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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Intermission Before The Storm

One Thing About Red Sox Nation In NYC, is that many of us, also cheer for a National League Team, called the NY Mets. It is our way of being so totally "Anti-Yankees."

Chances are, if one is either a Mets Fan, or Red Sox Fan, & is seen with either team's cap, either is more-likely to see a Game, involving their team, either @ home, or on the road, than one sporting a Navy Blue NY Yankees Cap. The NY Yankees Cap, is, more-often than not, a cap which identifies a person as either a Casual Fan Bloho, or a front-runner. Those wearing NY Yankees Caps with gear, beyond the Navy Blue Cap, tend to actually go to an actual Game.

On the Q23 Bus, rolling through Forest Hills, Queens, on the way to Austin Street, I got into a Baseball Conversation, with a woman, who donned a Red Sox Cap.

"Nice Cap", I exclaimed. She did a "Ditto", in regards to my NY Mets Cap.

As Rebels in Queens, we talked Baseball, & our favorite announcing teams of Jerry Remy(RemDawg), Don Orsillo(Both on NESN), Joe Castiglione & Jerry Trupiano(WEEI Red Sox Radio Network), & Fran Healy(NY Mets on FSN-NY). Healy is NOT a favorite, as on one game, his Home Run Call, was a Roll-Up of calls made by Trupiano, Castiglione, & Mel Allen(How 'Bout That), meaning that Fran is annoying & NOT Original. Tom Seaver, on the WB11, is not really a favorite, either.

The Brooklyn Cyclones, a Mets-Owned Minor League Team, in Coney Island, is really another form of being "Anti-Yankees." I may just go see them, finally, this season.

Something about Red Sox Nation-NYC, which I found amazing this season, are the number of people using Apple Macintosh Computers. Then again, as rebels, we love & demand QUALITY from our computing experience. The Lady with The Red Sox Cap, is Mac-Oriented & wouldn't have it, any other way, & still loves the Classic Mac OS 9.2.2, a system, on which I 1st learned to love & use the Mac. As I'm writing this on a G3 400Mhz DV iMac, with a 20GB HD(Color is Graphite), I received it on 11-08-05, with it running Mac OS 10.3.9(Top of Panther-Marvelous OS).

I love the system & love being a fan of a team, other than DF Yankees.

I hope to see that lady, again, sometime.

& neither of us like YES, ESPECIALLY Michael Kay.


Blogger Peter N said...

Michael Kay...just the sound of his name sends shivers of disgust and spasms of nausea throughout my body. First time commentor here Michael, but I've read your's on Jere's site.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Peter N, you're always welcome, along with the Rest of Red Sox Nation.

12:08 PM  

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