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Monday, March 27, 2006

Bushwick, Brooklyn-The Artists Invade

Bushwick & Starving Artists

I remember Bushwick, Brooklyn, before it declined into a massive slum area. When it turned into a massive slum, it was sad.
On Broadway-Brooklyn, a great department store called Bargain Town, was in business. Then, as the area became a slum, it moved to the 5 Towns Area in Nassau County.
The building was dormant for years, as was much of Broadway. Then in 2000, things began to change. As Williamsburgh, Brooklyn was getting an Artist & Yuppie Crowd, rennovations were starting to take place in Bushwick.
The demographics are changing in this area. I see it in my morning commute aboard the J & Z Subway-Elevated Lines. Young Artists are moving into Bushwick, giving it a bit of an East Village Look.
This is an area I long dreaded passing through. Now, I see it budding. It’ll be a couple of more years before even more changes.

Who Knows: Maybe a couple of Red Sox Friendly Locations may pop up there. The gloom of the slum will be gone. & a fancy neighborhood name like NoBro, or “North of Broadway”, will come into vogue. If people go South of Broadway, “SoBro” will be the sobriquet.

“The Neighborhoods, they are a changin’!”
To borrow a phrase from a “FOX Saturday Baseball” Lead Analyst, this applies to what’s taking place in Bushwick, Brooklyn:
“Baby, You Gotta Love It!”

This evening, I rode on the Z Train with 2 of the "Starving Artists." They are from Rural Wisconsin. This is an adventure to them. One of them told me that where they live, there are a lot of cool people, there.

The Artists will make that difference.


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