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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Doing This In Misremembering Of Roger

Roger’s Sure-Fire List Of People Who Misremembered

“The following people are those who misremembered who I am, namely Roger William Clemens. I am not some uncultured idiot who reads Beowulf, like some twit named Tim Mc Carver, for I’m of superior intellect, for I AM KNOWN as The Rocket.
How can Scott Shannon, the Blue Jays Trainer, forget his giving me a B12 shot, then testify against me to jump-start his career as a shock jock on a radio station in Newark, NJ? Why? Doers he fear my insecurity?
Andy Pettitte knows my butt, inside & out. He could give me a better B12 shot than Scott Shannon. So could Derek Jeter. Why did they misremember me on Valentine’s Day?
I’m announcing today that Sterling Mets LP & Predecessors, Sterling Doubleday Enterprises, Doubleday & Company & The Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc, are being sued for having in their employ, one Ronald Wesley Taylor, who claimed to be a pitcher on the 1969 World Series Champion NY Mets, whose miserable fans have absolutely no class, whatsoever. Those fans misremembered my class & good taste.
That entity is being sued for allowing Ronald Wesley Taylor, to go on to Medical School in Canada, or my name isn’t Wesley Rogers Clements.
And for that guy, Brian Macintosh, who lied to you about giving me Human Growth Hormone & Winstrol & Testosterone, all he ever gave me was a sore arse, treating the pain with Lidocaine & B12, though Taylor claimed he gave me 1 B12 Shot. My suggestion is that Macintosh should find his Vista & jump out of a couple of Open Windows.
All of you who misremembered, Y’all can kiss mah arse, or my name isn’t Matthew Raymond Clement."

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Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

LOL, that's great, Michael!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I appreciate your reading this look at Roger, who didn't even get his 1st name right, on Wednesday:

His 1st Name is William;

If Dubya gives him a Pardon, then I know he's truly an IDIOT

6:50 PM  

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