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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


“A-Fraud=Diva Self”

One evening in the Foreign Land called East 161st Street & River Avenue in The Bronx, I listened to the Roll Call Chant by the Cultish Fanatics, called “The Bleacher Creatures” of Section 39 in Yankee Stadium. The Bleacher Creatures are noted for such things as yelling such memorable chants as “Box Seats Suck” & singing their own peculiar version of “YMCA”, by pointing en masse @ any fan in opposition gear(Red Sox & Mets Fans In Particular Get Razzed Worse than anybody), singing “Why Are You Gay.” In the Roll Call, the chant begins with “Derek Jeter” & he waves his glove. It's done with all of the players on the field. On one night, The Creatures chanted, with Rhythmic clapping, “A-Rod..A-Rod..A-Rod..A-Hole..A-Hole..A-Hole..A-Ho..A-Ho..A-Ho..A-Rod” before A-Rod waved his glove.
Even Yankee Fans deride him with the above chant. Chants of “C'mon A-Hole” are heard with frequency. Do they chant that because it's a New York City Colloquialism, or is he despised for his being such a Post-Season Failure? He was NOT a true deciding factor in the Yankees return to Post-Season. Jason Giambi's return from a lack of Steroids in '04, complete with green skin & substance use, not picked up in urine tests, may have altered the Yankees Season, as they were utterly mediocre(Can you say “Yankees Suck”; I sing that line whenever “Dirty Water” starts up in any of the bars in Manhattan, which cater to fans of The Olde Towne Team & there are 10 Pubs that do it there).
A-Rod only hits certain pitchers with any real fequency, especially Bartolo Colon, hence a smart decision on Mike Scoscia & Colon's part to forego pitching Game 5 of The '05 ALDS. A-Rod only hits in bunches & when nothing is on the line, as well as whenever the Yankees are involved in a blowout game. Mr Clutch, he's NOT. He broke up a shutout attempt on May 21st, '05, involving Yankees-Mets, during the Season Premiere of the Oft-Flatulent Series called “FOX Saturday Baseball Game of The Week”, a Game where The Lead Analyst, was working on “Double Jackass Overtime.”
A-Rod as A-Diva:
When he batted .032 in the '05 LDS, he said he played like a dog, so back pages of the NY Post & NY Daily News, displayed the headline “A-Dog”(Fans Around MLB Parks should start barking & chanting “A-Pooch” in '06);
I watched “The Brawl” of '04, & reading A-Diva's lips, he seemed to have uttered a combination of obscenities as well as a challenge to Jason Varitek. Instead of taking the base after getting plunked, he went into the act of a Classical Diva. He must thrive on being a Drama Queen;
The Ball Slap: After slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's Glove(Bronson, NOT Brandon, Tim), he acted like he was a contestant on “American Idol”, in that he was insulted by the Droll One, Simon Covell, upon discovery that he commited an unlawful act, one which according to the Rules of Baseball, could've caused his ejection from The Game; “A-Diva” acted like nothing of consequence happened & was surprised at the result @ being caught; The Illustrious Joe Morgan, perhaps more Self-Aggrandizing than Tim Mc Carver, thought that “A-Diva” made a good play;
Perhaps, A-Fraud has issues in his life, such as his father abandoning him when he was 9, though he did have an Uncle who did take the father's place, though the father would've been preferable; he may lack Self-Esteem, so he seeks it by acting so self-important. The World of A-Rod can be summarized in one word, “Me”;
Alex Rodriguez was born in 1975 on the Island of MANHATTAN, NOT in La Republica Dominicana & is a Born & Bred US Citizen, NOT a Citizen of the Dominican Republic, so he should play Baseball for his country, the USA. Divas ALWAYS seek attention in any way possible, hence making A-Rod the consumate “A-DIVA”; ATTENTION CONSUMES Him;
Having said that, the Team of The US of A, has little chance of victory, as The Consumate Diva will be on that team, satisfying himself.


Blogger A True Gamer said...

You do realize other US-born players such as Piazza (Team Italy) will be playing for various other countries, in honor of their heritage.

11:33 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I Do realize it, Roberto. It's just that Alex Rodriguez seems to crave attention.

1:52 AM  
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