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Monday, April 17, 2006

"One Without The Other Is Nullified"

“One Without The Other Is Nullified”

Happy Resurrection Season!

Easter is another word for Spring. What Easter is today, is the Commemoration of The Rising of Jesus Christ from the Dead.

In effect, Easter brings forth new life in the Springtime. Passover takes place in The Spring.

It was the 1st Night of Passover, when The Last Supper took place. Jesus Christ gathered his disciples into a room & they had a Seder.

Seder means “Order” in Hebrew. Christ & The Apostles commemorated what happened in Egypt & to why Jews fled Egypt. The Jews worshipped God The Father, as did The Apostles.

Jesus Christ was a Jew. For any Christian to hate Jews, means that One Hates Christ. Jesus’ Father is God The Father, hence He is God The Son.

He was betrayed by Judas, The Treasurer Of The Apostles. Judas went to The Sanhedrin, the Jewish Rulers, namely The Chief Priests & Scribes. Now the Chief Priests & Scribes were used to POWER & how they could exercise their influence & power, by coming up with rules on how to be a Kosher Jew. There are 612 rules for each Jew to follow. But, as these people thought of themselves as a proverbial power of God, they found ways of getting out of ways of Mercy & Justice with these Laws. They were, in effect, the 1st Lawyers. The Christ pointed out their hypocrisy. This p----d them off, as the phonies that they really were.

Judas was discovered to be a thief & decided to turn Jesus over to the Sanhedrin, “The Sopranos” of their day. Like The Mafia, The Sanhedrin did NOT like competition. The Sanhedrin believed that they were the ONLY way to God.

The Christ came into Jerusalem, a Hero. By Thursday of That Week, he was a criminal & needed to be done away with.

He was led away on Holy Thursday & executed on Good Friday by the Roman Government, as The Sanhedrin knew that it didn't have that state power, though they wished that they did. The Romans had to execute The Christ, so as to keep the peace with the Treacherous Sanhedrin. When I remembered Good Friday as a child, I wondered why it was called “Good Friday.”

I realized that a man had been led away & executed for no earthly reason, other than he had p----d off some high-powered politicians, who were corrupt & power-mad.

But the Work of Redemption & Salvation was accomplished on this Most-Important Day, as Heaven was opened for the 1st Time since Adam & Eve’s time. The Stage was set for The Resurrection on the 1st Day of The Week.

The Tomb could not hold The Christ, Who Rose in a Glorified Body.

Hence, on The Day of The Resurrection, there for Western Christians on Sunday, 04/16, there was Great Rejoicing. For we who are Catholics, The Gloria was resoundingly sung & The Chant of Joy was Restored to The Gospel Acclamation.

This caused some tears, as this chain of events is so powerful. I was 1 of 6 Ushers at The 11:00 AM High Mass, which was so packed, as if it was Opening Weekend @ Shea Stadium, or Bat Day @ Yankee Stadium, or any game @ Fenway Park. Many regular Parishioners could not get seats.

There is a saying among Ushers, that the “A & P” Catholics (Ash Wednesday & Palm Sunday), are in full bloom on Easter & Christmas. They will complain that Mass is too long & they don’t come out @ any other time of the year. They miss the point of the whole celebration of Catholic Christianity, by being absent the rest of the year. & Mass is shorter on other Sundays & Holy Days of Obligation.

A child called Anthony, age 10, was confused at Communion Time. He was challenged by an Extraordinary Minister of The Eucharist. He had to be prompted on how to respond when receiving The Body Of Christ. I believe that I have seen him before & that he was a Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contestant in January of this year, @ Blessed Sacrament-Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.

One thing noticed is that the “A & P” Catholics leave Mass immediately after receiving Communion, even though Mass isn’t over, whereas it’ll soon be over. It’s not good form to leave Mass until the Priest leaves the Altar.
The Conclusion of The Resurrection (Or Easter) Season is Pentecost Sunday. On that day, The Apostles were sent The Holy Spirit, as promised by The Christ, to go forth & make Disciples of all nations, Fearlessly. It is called “The Birthday Of The Church.”

For Easter Without Good Friday, would just be another “Festivus” or Spring Celebration Day. One cannot exist without The Other. & since Jesus & the Apostles were Jews, remember Passover, the Context in which the Greatest of Christian Seasons, occurs.

He Is Risen!

Click to a Favorite Catholic Web Site from the Title Above.The Pastor of that Parish in Queens, gives such marvelous Homilies.




Blogger Peter N said...

Peace at Fenway today, at the end, when it counts.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& The Red Sox Win. & Jere is on to Shea Stadium, with Pedro pitching.

6:45 PM  

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