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Thursday, May 10, 2007

From We of Red Sox Nation-NYC To Our Bretheran In The Boston Area

We may NOT live close to Fenway Park, but it does NOT lessen our love of all things SOX:

We view NESN via Satellite(DirecTV)in our pubs;

I was in a place where Theo Epstein did a guest bartender appearance(The Hairy Monk @ East 25th Street & 3rd Avenue, in Murray Hill, Manhattan) on St Patrick's Day, '06, with a business associate. A Woman from Boston inquired as whether or not I was an Infiltrator of The Nation;

As We'd say in BROOKLYN-"Dem Woids is WAR". We may actually be the CRAZIEST Part of Red Sox Nation, as we tend to live in Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan, as well as Hoboken, NJ, Birthplace of Ol' Blue Eyes Himself. Shea Stadium, home of our Gracious National League Hosts, the Mets, is our Home In Exile, where many an intelligent exchange of Baseball Talk takes place. Mets Fans showed great interest in Jon Lester's Condition & felt that Big Papi was robbed of '05 MVP, because of "A-Jerk's" Status as a Product Spokesman;

Shea Stadium does whet our appetites for the World Of Fenway Park, as we desire to be with our Boston Bretheren. Paul Lo Duca may be OK, but he doesn't replace V-Tek;

We must be crazy to wear a Red B in this town, but we do KNOW our Baseball. For we who were born in Brooklyn in 1955 & were to young to remember, the BROOKLYN Dodgers defeated the NY Yankees in a 7 Game WS. '04's Grand Triumph, was our 1955. The 1986 Mets, an Incredibly-Talented Bunch, are an Aberration, as Coke was the Fuel & it was NOT sipped from bottles;

We're SOX Fans from different circumstances, but NYC being so diverse, I guess it's this City's Tolerance of us, as the Red Sox Pubs do the Best Business in this town;


Mike, A Certain BROOKLYN Native, now in Queens


Blogger Peter N said...

Our team is on much fun is this!!!!!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Suldog said...

It is always a courageous thing to wear the home uniform in enemy territory. I salute you, my comrade!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Like a Speeding Rocket & I don't mean Roger, either:

& Happy & Proud of donning a Sawx Cap, in Queens, Brooklyn & Manhattan;

Any Jackass(Like Roger) can don a Yankees Cap;

None of us will do that.

10:32 AM  

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