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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Summer In NY & Sometimes In New England

“The Voice Of Summer In NY & Sometimes In New England”

“Heeeeeee Struck him out”;
“We’ll be back for The Happy Recap In Just a moment”;
“Fasten Your Seat Belts-we’re going to the 9th Inning”;
“Mets win the damn game 10-9”;

For 42 Summers in NY, Bob Murphy uttered 3 of the 4 above phrases. The 4th one was said in 1990, when the Mets won 10-9 over the Phillies & ONLY Once.

I was reading a NY Mets Blog & it was mentioned that “The Murph” was on “Special Assignment.” It was in his Mets Contract, that he could do a handful of Boston Red Sox Games on TV-Radio.

Murphy was on Red Sox TV & Radio with Curt Gowdy, from the 1954 through 1959 Seasons. If ever there was a Baseball Hall of Fame Radio-TV Booth, that was it.

In the Red Sox Booth in the ‘86 World Series, mercifully NOT carried by FOX, The Elegant Mr Ken Coleman & The Current Voice of New England, Mr Joseph Castiglione, provided Play-By-Play & Commentary. On the WHN Mets Radio Network, The Elegant “Voice of Summer In NY”, Mr Robert Allen Murphy, set the scene. For “The Murph”, he who called the games for Both teams over the years, Game 6 must’ve really been special.

“It gets by Buck-Ner” was his exclamation. In September, 2003, Murphy retired. In March, ‘04, he would call one last game, in ill health. On 8/3/04, he died of Lung Cancer. Curt Gowdy would deliver a stirring story of Bob, on WFAN. By this March, Curt would be gone, too.

Life goes on, but oh those memories! Click on title to go to Bob Murphy Memories. Thanks!

& to think that he was relegated only to radio to make room for Tim Mc Carver;



Blogger Peter N said...

NICE post Michael. And there are more of 'em in you. I know. As for Fox in '86, no way. Didn't exist. If I'm wrong I would be shocked. I so remember '86.
And hey, thanks for coming over and reading my stuff. Your comments are right on.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

FOX only had "Late Night With Joan Rivers" @ that point.

To think that Murph was replaced on TV with The Insufferable Tim Mc Carver, who would go on to inspire web sites begging for him to stifle himself.

4:07 PM  

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