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Monday, November 30, 2009

For Mac Users-The Software Suggestion-MMMI

Let's say one is a Mac User. Mac users often demand great, intuitive software. Here's a way of getting great software without breaking the bank:

Microsoft Office is said to be the Gold Standard for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. It can also be rather expensive. In the Home/Student Edition of MS Office:Mac 2008, 1 GB of space is needed on the hard disk. Business Version requires 2.3 GB on the hard disk. The 1st Version is anywhere from $99 to $149, while the other is around $399.

In my system, if I need templates for my writing, I use iWork '08 Pages. If I need total Microsoft Office Compatibility, I have it in Neolithic Office, a Mac OS X port of the Open Office Project. Having both Office Suites from Apple and Neolithic Office, the total GB Count is 1.6GB and $79.99 for both suites.

Neolithic Office has Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Formula, Drawing and Database Functions, making it a suite in tribute to Appleworks. iWork has Word Processing/Layout, Presentation and Spreadsheet functions. Both are valuable and will save money.

If you absolutely need Microsoft Office:Mac, it's actually more fun on the Mac side than in Windows. Just add an entry to an Excel Sheet and watch the column jump up at you. You won't see that in Windows Versions.

Just a tip to Mac Users!

The Pez Report-Mac Software Edition



Blogger Peter N said...

Hello to you, Mike. I use a Mac desktop but I don't need all the frills. I just write my blog and surf the web a little.

The Sox are starting their Yawkey Way shuffle...I'm looking forward to this time of wheeling and dealing.

Happy and healthy holidays to you and yours and yes, I'm here reading you a couple times a week. Pete

5:36 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Feel Good, Peter!

Be Well!

Do stop by, as I'm now appearing in a Web Drama, shot in HD, called Peripheral City.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Term papers said...

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