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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Something Deja Vu All Over Again-ish

Remember the '04 LCS, & The Prayerful Looks of Red Sox Fans, as the Olde Towne Team, came back from The Abyss?
It was replicated last night in Corona, Queens @ Shea Stadium, in the 8th Inning, as Victor Diaz, wowed that crowd with a 3 Run Homer. Mets won 6-4.

Fran Healy, Mets TV Announcer(MSN-FSN-NY) & ALMOST as annoying as the Crew From Al-Yankeezeera(YES), made a home run call, reminiscent of Jerry Trupiano & Joe Castiglione. "Way Back" sounded like Trup & "Can You Believe It" sounded like Castig.

Meanwhile, on The Shea Scoreboard, an ad for The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, was run.

Yes, The Mets do promote The Jimmy Fund. Shea Stadium was the site of The 1st Jimmy Fund Game, held outside of Boston. That was in 1987.

Mets Fans, can always look to their Red Sox Fan Cousins, in New England, for a Little Inspiration.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kelly Jefferson's Entertaining & Elightening Blog

Thoughtful, provoking thought on a # of topics. She inspired my blogging efforts.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Watching Red Sox-Rangers @ Home

A few weeks ago, I was listening to the fading WTIC 1080-Hartford Signal, & heard Joe & Jerry on the radio, here in Queens. I used my imagination, listening to Castig & Trup, paint the word pictures for me. It was old-fashioned but fun, like when I was a kid, pulling in Ken Coleman & Ned Martin, via 1080, or via WBAL-Baltimore, for Orioles Games, listening to Bill O'Donnell & Chuck Thompson(Bill's a Native of The Bronx, which hit me between the eyes). Often, I used to listen to WCAU 1210-Philly, for Harry Kalas, Gene Elston, & Rich Ashburn. In 1980, '81 & '82, a nice, southern guy, just retired from catching, painted vivid radio pictures, with his delivery of games. He, later, switched to TV, & was in demand from NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, & now, FOX, where people have put up websites, asking this guy to STFU. This guy is known as "Master of The Obvious."

When TV 1st came out, screens were only a few inches wide. Tonight, I had that experience, watching Red Sox-Rangers, online, on my G3 iBook. Using Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X, I viewed the NESN feed, as if I had one of those early TV sets.

The difference between those people with the old tv sets, & me, was that I was using a High Speed Internet connection, via Time Warner Cable.

I use the EXCELLENT Mozilla FireFox 1.7.8 browser, & it works well with Windows Media Player 9. NESN, though a small image, was coming in sharp & I watched as Don Orsillo, & The RemDawg, gave me the report of the Game, which I enjoyed, a lot. Now, I can sit at home & watch NESN, w/out having to head to a pub, to watch the game. Yes, I did watch Marty's USRV Commercials, tonight, with High Speed Online. The ad is just as corny, & Marty looks like one of the characters, from "Welcome Back, Kotter", one Arnold Horschak, only 30 years older.

When I bought my 1st computer, a Brother GEOBook, in 1998, I dreamed of watching video, online, one day. Windows 95, 98SE, & Macintosh' OS 9 & OS X, allowed me to experience video.

My Geobook, after 7 Years? It's still working. Not fancy/but still good for text crunching & faxing documents. It still works well.

Wow! I watched a game on a really small screen, like those people did, in the Late 1940s'/Early '50s'. T'was fun!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

A New Book by Jim Gerard

It's quite-entertaining little read, & the title is something, both members of RSN-NYC, & Mets fans, are noted for chanting.

The title? "YANKEES SUCK."

Have you ever eaten a hot dog @ Yankee Stadium, only to spend some time between the porceilin gods? Well, exposed in this book, includes the sanitary conditions of YS, & the report that garbage dumpsters are not far from the food preparation areas, near the concession stands.

Where TF is the NYCDOHMH?

The Bleacher Creatures rendition of "YMCA", is also mentioned. It's sung, in a bit of a homophobic manner. One wearing opposition gear(Red Sox-Mets are prime targets), hear the rendition of YMCA, with lyrics such as "Gay Man, will you get off your knees, I said Gay Man....Why Are You Gay", & deteriorates from there.

They're described as loud, vulgar & obnoxious. One memory of them, included by me, was when the Orioles were in town, a contingent kept razzing Orioles RF, BJ Surhoff, who was born in The Bronx, with "Blow Job Surhoff", & "Hey, Blow Job? How does Mora Taste."

No wonder there's no beer sold in the bleachers.