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Sunday, August 07, 2005

A New Book by Jim Gerard

It's quite-entertaining little read, & the title is something, both members of RSN-NYC, & Mets fans, are noted for chanting.

The title? "YANKEES SUCK."

Have you ever eaten a hot dog @ Yankee Stadium, only to spend some time between the porceilin gods? Well, exposed in this book, includes the sanitary conditions of YS, & the report that garbage dumpsters are not far from the food preparation areas, near the concession stands.

Where TF is the NYCDOHMH?

The Bleacher Creatures rendition of "YMCA", is also mentioned. It's sung, in a bit of a homophobic manner. One wearing opposition gear(Red Sox-Mets are prime targets), hear the rendition of YMCA, with lyrics such as "Gay Man, will you get off your knees, I said Gay Man....Why Are You Gay", & deteriorates from there.

They're described as loud, vulgar & obnoxious. One memory of them, included by me, was when the Orioles were in town, a contingent kept razzing Orioles RF, BJ Surhoff, who was born in The Bronx, with "Blow Job Surhoff", & "Hey, Blow Job? How does Mora Taste."

No wonder there's no beer sold in the bleachers.


Blogger Jere said...

I worked on this book a few months back when I was still proofreading. It was funny how my boss purposely gave it to me because she knew I'd enjoy it.

6:44 PM  

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