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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ok, I am Back Again

It's a bit cold in NYC, so I managed to do a few things, such as:
#1: Chucking my MS Internet Explorer out the Windows(I have Mac OS 10.3.9-Panther, & IE can't even render MS Hotmail in the Mac OS X Version, hence, CYBER-JUNK);
#2: My #2 Browser is Opera 8.5.1, a nice alternative to MS IE 5.2.3;
#3: My FREE Office Suite of Applications, called Neo Office/J, for Mac OS X, & it's nice, MS File-Compatible, & did I mention FREE(Click on above title, for link);
#4: Celebrating the acquisition of Josh Beckett, to make the Red Sox, the 2006 World Champions, in the Pitching Department:
#5: Celebrating the building of a Championship-Caliber Team, called The Mets, by Omar Minaya, a Neo-Theo, with the acquisition of Carlos Delgado, Fab-Hitting 1st Baseman, from The Florida Marlins, who are not long for Miami, & the report that Premier Relief Pitcher, Billy Wagner, may be headed to the Mets;
#6: Trying to guess, what's in the mind of Manny Ramirez, this week, as well as last week;
#7: My plans for a New Palm Computer Purchase, for the end of December, 2005, a Palm Computer with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, &
#8: Finally Figuring out that Windows XP, actually means "An eXPerience which Cyber-Sucks."

Using OS X(Panther & Tiger), one could take a document, or web page, click the print button, & Print it to a printer, turn the document into a PDF File, or FAX the document through a conventional phone line(Includes MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint, & Data Base, for Mac 2004 Office). One is lucky if one can print on the Windows XP Pro or Home Versions, but cannot do the other 2 things, which are available in Panther(10.3) & Tiger(10.4). Only with the introduction of Windows Vista(NT 6.0), will one be able to turn a document into a PDF File, placing MS Windows latest advance, about 5 years behind Mac OS X, if not longer. When XP started the concept of Multiple Users of a Computer, the concept was 2 1/2 Years behind that of Mac OS 9.0.4(Sonata). XP isn't even as stable as Mac OS 9.2.2(Limelight Upgrade 1). XP even copied Mac OS 9 Icons.

Funny thing about the free, Neo Office Programme-it only required 3 patches, is stable & was brought to frutation by 2 Software Engineers & is maintained by volunteers, the Helvetica Font, which is my favorite writing font, comes out looking nicer, than it does on MS Word for Mac, not to mention MS Word For Windows. Appleworks version of Helvetica is crappy, unless it's saved as a Microsoft Word File, where it looks so much better.

Friggin' MS Word, costs $234, by itself, & MS Office, costs $399 for Standard, $499 for Professional, with the extra $100 for a data base, & $149 for Educational Uses. MS Office mentioned to its' users, to download Service Pack 2, for its' Mac Edition.

Neo Office/J is so nice to use.

Best of all, it's FREE, & so are the Best Things In Life.


Blogger Peter N said...

Trying to figure Manny out is a waste of anyone's time. Let's hope we get some value for him, or he stays!

4:11 PM  

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