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Saturday, February 04, 2006

M$ Free

I am free from the Scourge of Microsoft. I use free, Open Source Software. This is Abi Word. It is a worthy alternative to Microsoft Word.

Documents can be saved as .ABW, .TXT, .HTML, .DOC, .RTF & .SXW, as well as .PDF. Microsoft Word on Mac OS X, only saves in .DOC, .TXT, .HTML, .RTF & .PDF. MS Word in Windows XP, saves only in .DOC, .HTML, .RTF, & .TXT. When MS Windows VI or Vista is released, either this year or in 2007, .PDF will be added, a full 6 years behind Mac OS X.

.Doc=MS Word; .RTF=Rich Text Format;.TXT=Plain Text; .ABW is Abi Word; .HTML means that your document can be read as a web page; .PDF is Printable Document Format & is read exactly as you wrote the document to the other person on the receiving end. .SXW is Open Office Writer Format. .RTF, .TXT, .HTML & .PDF are internet communicating standards. Microsoft Word is a proprietary format, owned by Microsoft.

I write complex documents @ work, having to use Macros (Tables). I have to use MS Word to create them, but I save them as .RTF & use fewer kilobytes. In other words, I don't like sending an over-coded document.

Microsoft has a problem with Macro Viruses, so I now send documents across NYC Offices, using .HTML & .RTF. The documents come out just as professional looking, as if I sent them as Word Attachments.

One does NOT need MS Word to do a great job.
Click on the title above to see Abi Word. Thanks!

I hope to save you all a bundle on MS Word.


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