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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FT ON FOX-Pre-Contest

''MLB ON FOX Presents The Knights of Columbus Free Throw'' live from Brooklyn, NY-Pre GAME

4 Co Hosts are Curt Menafee, Eric Karros, Mike Piazza, & Kevin Kennedy..
"Hi Everybody, we're back with this Special Edition of "MLB On FOX". I'm Curt Menafee with Eric Karros, Mike Piazza & Kevin Kennedy, for our 14th Season Premiere & this one question to our panel is "WILL & WHEN Will Senior Producer Ross Mac Duncan, arrive to punch someone's lights out":
Piazza: "I think when Ti.m Mc Carver gives us his "Bronson Not Brandon" repertoire", is when the 1st punch gets thrown. On the other hand, it could be those two new Co-Chairmen, Topper & Bottomly, who could get Mac's Goat & light that short fuse temper of his. Eric?"
Karros: "Or it could be when Tim confuses which team, Kevin Youkilis, plays for, let alone Brandon Choi or Bronson Arroyo. Choi is an Up & Coming Shooter, while Bronson Arroyo is guesting with "The Dropkick Murphys", whose hit song, "Sending Up To Boston" will be sung here, near the end of the Contest.. Kevin?"
KK: There's really only one to watch, & that's Brandon Choi. I'd also watch for anything STRANGE by Terry Topper & Phillipe Bottomly, in case they have a case of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", if you know what I mean."
Curt: Now over to courtside with Tina Cervasio & Tina, Welcome To FOX Sports";
TC: Thanks, Curt, Mike, Eric & Kevin & pleased & honored to be here. 1st, this report that FOX Senior Producer, Ross Mac Duncan, as per Fr Mc Adam, the Council Chaplain, has been barred from entering Iadanza Centre, for moral complaints. No doubt, Ross will give him a huge piece of his mind, just like last year. Now back to you."
Curt: "Joe Buck, your dulcet toned voice is needed, right now. Take it away";
Joe Buck:: This annual ritual is getting larger & wackier & RemDawg, I think that with the selectiion of Council Co-Chairmen, we're in for some strange goings-on, tonight.";
Jerry Remy: "With 2 Guys like Topper & Bottomly, we might see a lot of bending over, or a gay ol' time";
JB: Tim Mc Carver, we've seen every imagineable thing under the sun. I wonder how you'll characterize the new co-chairmen;
T Mac: From what I gather, these 2 may do things where the sun doesn't shine. In short, it's great way to promote the Season Premiere of "Fort Martina".
JB: Hold That Thought, Tim. We'll be back with The Start of this contest in a few moments. The Contest is brought to you by Apple, by AT&T-Your World, Delivered & by Palm.
"Da, da, dot, da, da, da, dot, dot da"



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