ corner of Ipswich & Van Ness Streets;

It was Pre-Game Festivity Time, as I bought a Fenway Frank & a Large Diet Coke. Both settled my hunger pangs;

In 4 Prior Visits, I had a marvelous time at Fenway Park. This was the Best Time Of all of them;

Tim Hudson of the Braves(Used to be with Oakland), got clocked for 4 Runs, as Fenway was Electric & Papi doubled, but Youkilis was 'The Star", as he doubled & Homered;

Kason Gabbard was the Sox Pitcher of Record-he did NOT disappoint me & left to a Roaring Ovation;

Manny really plays that wall in Fenway, quite-well, holding someone to a single;

It was a 2:30 Rain Delay. It was also Connecticut Day in Fenway Park;

I was NOT angry over it, as I stayed for a 6-3 Victory, with Paps in to save it, though I thought that he might've gotten a case of the "Yips" by allowing a run in the 9th Inning. Okajima(Darkman), was brilliant in the 8th Inning;

I was Uniquely-Seated In a top row of OF Grandstand 3, sitting in a Folding Chair In Wheelchair Seating & had good legroom;

"Sweet Caroline" never sounded sweeter than in Fenway Park. Ditto, The Victory Songs of "Dirty Water" & "Tessie";

I also watched Mets Yankees from Game On Cafe, inside Fenway Park. At least I wasn't watching with a bunch of Yankees Fans at some bar in Queens;

Fenway Park caused me to realize that Shea Stadium is such a barren place, which needs to be replaced;



Blogger Peter N said...

You picked a great game, although with the sparness of Paps pitching, he was not sharp....and it showed.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Paps gave me a slight scare in the 9th Inning:

2:30 Rain Delay on CT Day in Fenway.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Anita Moore said...

Hi, Michael! Off the subject, but how did your exam go? Did the Dominican Salve Regina help? (By the way, I had to sing it at a K of C pancake breakfast Sunday morning -- now I guess I've done everything!)

12:23 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Thanks For Your Prayers, Anita:

I've come to an Inner Peace, that I hate all the Internal Politics & am happy where I am;

Many people have become burnouts, looking to please various political types;

Pax Vobis;


1:12 AM  

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