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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Cretins From The Asylum For The Criminally-Idiotic On a Day Pass

They will be on a series of 3 One day passes to The Awaited Interleague Series Weekend, as DFyankees will play the NY Mets @ Shea Stadium.

The Cretins, known as "The Bleacher Creatures", whose pastimes include consuming mass quantities of the beverage named for the Roman Goddess of Grain, Ceres & whose name is chanted in Spanish as Cerveza, before entering the ys bleachers, which are Cerveza-Free.

This leads to the inevitable brawl, with these Cretins, who need "Hooked On Phonics" to learn how to spell the variations of their favorite word "Suck."

Both teams TV outlets will carry the Friday Night Match. I in this case, prefer the WB 11, so that I won't be viewing any version of "NO" with Y2Kay & Company, on my9(A Property Of The Kangaroo).

The Saturday version will be carried by "The Kangaroo Network"(Murdoch is AUSTRALIAN in case you may not know), which is in this country, called "FOX." Expect some "NIT-Witicisms" during the course of the telecast, on FOX 5NY, from "The Master of The Obvious Observation", someone named Tim Mc Carver, as well as a blast of Sarcasm, from "The Doctor of Sarcasm", The Son of The Great John Frances Buck of Holyoke, MA, Joseph Buck(Please).

The Sunday Version is @ 8PM ET, on ESPN, & the match which I'll be at.
The Elegant Mr Jon Miller & The Know It All, Hall Of Famer/Legend In His Own Mind, Joe Morgan, will provide commentary.

I want to see a great game. I don't need the bonus coverage of "In Stadium Pugilism."
"In Stadium Pugilism" is a BRONX pastime. Let it stay @ "The Asylum For The Criminally Idiotic."

"We'll be back to "The Adventures Of Jere, Chan & Reb", following these messages & a word from your local FOX Station."

"Da, da, dot, da, da, dahhhhh, dot, dot dahhhh."

Click on the title to Jere's Blog. You'll be glad that you did.



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Thanks for the link, Michael!

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