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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Sunday

On Sunday, January 15th, 1967, The Green Bay Packers(NFL), coached by Vince Lombardi, met The Kansas City Chiefs(AFL), coached by Hank Stram, in the 1st Championship played between the American Football League & the Long-Established National Football League. The AFL was founded in 1960, whereas the NFL was established in 1920. I had turned 12 on 1/14/67.
The AFL time was kept on the scoreboard clock & had a 2 point conversion. The NFL had the Officials keep the time on the field, just like in Soccer. There was no 2 Point Conversion Option in the NFL.
Green Bay crushed KC in that 1st Game, dubbed "The Super Bowl." Super Bowl I was played @ the Los Angeles Memorial Collesium, before 65,000 Fans & was not a sold-out event. It was televised on CBS(NFL) & NBC(AFL), the only time that 2 Networks, shared Super Bowl Coverage.
On my 13th Birthday, on 1/14/68, Green Bay creamed the Oakland Raiders, in Miami's Orange Bowl. That game was on CBS. Lombardi dubbed the AFL as upstarts. It was also the last game he coached for "The Pack."
It was Sunday, 1/12/69, the start of an amazing NYC Sports Year. It was 2 days before I turned 14. I was walking to the 9AM Mass @ St Sylvester Church with Dad. The NY Jets were to play the Baltimore Colts, whose lineage, as it turns out, goes back to Ebbetts Field as the NFL Brooklyn Dodgers. It was 8:55AM & the Las Vegas Line said that Baltimore was an 18 1/2 point favorite. I tempted fate & bet my father a dollar.
A Brooklyn Kid betting his father, before Mass on 1/12/69; it was my 1st-Ever Sports Bet. Super Bowl III was my 1st Pay Day in sports betting. Joe Namath "Guaranteed" Victory, as the Jets defied the 18 1/2 Odds & won 16-7.
The NBC Sports Pre Game Show was 1 Hour. Today, Pre Game is 3 hours. In Super Bowl XXXI, FOX ran a 7 Hour Pre Game Show, in 1997.
The 2 Point Conversion Option & Scoreboard Timekeeping, are part of the NFL now. This game is seen & bet around the world. Hey Vince-The Upstarts rule the NFL World. It's not your NFL, but a whole new game.
& Teams are playing for the money & The Trophy, named for the Pioneer, you are. Thanks, Vince!
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