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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Game ended. Red Sox lost.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

What A Lost Feckin' Weekend That Was

That was a real kick to the junk, wasn't it?

Three straight bombouts in The Bronx Toilet:

Theo? Was Omar a consultant on such deals as Brad Penny and John Smoltz?

I've got Gas from This Weekend, it was so bad;

Hearing someone on the radio whose voice is not so "Sterling";

No Fun!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Game ended. Red Sox won!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Game ended. Red Sox won!
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Game ended. Mets lost.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009



It's called Reiki & people may have to pay hundreds of Dollars to be attuned in order to call oneself a Healer;

Dr Usui? Many stories abound about him from being a Catholic Priest to being a Medical Doctor, to being a Businessman, to being a University President. He spends 21 days Up on a mountain in Japan, at 2K Feet, fasting until he saw the White Light of Reiki;

At 21 days at 2K feet, I think the air is a bit thin up there. Eating very little food will cause one to catch a nasty cold as well. Being 2K Feet above Sea Level may cause you to see white light. It's called "Seeing Stars";

& you'll also feel light headed as well;

& passing down secrets via attunements for a nice price of, as one woman from Hawaii did, for $10K-Smoke 'em if you've got 'em;

Supposedly, Usui did a healing of a girl. He healed others, but those others went back to their old ways, so he decided to charge for his services;

Currently, Reiki Practitioners can charge you anything, for you to place their hands above your body, though only a few centimeters above, for what really amounts to a little heat from one's hands over one's face;

You could sit in a warm room & get the same effect, feeling a bit sleepy. Play the right soft music, as one lies down on a massage table, and listen to the music & practitioner speaking softly, encouraging one to breath deeply;

You paid $55 for a half hour for this? Some of these practitioners utilize "Spirit Guides", and you may not know what Spirits they're calling in;

You can do your own three deep breaths. You don't need a possible "Witch Doctor" doing this to you. Save your cash-it's all a scam;

One of their favorite things is to have you drink 10 Glasses of Water. It's supposed to be part of the "Reiki Cleanse", so be prepared to be running to the toilet a number of times. God help you if you have a prostate or Kidney Problem-you'll be in the can several times that night;

The only thing you're attuned to is waving your hands over some poor person's body & that's it;

Nice Racket! & WHO is DR Usui? So much is written about him, all of it conflicting information;

So much for the So-Called "New Age"!

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No NESN This Weekend

Dear Nation in New York:

We will not have DO, Eck or RemDawg this weekend;

It's that Yankees Thing;

Instead, The NO Network will send its' feed over NJ's Channel 9 for Friday Night from The Bronx;

On Saturday, It's FOX with -uck & Mc Cavah(Get your Barf bags ready with any 17+ mentions of Jeter);

Sunday Night will be Jon Miller & HOF Joe Morgan;

Hang Tough, Nation-this too, will come to pass;

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Manny Delcarmen? You SUCK!

Manny Delcarmen BLOWS. He cannot pitch his way out of a paper bag which is wet & open. WHY does he remind me of the TOTALLY-USELESS ARMANDO BENITEZ?
He couldn't find the Pope in Vatican City, let alone find home plate.
KC now leads 10-9. Now I know WHY I let Delcarmen have it but good in Citi Field. The score is now 11-9 KC. It's raining cats & dogs at KC. Not that Wakey was any great shakes, but the 'pen looks suspiciously like that idiot Jeffy Wilpon put it together, with Omar Minaya as Coffee Boy.
ONLY Omar could sign a pitcher to a long term contract like this one.

Royals 12 & Red Sox 9.


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Monday, September 21, 2009

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Game ended. Mets lost.
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Yesterday In The "Citi"

It was Mini Car Day. The Mets won 6-2 over the Joke called the Washington Nationals. No Homers were hit. Members of Red Sox Nation were present.

To my Baseball Brethren called "The Nation"-just because you and I share the same rooting affection for the Old Town Team, it does NOT mean that I root for the Patriots. I root for something older called the NY Giants. I remember Frank Gifford as a Half Back, & Y A Tittle as QB. With the way The Patriots played yesterday, it was as if Belichik was taping yesterday's Mets Game. The Mets did the fans a favor by showing J-E-T-S highlights, along with Red Sox Highlights on the Big Board in Left Center Field.

Wilson Valdez tripled in two runs. Daniel Murphy doubled in two runs. David Wright is still stagestruck by Citi Field. And John Maine Pitched well & got the W in the Books.

A Wounded Soldier was introduced and given a huge ovation by the 38K crowd. Sal Manzo, in glorious Brooklyn Accent, sang "God Bless America."

Brian Stokes almost blew it in the 9th Inning, giving up 2 runs. K-Rod saved the day with his 33rd Save.

Wee Ones yelled at me for wearing a Red Sox Cap at Citi Field. They should yell at Freddie, Jeffy & Omar for putting together this wreck of a team. The Team NEEDS a Big Bat, BADLY.

The Sox Destroyed The Orioles. The Red Sox are only 5 in back of the Yankees, who cut the cheese in Seattle, losing 7-1.

& The Texas Rangers, once owned by G. W. Bush, continue to lose ground to the Red Sox in the Wild Card Race.

& The Tampa Bay Rays are going NOWHERE. That Cowbell Routine of theirs was born at Shea Stadium. Cowbell Man told me that Stu Sternberger, owner of the Rays & a Season Ticket Holder at Citi Field, in short a lifelong Mets Fan originally from Canarsie, Brooklyn, copied the idea for use at "The Trop."

My parting words for Citi Field were "Freddie & JEFFY? Thanks For Nothing, You Schmucks."

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ever Notice The "Home" Crowd In Camden Yards?

Whenever The Red Sox are in Baltimore, The Nation flocks there in huge #s. Orioles Fans never quite fill the place. Then again, the Orioles don't tend to have competitive Seasons, not since 1997. So, "The Nation" Takes over the place, as if it's Fenway Park.

It was just about the same in the 1st MLB Series at Citi Field, when "The Nation" descended on Corona. Save for the assorted a--holes dressed up with "Buckner E3" Shirts, shouting "Buckner" in our collective ears, despite the known fact that Jeffy is known by Mets Fans as an a--h-le, Ditto, "Minaya The Liya", "The Nation" had no problem there. We're at home everywhere save for that "Brand New Toilet In The Bronx.

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It's A Great Thing That The Red Sox Defeated The Orioles 11-5

Because I can not exactly Tolerate Manny Del Carmen's Relief Role, as there was no one out & balls flying over the fence in Baltimore. Who does he think he is? Eric Gagne'? Wait! The Sox may include him in the Players to be named Later in the Billy Wagner Deal with the Mets & Omar "The Liya" Minaya, might only be too glad to have him.

Not that Jon Lester was that sharp as balls did fly all over Camden Yards, but he got a "W", bringing him to 14-7. Wagner got his outs in the 7th Inning, on a nice play by "A-Gon", the SS, who turned two.

The Red Sox are putting distance between them & Texas & keeping pace with DFYankees. T'was a nice night.

The Pez Report


Sunday, September 13, 2009

At Least They're Done-Thanks For NOTHING Jeffy & Freddie

It's Official-Mets are eliminated.
That's IT! No Waiting for the last day!


Friday, September 11, 2009

091109/Say A Prayer/Thanks

& Never Forget, as Americans we lost a lot on a working day in America, 8 Years ago, Today.

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Santi, Amen


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Game ended. Mets won!
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