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Saturday, March 18, 2006

New York Fans=Casual Fan A-Holes

I am NOT a “New York Fan”. Just WTF is a “New York Fan”? In the Sports World, they are what is known as a “Casual Fan A-Hole”, or “Casual Fan Biatch.” I have ABSOLUTELY NO USE for “New York Fans.”
My passion is Baseball, so I like to watch NESN @ Red Sox Pubs in Manhattan or online from home, as well as listening to the WEEI Red Sox Feed, online, as WTIC-Hartford is just too much static.
I also like to watch the new Sportsnet New York (SNY), Television Home of the New York Mets, as well as their Over The Air Station, The WB Channel 11. I saw SNY on the 1st Night & it has a New England Sports Network Kind of flavor to it, as it isn’t overbearing, unlike the YES (Yankees Entertainment & Sports) Network, which will, therefore, be called HN (Hell No), or FT (F--- This). Only when the Mets are playing, or when “Imus In The Morning” is on the air or “Talking Baseball With Ed Randall” & “The Sports Edge” is on, do I really listen to WFAN. “Mike & The Mad Dog” are not my idea of Intellectual Stimulation. I often listen to Public Radio over “iTunes” on my Mac.
One bar, on Metropolitan Avenue-Kew Gardens, Queens, calls itself a “Mets” Bar. but during Mets-Yankees Series 1, the Games were seen on FT, as Michael Kay, was blathering on more than Tim Mc Carver was on FOX. Red Sox Bars are more like real Mets Bars, as they dare NOT carry HN or FT during Mets Yankees.
Another example of the “Casual Fan A-Hole” was found in the last series of Yankees-Red Sox. DFYankees clinched a playoff berth on a Saturday & loads of people came out on the streets of Queens, wearing “Giambi” shirts & jerseys. I wonder just how many were carrying syringes in his honor. These clowns will wear Yankees gear, but wouldn’t get caught dead in DF Bronx. Some of these people, would make for great extras on “The Sopranos.”
Women fans who root for DFYankees because “Jeter is Soooooo Cute”; Derek Jeter doesn’t care about you, especially while dancing the night away, in some trendy night spot on 1st Avenue with some starlet; Ditto Women Fans who swoon all over Mike Piazza in his Mets Days; Mike is married now; How many of you Piazza Swooners will be at Shea Stadium in 2006?
I was in a place called “Killarney’s Cottage” on Woodhaven Boulevard in Rego Park, Queens, last June. Some dude with Major League Brain Damage, walked over to me demanding that I remove my Red Sox Cap. He told me that since this is a Mets Bar, The Red Sox are not to be tolerated & that to be a true Mets fan, I should root for DFYankees whenever the Yankees play the Red Sox, in order to honor the ‘86 Mets.
Maybe, he was partying too much with Dwight Gooden, in 1986, which may explain what kind of state of mind this dude was in. He may be spending too much time with the “New York Fans” who populate the Field-Level Boxes. That crowd abhors the chant of “Yankees Suck”, a chant in Shea Stadium, which emanates from Right Field Mezzanine.
“New York Fans” are committed to which way the wind is blowing. To those across Red Sox Nation-New England & New York:
The REAL Mets Fans, who are a by-product of the Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants Fans of over 50 Years Ago & Honorary Members of Red Sox Nation, share a common passion and a phrase which we all chant with Unbelievable Clarity & Intonation;
Repeat After Me:

DO You Get the message, Spike Lee & Other Casual Fan Blohos?
Thank You!
Click on the Title to Go To "The Mighty Quinn Of Midwood, Brooklyn", a Member In Good Standing of Red Sox Nation-NYC.


Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for the link to my site Michael, and for signing the petition. Very much appreciated and thanks for the support!!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

With Pleasure, Q!

11:24 PM  

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